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Honor Him, the way he wants to be honored

July 5, 2016




You start out by saying: Make the commitment to worship God according to Biblical truth rather than human tradition. Take time to study the bible and get to know the true God. Cont…

Well, I hate to say it but you have made your rant your tradition; void of understanding in the Mind of Christ and ignorant as to how to walk in the Way of Jesus.

You say God a lot, even when referring to Jesus; yet when you refer to him from whom Jesus was beget, then he is called the Father, while Jesus is called Jesus, Lord or Lord Jesus.

And if you are looking to worship God the Way he wants, then you need to know it isn’t done by Bible studies. That’s not even the half of it! More like a third of it. You need to read the New Testament, but we are too often distracted from what Jesus taught us in concert with the apostles and Paul.

Paul confessed he worshipped God the Father according to the Way, and of which he was a follower of the Way.

Isaiah 31:20-26 expresses an end-time prophecy that tells us we shall see the teachers and hear the word behind you saying this is the Way, walk ye in it, whether you turn to the right way or whether you turn to the left way.

Hence only One thing can be done to worship The Father or the Son: Jesus, and that is: Walking in the Way that Jesus taught us to walk in! !

Now Jesus is the Way , the truth and the life, and anyone who is saved by the receipt of the Holy Spirit of The Lord Jesus is going to heaven Guaranteed. But until then we are to learn to know the Lord Jesus.

It is prerequisite that you read the New Testament. This is necessary so that once you start purposely walking in the Way of Jesus you will be known by the Father as to your state of mind and when the evidence of the substance you are scrutinizing is nigh apparent to thee, then The Father is said to give us a revolutionary revelation through a ’Remembrance’ of the Truth you are about to discover and it will be a truth Jesus spoke.

We begin walking in the Way of Jesus when we start walking in Repentance. This isn’t your main-stream turn-away from sin 180°, that’s old testament repentance, New Testament Repentance teaches us to: reconsider your sins from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion and then, choose to submit to the divine Way. The divine Way of Love that does no harm to its neighbor. Of a remembered Truth that we acknowledge as from and in Jesus. And anyone can do it. Just by a choice. As we choose to abide in the Way of Love learned in the Spirit yet backed by scripture, we learn discernment and in time we learn confidence of belief. A faithfulness in faith sufficient unto our belief in Jesus.

To begin: when we put-off the old man we don’t do it by thinking pleasantries…We Do it by looking for the motive of why we do that which we don’t want to do. In searching for our motive we have to identify the desires we have and their yearning for the worries, riches, and / or pleasures. And we ask ourselves Are we hurting anyone even ourselves…can anyone choose to do the right thing to do…is it scriptural?

Count yourself blessed to have a desire that is easily recognizable as a sin, and your desire to overcome the sin that so easily entangles you is admirable, but lets put ourselves in walking motion and start asking those questions that lead you to finding the truth of your problems and the remedy only Jesus can deliver, the teaching of the Holy Ghost.

If you say you do not sin, you do not honor the truth. How you get rid of sin, does.

When you walk in the Way of Jesus you repent and learn to believe in Him. His Way of questioning the problem’s we face in the crucible of self deception is the only Way to find the truth and to allow The Father to give you a spiritual revelation in the remembrance of truth opens to your understanding: that you have a choice. Now start making them!

We all have a part measure and yet it will be and is ‘sufficient to your belief.’

Walking in the Way of Jesus increases the love of the Father in us incrementally as we progress along the Way, until our part measure is full and sufficient for our belief. Then the love you first knew at salvation is re-established in your life experiences. Love in Truth is proven to increase with the choosing. Verses become understood, the substance supports the evidence and proof is known sufficient unto your belief in Jesus, for it is Jesus who shows us the Love of the Father. Faith is established.

This is how we put-off the old man and put on the new man created in true Righteousness and Holiness.

Hence we learn to worship the Father by coming to be one with his Son whom we strive to know the Mind of…his thought, will, and emotion.

To walk in the Way is the only Way given to us. When you have learned the Way, walk in the Way and teach the Way then, you will have matured.

Understanding is knowledge of the Holy One.

When we repent in the church it is more of a confession of being a sinner and a desire to know Jesus as Lord God and Son of the Father. If we are seen by the Father as sincere and in relation to the date long foreseen as the time of our salvation, then we will receive the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, given to the Father by Jesus to administer as he saw fit. With it we are guaranteed life in the ever-after, and with it we are to be lead to the acknowledging of Truth found as we walk in the Way.

Yet the guidance of the Holy Spirit requires us to walk in the Way; to make our calling and election sure.

All of life is a collection of choices in how we choose to become. Love in Truth, or deceitful desires that bring harm upon the innocent.

Knowledge, being loving in truth, understanding and teaching the Way are all the earmarks of a true Christian.




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