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The Ugly that the world suffers

July 5, 2016




It’s ugly out in the world, now a days. There’s just one other way to describe it: Godless.

Let’s face it we came to this country fleeing Christian persecution and made it a safe haven to the worlds persecuted, regardless of their faith. Only we lost our faith, and we let the godless use our laws to distance us from God as the Father and God the Son Jesus.

Some of us still have the strength of faith, but we are family strong not nation strong. No surprize, the Bible showed clues to our nations spiritual condition, saying the love of many will grow cold.

As this Final Empire expires, many will suffer and many will die. My advice gather the wagons and stand ready. Lone families are being targeted. Thus saith the News.

But I think I smell a skunk! This latest ugliness was in Orlando. How could this have happened? Isn’t this one too many suspect’s that have been cleared by those in authority?

Or am I being paranoid? I’ve been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic…but am I? I’ve been diagnosed as borderline institutionalized and borderline exhibitionist. I’ve been diagnosed as insane.

I dare say if I am ever arrested for being a Christian, the News would have a field day bringing in my past and making it look like I was the sicko everyone is warned about. I might even be cast as a possible maniac on the loose! A terrorist even!

But even though I was occupied and living with this sick maniac in me, he no longer lives. As I’ve shared in all of my many articles, I now have a new life with the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus in me. Having been given the gift of prophecy, so I can understand the gospel of and the person in Jesus; and have a reason for my belief. And I was taught to know the lost teaching of Jesus so that I may share it with you. But what will you think if I’m ever cast as the bad guy?

I smile, because of the many possible reactions. As a Christian nation we have always given the person who says they have changed and become a christian, the chance to prove themselves.

As a nation on the move west to the new land opened up, It was a move of promise to depend on the Lord Jesus and raise a God fearing family. You were welcome in the west and your past was not an issue but how you proved yourself to be from now on. For many, a new land came with a new name.

Myself, I call myself JJ. For Jim and Jesus. Tho’ many thought it should say Jesus and Jim. J

Now here’s the thing. We all know about the jim jones and the waco incident and would be shocked or smug, if you were to hear that I was on the fbi’s most wanted list. You would shrug your shoulders and say, ‘you never can tell.’

But you can!

Now that is settled let me say this:

Most Christians don’t know the hidden wisdom found in Jesus and my teaching of the ‘Way’ is lost on empty ears. I know I’m understood in the way of love in truth but I’m failing to be seen as a familiar recognition of the gospel doctrine, thus you don’t embrace the Way in/of the Lord Jesus.

Hell’s fire and brimstone is more to the accustomed fare in churches now a days. And hell’s bells, what’s so important about the teaching of the Way, anyway?

I’m glad you asked. It has reasons and benefits. Do you want to understand what life is all about? Do you want to know what the truth is and what Jesus taught his disciples? Do you want to feel the love you first felt when you were saved? And much more…Then you need to learn to walk in the Way Jesus gave us to walk in.

‘We have the Mind of Christ!’ more than just a ‘study’ of the Bible or a phony program that promises to change the Mind but only teaches you to associate scripture references that are suppose to overcome your negativity. But do nothing to teach you to be One with Jesus and experiencing the love of the Father.

One mind in Christ Jesus means we are all walking in the Way that Jesus taught us to walk in. In repentance of all unloving aspects of sin in our life, and replaced with each unloving sins alternative that is truthful so that anyone could choose to acknowledge it and having a loving choice that does no harm to its neighbor. Once found we just choose to submit to the loving Way and then we abide until we are transformed to be one with it.

As a nation of prophets we need to unify in the Mind of Christ. When we learn the ‘hidden’ wisdom found only in Jesus, we can be one. Attaining understanding of the Way and walking it as well as talking it is the Mark of a true Christian. ‘you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it whenever you turn to the right hand and whenever you turn to the left hand.’ Isa.31:20-26 kjv

As one in/with Jesus we only have compassion for the loss of life done by an Isis sympathizer. As a Christian we honor all life in the Father and wrong no one. But as Christians we are persecuted by the sinners of this world.

The writing is on the wall…if Muslims must go, then all religions must go. Especially Christianity. Warped thinking that will be favored by the sinning.

Only, this time Jesus comes and saves the day from darkness and tosses sin and the devil into the depths of hell.

The devil can’t win but his sinners will have their day of sin… it’s already started!

Every Christian in America must be reeling in anguish with the sin of the sinners. Is it just the transgender or is it the erection of the hundred foot statue of the Goddess of Venus? The so-called goddess of transmutation – able to make men into women and women into men. Where does it stop?

I am reminded about the true story of the painting of the last supper by Leonardo Davinci.

It is said that it took 6 months to paint each apostle and Jesus. The first person painted was Jesus and when Leo found a person who in his sight was the perfect example of Jesus, he painted him. Every apostle but the last one was painted; but the last one was hard for Leo to find because of his penchant for painting someone whom he thought was a picture of perfection for the character he was painting. But Judas the traitor was hard to find. Then one day a gendarme told Leo about a man scheduled for the guillotine.

Leo went to the prison and looked at the man and said, ‘Perfect!’ he got the criminal a stay of execution until after he was painted.

Six months Leo painted this man and when he was done and prepared to leave, the criminal asked Leo, ‘Look at me. Don’t you know me?’ to which Leo said no. the criminal cried out, ‘My God how far have I fallen! Seven years ago you painted me as Jesus!’

It’s already started…are you prepared?

Unity in the mind of Christ is how you will know who to trust, and who the anti-Christ will be when he claims to be God.

Knowing the Way: the teaching of Jesus, is yours to understand and to walk in; in time you will mature. And if you are found walking in the Way when Jesus returns, you will entrance into heaven will be abundantly administered.

But if you choose the way of the world; well, lets say, “may God have mercy on your soul; and grant you a quick death in hell.

Make no mistake, hell is real and serves to punish as well as take the life of sinners who chose sin in death rather than Jesus in life. And unless you have been given the Holy Spirit, there is no escape from hell’s fire.

Sin for a season, burn for a reason! It only takes seven years to fall beyond redemption, and only those born-again will live, even if they die before the Lords return. He promises to raise us up at the last day.

Why would you choose death? Is the burn of sinful desire being satisfied worth the satisfaction and harm given?

How you choose to walk is how you choose to be in life. I hope you have chosen the Way of Jesus to walk in, as it is not a grievous thing to do.

I stepped into the path of the Way and found my freedom in the Way in/of Jesus and in the understanding seen: the knowledge of God’s Righteousness is made certain and God’s Love is given foundation, and my faith in Jesus is given reason to believe in. love grows with the choosing and Jesus in Truth shows us the love of the Father. You will learn this too!

Your purpose in life is to find God. And God’s will is: ‘that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day.’ John 6:40 kjv

And if you see the Son you also see the Father.

Jesus said, ‘my yoke is light and easy to carry.’ Easy because all you have to do is choose to change your attitude of mind by making all of your reasons for sin in compliance to truth acknowledged, that reveals love that does no harm, and choose to do it.

With this mindset we set out to remove any defiant sin that causes harm and rejects Jesus Christ, to find the truth of our sins motive; then we choose to submit to the loving alternative in truth. A daily walk of picking up our cross to walk in the Way of Jesus. Having our measure of faithfulness in our understanding of faith made certain.

Continue to read the New Testament and keep walking in the desire for truth that reflects the love of The Father, and does no harm to its neighbor. Just don’t fake it like the churches teach. Find the truth and walk in the Way of Love.

‘All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.’ Don’t get sidetracked! Keep working on the questioning of your sin you do that you wish you didn’t do. Seek out the understanding of why you do it…is it your need for worries, riches, and/ or pleasures you lust for?

And remember: ‘man’s anger defeats God’s righteous purpose.’ ask yourself: why are you angry?

It’s easy once you have proven the Way to yourself, and have seen the verses on it, and given all credit to Jesus, even as his Word has revealed him to be the author and the finisher of our faith.

Caution: Contrary to the worldly teaching of having a change of mind to be one that replaces negative thoughts with scriptures that are positive. This isn’t the Way of Jesus. When you walk in the Way you don’t look to verses that deny how you feel and reflect how Jesus acted. Rather you find the truth to why you feel that way and when you see the true reason for your actions then you can see a spiritually given ‘remembrance’ given by the Father that reveals the truth in a loving response to acknowledge and choose to submit to. Thus the Word is experienced in every step of our walk in the Way; and in the incremental progression of harvesting the truths of experience and revelation, we grow to be one with Jesus operating in his Spirit. We become One in Jesus; but for now we can only know him in the amount of truth that we can find in our part measure of faith, which is sufficient to our belief. To be given the full measure when Jesus returns.

The other way…you’d still be trying to calm your negatives by concentrating on the positives found in verses, rather than becoming One in the Mind of Christ…rather than coming into the knowledge found in understanding…rather than knowing the love of God reveled by the Truth found…rather than overcoming the world within to find the kingdom of heaven within…rather than seeing to believe by a proven faith, and not the blind faith that you were mis-taught…rather than discerning all things and having your confidence made certain…rather than know the Way of Jesus and in Jesus…and rather than being found walking in the Way of Jesus and receiving an entrance into heaven abundantly administered…you’d rather fall for another false doctrine given to you by some person rather than a true understanding given to you by the Father in ‘Remembrances’, by the Son in his word of teaching utilizing the Spirit who makes it all possible in Jesus!!!

And that is how we worship the Father according to the Way; just like Paul the apostle does.




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