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“The Word of a prophet”

By: worksbyjj


“And though the Lord gives you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” Isa.30:20-21

This is an end time prophecy that has come true in this hearing.

Most of you Christians will reject this as just being one of over 3000 different doctrine teachings in the Christian faith; and by doing so you sin against God.

I Cor. 14:22

“Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.”

But here’s another problem keeping you from growing in your faith: How do you prove a true teacher is a prophetic teacher of the Way!

Further reading shows that a prophetic teacher teaches us to understand the Way in and of the Lord Jesus, in words you can understand; with Words from the Bible.

And then another problem shows up: since we are given approximately 42 years to learn the Way by our efforts, one can say they just need to wait on the Lord to finish his work in us.

But here’s the problem, a teacher of the Way has to find the understanding of the Way in a journey that can take about 42 years; “IF” you were looking with single minded purpose, and were open to discerning the Way in and of Jesus. Even with the gift of prophecy given to me, it took me 27 years from that time to come into the knowledge of the Way.

But if you have closed your ears to the Way in/of Jesus as taught by the prophet, for whatever reason, you have also rejected Jesus. Prophets are for believers! Where is your Christian meekness? There is no excuse for rejecting the prophets of the Way; Purposeful ignorance is a sin.

If you think you have a church and pastor to guide you, Or you consider yourself a Native American who has your own gods to call on, then you will suffer with them for their sins if you do not come out of your church or find the true God and creator of mother earth. Why? Because the teachers of the Way have been lost to us since the second century and no church or Indian medicine man is teaching it yet, as it is an end time teaching.

“Enter ye in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate and broad is the Way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: Because straight is the gate, and narrow the Way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be who find it.” Mathew 7:13-14

Walking in the Way in/of Jesus is a written Word in understanding and execution; that is lived by purpose of becoming One with/in Jesus.

Knowing through his Spirit the Father’s love in the knowledge of his Righteousness made certain and true to the truth of your salvation.

Are you ready to understand the Way? Are you ready to walk in the joy of knowing God’s Love? Are you ready to connect the dots of verse to see what others don’t?

Then let’s understand…

The first thing to understand is all mankind is born into sin because of the original sin of Adam and Eve. And no amount of doing Good can ever be enough for you to escape the fires of Hell as the punishment for your sin. This is true even if you think that Jesus is not your God because you were raised to believe in a different god; like a Native American might think.

From birth we learn to experience our emotions from cause and effect, from parents, friends, and even our enemies.

As we grow older we learn to satisfy our desires. The length we go to satisfy ourselves is determined by the consequences given to us by our teachers, parents, etc. and others affected by our actions we made to satisfy ourselves. And at times our actions are curtailed by the thought of how others will react to our desired actions. This is usually caused by a pain filled reaction given to you personally, or witnessed by you, of another person you hurt by your actions.

But most important to understand is our desires are often confused as to why we have them. Yet know that all of our desires are for a fulfillment of a worries, riches, and/or pleasures.

That means we must find the truth to our motives for our sin ways. This means looking beyond the confusion of your thoughts and seeing the truth of why you sin.

When you see the truth of your motive you must move to find the Loving alternative to it, love that does no harm to its neighbor and truth that applies to everyone equally; And submit to doing the Way of Love in truth, instead of acting out in self-interest only, with no concern for how you treat others.

Then when you “Abide” in your “submission” to being loving and truthful, your sin will abate, and your reasons to sin will become reasons not to sin.

To know what is true is to read the New Testament Bible and be guided by verse. For example, I Cor. 13: all, tells us what Love is and what Love isn’t. Compare your desires and their emotions to this list and always look to see if you are hurting someone. Even if you are hurting yourself!?

“What causes fights and quarrels among you? Do they not come from your desires that rage within you? You want something you do not have, You quarrel and fight. You do not have because you ask with the wrong intentions, only to spend what you get on satisfying your desire for worries, riches, and/or pleasures!” James 4:1-3(not a direct quote)

Perhaps you drink because it makes it easier to meet the girl you like. Such simple needs you are afraid of facing, being able to talk to someone because you are lonely. But when the drinking becomes the problem of being a drunkard, you sin. The sin is you hide from being real!

But not just any reality, to be real means to be one in Christ. Why?? Because to be worldly real is to suffer the pain and evil it has in it because satan works to steal, kill, and destroy YOU before you can wise up and find Jesus in your salvation. And the devil works to entice you to sin!

Yet when you walk in the Way of Jesus you have his written word to guide you to all truth. Now when you walk in the Way and come close enough to a truth to recognize it, God- the Father, will bring you a spiritual gift of “remembrance” along with the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is needed to understand the spiritual knowledge in truth, and learn to ‘feel’ the Father’s Love in the truth of his Only begotten Son, Jesus: “I AM”.

This born-again experience will immediately bring you into the fullness of your measure of faith you were given in birth, and you will feel the overwhelming Love of the Father according to your measure. And your spirit will bear witness to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The New Spirit will lead you to the truths written in the testament of Jesus called the New Testament Bible; so that you may increase in the knowledge of your faith until you have filled your measure up. This is what takes us about 42 years to do.

But before that, time passes quickly from knowing Gods Love in baptism of the spirit, to your losing the feeling of knowing God’s Love you first felt. It’s still in you! It never left you and never will.

But how old were you when you were saved; And felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; And knew God’s Love in your soul; How long did you walk in that love before it left you to be covered up by the remembering of who you were in THIS reality?

All the fruits of the spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, teachable, self-controlled…are all personable traits we put on as we reflect growth of the Mind of Jesus in us. In the fullness of knowledge of God’s Righteousness found in Jesus.

Only God is Good, hence all the fruits of God’s Goodness are only put on after you have understood the way of your sin and put it off, being the old self you are ‘renewing your Mind in’ and putting on the new self, created from true Holiness and Righteousness found in Jesus.

When you have learned the lesson of walking in the Way, you will have put on the fruits of the spirit and have the ‘Morning Star’ put in your hearts to shine from within, and you will know the Way in/of Jesus to share with others; So they too may find the Way of Love in Truth. And your faithfulness of faith will be sufficient unto your belief.

How is this? Consider John 17:25-26 “O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me.

And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

Because you have proven that truth is stronger than the lie, that love overcomes hate and that Good must be chosen and understood in its peace: all made possible by the Holy Spirit of Jesus; your faith is proven. God is NOT a liar!

The devil tried to stop this from happening by killing Jesus; but he didn’t know that by so doing he made the resurrection of Jesus possible; and all Born-Again, Spirit filled Christians who know the love in truth by their measure of faith shall now be able to know the fullness of their faithful knowledge when Jesus returns to begin his kingdom on earth.

We were meant to walk with God in a perfect world that knew not any decay of sin, and live a long life so that we could come to maturity. But we lost that opportunity to original sin.

But understand: before we were born, before this world came into existence, the Father knew the chosen and the paths we needed to take to find Jesus, and he knew when to make our paths beneath our feet straight.

We are now given a top of 120 years to live and 42 of that to find the Way of Jesus. In the churches we were not taught to know the Way, we were simply taught to come to Jesus in a sinner’s prayer that we made in the desire to know love in truth in Jesus who died for us as the penalty for our sin that we confess to Jesus.

Yet the Bible has always advocated that we walk in the Way of Jesus, as seen in the book of Ephesians 4:17-24:

“This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other gentiles walk, in the vanity of their minds, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.

But ye, (YOU), have not so learned Christ; if so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus: that ye put-off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind, And that ye put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”

By way of the Holy Spirit of Christ given to all whom the Father has chosen, we can learn to walk in the life of God, becoming One with the Good of God, the Father, by way of the righteousness and true holiness found in Jesus by those who seek him out in increasing measure until they once again feel the Love they first felt; Simply by walking in the Way of Repentance and submitting to the Way of Love found and grow mature to know the Way in/of Jesus; knowing the fruits of the spirit as your character choice to acknowledge yourself as being One with/and in the Christ: Jesus.

And there you have it. There are many verses that will become clear to you as you walk in the Way, and they will bring you into the assurance and confidence that true faith gives. And you will know what to teach others who want to know Jesus as their Lord and God.

Consider Matthew 7:All but for this we read verses 3 thru 5,

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

If you do this, you will not fall victim to the churches many doctrines that only teach you blind faith, the resisting of sin without finding the truth of it, and Bible studies that only make you memorize what you don’t understand, or how to pray for the help of God when He has already given you everything you need to overcome your sin ways: Then you will know the joy of knowing Jesus in the Love of The Father. Then you will know the Way to teach your brother to walk in Jesus and remove his own speck of sin with the help of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



All of You

‘All of You’




Have you seen the publications that are mailed to you, some are catalogs of ‘New and Bestselling Titles’?  Well, this particular one, prides itself on offering all kinds of books on lost knowledge and wisdom.

Basically every concept of thought on the esoteric virtues: love, God, wisdom, health, spirit, is explained or theorized, has been experienced and/or is transforming.

Some people might consider such books as: ‘The Oil Pulling Miracle’, as food for thought and an increase in helpful knowledge. I applaud such. Others may think of it as food for suckers…you being the sucker if you buy it. ($12.95 @ 1-800-246-8648)

These objectors tend to oppose anything that their doctor hasn’t ordered. So skip trying to suggest any health books such as ‘Colloidal Silver the Natural Anti-biotic’*; for you will be smugly laughed at. *($14.95 @ 1-800-246-8648.)

Now I find books like, ‘Lessons from the Twelve Archangels” of interest because I am a Christian with the gift of Prophecy and have been given to know understanding in the Way.

So, when I read the included book details, including its price $15.00 @ 1-800-246-8648; and read:   ‘In this book the author shares lessons, practices, and daily guidance from the twelve archangels to help us listen to and heal our wounded inner child, release our fears, and enact deep subconscious transformation. Each word, transmitted directly from the archangels, carries their love, so that when read, the love is absorbed into the readers mind and supports the release of our deepest wounds and fears.’ You can imagine I was interested.

I find this interesting because as a Christian learned in the Way, I know that the Love of the Father is revealed to us in the ‘Understanding’ of the Written Word that we have seen the Truth in, and see to acknowledge the Truth is in/of Jesus. And that’s a factual way of saying ‘…so that when read, the love is absorbed…!

So whose love do you want? The archangels? Or the Father’s? Which is real? Since even the Lord Jesus doesn’t boast his love when he says, ‘…that the love of the Father may be in you, and I in you too.’ (John 17:26)

Since the angels in heaven worship God only and bow to Jesus, who, in his pre-incarnate form of the God “I AM”, called forth and created the angels to protect us who are of the Chosen in Jesus, because God loves us so much that he even gave us his only begotten Son: “I AM” who became Jesus, who died for us whom he loves. Whose love do you want?

The book talks of healing the inner child; Jesus says “Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” Obviously the 12 angels…oops I mean archangels, try to give us the wisdom of god but not using the Word of God.

So far this book claims two virtues, heal the inner child vs. become as a little child, and the archangels love vs. The Father’s love. Trying to strike a chord with our spiritual needs in God, but revealing a different expression of vanity. The way this book is described it is clear that the person that hopes this book will give them clarity of faith and purpose in love that fills them with good feelings, is in need of truth not lies, a true heart that sees the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is true, and hence reject the claims in this books description.

If this is you, read my Christian blogs on my ‘worksbyjj’ Facebook site that try to share the Way of Jesus and how we become One with him as we walk in the Way Jesus taught his disciples to come to him. And I say, if you walk in the Way of Jesus with sincere intent to know and acknowledge truth that reveals the love of the Father; then I am confident The Father will reveal himself through the truth in Jesus.

If you have already received the Spirit of Truth in your salvation, yet feel lost now because you have lost the loving feeling; don’t worry, just begin walking in the Way and you will grow in your Spiritual maturity of your faith, and you will know the love you first felt, all the time.

These books are fun to read about and often provoke an interest in curiosity, besides being immensely beneficial…maybe not in spiritual truths but in books that give healthful information. I am totally for Colloidal Silver and Oil Pulling.

My overall view is that, with such a large library of books, I can’t help but give a thumbs up. There is something I believe, everyone can find an interest in.

I’m sure if you called and asked for a complimentary issue of their “New and bestselling titles” publication, that they would send you a free copy. Just call that number that you would call to order one of these books.

Keep an open mind but only look to Jesus for matters of life and life ever-lasting. Teach yourself by reading about the books; learning the health benefits from pulling coconut oil through your teeth, or the germ killing power of colloidal silver, and adding the revelations of Gods ‘Remembrances’ when you have reached the point of understanding of truth in your walk in the Way. And in a more complete well-rounded understanding of life, your wisdom grows in understanding.



The Error of Christianity


“Works by J.J.”


According to the World Christian Encyclopedia there are over 34,000 different Christian doctrine teaching churches.

Are all of them wrong? Are all of them right? Are any of them right? Are any of them wrong? Does anyone know?

I know! And I know you think you know. Can anybody ever really know? I smile, I laugh. All the supposed great thinkers, all of the supposed great evangelists; I know, none of them really know.

It has been said that the odds of changing a persons mind once they have already accepted a stand in their belief, is 9 to 1 against you, even if you can prove them wrong!!

Why is it that, “Blessed are the meek, (teachable) for they shall inherit the earth.”

Why is it that, “…he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way, shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sin?”

Where one sin in the unsaved soul is enough to condemn a person to hell’s fire, a covering of a multitude of sin must testify to the difficulty of the task.

Which of the churches shall cast out the believers and kill them thinking they do God service?

Which of the Christians will be the ones to hear the shout of the angel: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues?”

Why are people all over the world looking for answers that the churches have not been able to answer to their satisfaction?

I know! And I know you think you know. I smile, I laugh…I’m sad. All the great thinkers, all of the supposed great evangelists; I know, none of them really know.

“In those days…I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

     “In that day…shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner anymore, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is The Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” Isa. 31:19-21

In these days we call the End-Times, we will be given pastors and teachers to teach us a message of the gospel that most of us will reject! A message called: “The Way.”

Jesus is The Way, the truth and the life…. Yet the churches are focusing on: The Truth of Jesus: The evangelical message of the gospel.

Like the Jews who focused on the letter of the law, (Rom. 7:6) we Christians are given the same admonition: “…as ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” (II Cor. 3:6)

The letter killeth and the spirit giveth life, yet in all of the thousands of Christian doctrines being taught, NOT ONE of them is teaching us The Way to knowing the life of the spirit other than the evangelistic way of confession and repentance.

Oh sure, we teach we need to be born-again…we teach no one can get to heaven except through Jesus, (which makes him the way, but not The Way!) We have taught, as best we knew how, the 3-fold message of the gospel as found in Luke 24: 46-47; His birth, death and resurrection, and of repentance and the forgiveness of sins. But of the six key gospel concepts: “faith, hope, love, believe, repentance and obedience;” all are taught according to the letter, not the spirit!!! Hence, they are not according to the “The Way” in Christ Jesus.

I know none of you know. And I know you think you know.

I attach no fault, no blame. God hid his teachers till these end-times for a reason. Praise God in his wisdom!!

But he made provision for the continuation of his gospel through his apostles and his prophets and through those who love God; and in the end times, through his teachers.

Between his, (Jesus) time and ours, The Way has been kept hidden, but we, that are born-again, are meant to be able to accept it when it gets taught. Why be meek, why be humble?

This is the main battle to be faced today: to be able to discern the truth of The Way, and accept it so that we can also accept it’s reward.

Pride, boasting, vanity, ego, closed minded, self-seeking… 9 to 1!!! Do you fear your churches ex-communication? Does your family tradition mean more to you? Is the teacher of ill repute?

Oh, that you could see the beauty of The Way…in the time just ahead when the anti-Christ shall appear as an angel of righteousness, all who know The Way will know he’s a fake!

I know where I will stand, I know where most of you will stand…I smile…I laugh… I am sad… I cry.

In Him,


“Hear ye! Hear ye!”


“Works by J.J.”


“And he, (Jesus) gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some pastors and teachers;…till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Eph. 4:11-16


Any ministry that attempts to bring the “church” (the body of Christian believers in Christ Jesus,) together is found to be doing God’s will. But let us use caution when discerning the means by which this unity is to be established.

There is a false effort of unity afoot, perpetrated by those that think this unity is a melding together of denominations. Such is being attempted by the Catholic Church, which views the many protestant churches as: “Separated Brethren.”

But the unity spoken of in Ephesians is not a melding of churches, but the bringing together all believers of our Lord Jesus, into a unified doctrine understanding that: reveals fuller revelation of Jesus in our lifestyle and our faith; A unity that gives us a solid foundation to withstand tribulations of false doctrines and sinful temptations; A unity that establishes the “Christian” body of Christ as a family. “That which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” (Verse 16)

A unity that Paul also, “[beseeches us]…by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” (I Cor. 1:10)

Such a doctrine that accomplishes within us the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God has not been acknowledged in the world, except by apostles, prophets and those that love God. (Eph. 3:5 and I Cor. 2:9) Yet, in these “End-Times” prophecy given in Jer. 3:15 and Isa. 30:20-26 indicate that this doctrinal message will be revealed so that we will not be taken in by the false prophets or teachers, and blindly fall victim to embracing revelation’s “one world church” or it’s leader. It’s in the bible already, waiting to be acknowledged.

The key that allows us to know “The Way” of unity in the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God is found in “Repentance.” Proper repentance!

Here’s how it works: we ask ourselves: “Why do I do the wrong I don’t want to do?” Yes, we are ‘of the flesh’ but sin also has motive! And in the reasons for our motives, the Spirit reveals loving and truthful alternatives we can ‘choose’ to ‘submit’ to and abide in until we become ‘transformed’ by the ‘renewing of our minds’, thus becoming ‘increasingly conformed into His image.’

Such is The Way of repentance in the New Testament bible. The love we “find” is God’s Love, and we become ‘one of those that love God.’

The Ugly that the world suffers




It’s ugly out in the world, now a days. There’s just one other way to describe it: Godless.

Let’s face it we came to this country fleeing Christian persecution and made it a safe haven to the worlds persecuted, regardless of their faith. Only we lost our faith, and we let the godless use our laws to distance us from God as the Father and God the Son Jesus.

Some of us still have the strength of faith, but we are family strong not nation strong. No surprize, the Bible showed clues to our nations spiritual condition, saying the love of many will grow cold.

As this Final Empire expires, many will suffer and many will die. My advice gather the wagons and stand ready. Lone families are being targeted. Thus saith the News.

But I think I smell a skunk! This latest ugliness was in Orlando. How could this have happened? Isn’t this one too many suspect’s that have been cleared by those in authority?

Or am I being paranoid? I’ve been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic…but am I? I’ve been diagnosed as borderline institutionalized and borderline exhibitionist. I’ve been diagnosed as insane.

I dare say if I am ever arrested for being a Christian, the News would have a field day bringing in my past and making it look like I was the sicko everyone is warned about. I might even be cast as a possible maniac on the loose! A terrorist even!

But even though I was occupied and living with this sick maniac in me, he no longer lives. As I’ve shared in all of my many articles, I now have a new life with the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus in me. Having been given the gift of prophecy, so I can understand the gospel of and the person in Jesus; and have a reason for my belief. And I was taught to know the lost teaching of Jesus so that I may share it with you. But what will you think if I’m ever cast as the bad guy?

I smile, because of the many possible reactions. As a Christian nation we have always given the person who says they have changed and become a christian, the chance to prove themselves.

As a nation on the move west to the new land opened up, It was a move of promise to depend on the Lord Jesus and raise a God fearing family. You were welcome in the west and your past was not an issue but how you proved yourself to be from now on. For many, a new land came with a new name.

Myself, I call myself JJ. For Jim and Jesus. Tho’ many thought it should say Jesus and Jim. J

Now here’s the thing. We all know about the jim jones and the waco incident and would be shocked or smug, if you were to hear that I was on the fbi’s most wanted list. You would shrug your shoulders and say, ‘you never can tell.’

But you can!

Now that is settled let me say this:

Most Christians don’t know the hidden wisdom found in Jesus and my teaching of the ‘Way’ is lost on empty ears. I know I’m understood in the way of love in truth but I’m failing to be seen as a familiar recognition of the gospel doctrine, thus you don’t embrace the Way in/of the Lord Jesus.

Hell’s fire and brimstone is more to the accustomed fare in churches now a days. And hell’s bells, what’s so important about the teaching of the Way, anyway?

I’m glad you asked. It has reasons and benefits. Do you want to understand what life is all about? Do you want to know what the truth is and what Jesus taught his disciples? Do you want to feel the love you first felt when you were saved? And much more…Then you need to learn to walk in the Way Jesus gave us to walk in.

‘We have the Mind of Christ!’ more than just a ‘study’ of the Bible or a phony program that promises to change the Mind but only teaches you to associate scripture references that are suppose to overcome your negativity. But do nothing to teach you to be One with Jesus and experiencing the love of the Father.

One mind in Christ Jesus means we are all walking in the Way that Jesus taught us to walk in. In repentance of all unloving aspects of sin in our life, and replaced with each unloving sins alternative that is truthful so that anyone could choose to acknowledge it and having a loving choice that does no harm to its neighbor. Once found we just choose to submit to the loving Way and then we abide until we are transformed to be one with it.

As a nation of prophets we need to unify in the Mind of Christ. When we learn the ‘hidden’ wisdom found only in Jesus, we can be one. Attaining understanding of the Way and walking it as well as talking it is the Mark of a true Christian. ‘you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it whenever you turn to the right hand and whenever you turn to the left hand.’ Isa.31:20-26 kjv

As one in/with Jesus we only have compassion for the loss of life done by an Isis sympathizer. As a Christian we honor all life in the Father and wrong no one. But as Christians we are persecuted by the sinners of this world.

The writing is on the wall…if Muslims must go, then all religions must go. Especially Christianity. Warped thinking that will be favored by the sinning.

Only, this time Jesus comes and saves the day from darkness and tosses sin and the devil into the depths of hell.

The devil can’t win but his sinners will have their day of sin… it’s already started!

Every Christian in America must be reeling in anguish with the sin of the sinners. Is it just the transgender or is it the erection of the hundred foot statue of the Goddess of Venus? The so-called goddess of transmutation – able to make men into women and women into men. Where does it stop?

I am reminded about the true story of the painting of the last supper by Leonardo Davinci.

It is said that it took 6 months to paint each apostle and Jesus. The first person painted was Jesus and when Leo found a person who in his sight was the perfect example of Jesus, he painted him. Every apostle but the last one was painted; but the last one was hard for Leo to find because of his penchant for painting someone whom he thought was a picture of perfection for the character he was painting. But Judas the traitor was hard to find. Then one day a gendarme told Leo about a man scheduled for the guillotine.

Leo went to the prison and looked at the man and said, ‘Perfect!’ he got the criminal a stay of execution until after he was painted.

Six months Leo painted this man and when he was done and prepared to leave, the criminal asked Leo, ‘Look at me. Don’t you know me?’ to which Leo said no. the criminal cried out, ‘My God how far have I fallen! Seven years ago you painted me as Jesus!’

It’s already started…are you prepared?

Unity in the mind of Christ is how you will know who to trust, and who the anti-Christ will be when he claims to be God.

Knowing the Way: the teaching of Jesus, is yours to understand and to walk in; in time you will mature. And if you are found walking in the Way when Jesus returns, you will entrance into heaven will be abundantly administered.

But if you choose the way of the world; well, lets say, “may God have mercy on your soul; and grant you a quick death in hell.

Make no mistake, hell is real and serves to punish as well as take the life of sinners who chose sin in death rather than Jesus in life. And unless you have been given the Holy Spirit, there is no escape from hell’s fire.

Sin for a season, burn for a reason! It only takes seven years to fall beyond redemption, and only those born-again will live, even if they die before the Lords return. He promises to raise us up at the last day.

Why would you choose death? Is the burn of sinful desire being satisfied worth the satisfaction and harm given?

How you choose to walk is how you choose to be in life. I hope you have chosen the Way of Jesus to walk in, as it is not a grievous thing to do.

I stepped into the path of the Way and found my freedom in the Way in/of Jesus and in the understanding seen: the knowledge of God’s Righteousness is made certain and God’s Love is given foundation, and my faith in Jesus is given reason to believe in. love grows with the choosing and Jesus in Truth shows us the love of the Father. You will learn this too!

Your purpose in life is to find God. And God’s will is: ‘that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day.’ John 6:40 kjv

And if you see the Son you also see the Father.

Jesus said, ‘my yoke is light and easy to carry.’ Easy because all you have to do is choose to change your attitude of mind by making all of your reasons for sin in compliance to truth acknowledged, that reveals love that does no harm, and choose to do it.

With this mindset we set out to remove any defiant sin that causes harm and rejects Jesus Christ, to find the truth of our sins motive; then we choose to submit to the loving alternative in truth. A daily walk of picking up our cross to walk in the Way of Jesus. Having our measure of faithfulness in our understanding of faith made certain.

Continue to read the New Testament and keep walking in the desire for truth that reflects the love of The Father, and does no harm to its neighbor. Just don’t fake it like the churches teach. Find the truth and walk in the Way of Love.

‘All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.’ Don’t get sidetracked! Keep working on the questioning of your sin you do that you wish you didn’t do. Seek out the understanding of why you do it…is it your need for worries, riches, and/ or pleasures you lust for?

And remember: ‘man’s anger defeats God’s righteous purpose.’ ask yourself: why are you angry?

It’s easy once you have proven the Way to yourself, and have seen the verses on it, and given all credit to Jesus, even as his Word has revealed him to be the author and the finisher of our faith.

Caution: Contrary to the worldly teaching of having a change of mind to be one that replaces negative thoughts with scriptures that are positive. This isn’t the Way of Jesus. When you walk in the Way you don’t look to verses that deny how you feel and reflect how Jesus acted. Rather you find the truth to why you feel that way and when you see the true reason for your actions then you can see a spiritually given ‘remembrance’ given by the Father that reveals the truth in a loving response to acknowledge and choose to submit to. Thus the Word is experienced in every step of our walk in the Way; and in the incremental progression of harvesting the truths of experience and revelation, we grow to be one with Jesus operating in his Spirit. We become One in Jesus; but for now we can only know him in the amount of truth that we can find in our part measure of faith, which is sufficient to our belief. To be given the full measure when Jesus returns.

The other way…you’d still be trying to calm your negatives by concentrating on the positives found in verses, rather than becoming One in the Mind of Christ…rather than coming into the knowledge found in understanding…rather than knowing the love of God reveled by the Truth found…rather than overcoming the world within to find the kingdom of heaven within…rather than seeing to believe by a proven faith, and not the blind faith that you were mis-taught…rather than discerning all things and having your confidence made certain…rather than know the Way of Jesus and in Jesus…and rather than being found walking in the Way of Jesus and receiving an entrance into heaven abundantly administered…you’d rather fall for another false doctrine given to you by some person rather than a true understanding given to you by the Father in ‘Remembrances’, by the Son in his word of teaching utilizing the Spirit who makes it all possible in Jesus!!!

And that is how we worship the Father according to the Way; just like Paul the apostle does.




Honor Him, the way he wants to be honored




You start out by saying: Make the commitment to worship God according to Biblical truth rather than human tradition. Take time to study the bible and get to know the true God. Cont…

Well, I hate to say it but you have made your rant your tradition; void of understanding in the Mind of Christ and ignorant as to how to walk in the Way of Jesus.

You say God a lot, even when referring to Jesus; yet when you refer to him from whom Jesus was beget, then he is called the Father, while Jesus is called Jesus, Lord or Lord Jesus.

And if you are looking to worship God the Way he wants, then you need to know it isn’t done by Bible studies. That’s not even the half of it! More like a third of it. You need to read the New Testament, but we are too often distracted from what Jesus taught us in concert with the apostles and Paul.

Paul confessed he worshipped God the Father according to the Way, and of which he was a follower of the Way.

Isaiah 31:20-26 expresses an end-time prophecy that tells us we shall see the teachers and hear the word behind you saying this is the Way, walk ye in it, whether you turn to the right way or whether you turn to the left way.

Hence only One thing can be done to worship The Father or the Son: Jesus, and that is: Walking in the Way that Jesus taught us to walk in! !

Now Jesus is the Way , the truth and the life, and anyone who is saved by the receipt of the Holy Spirit of The Lord Jesus is going to heaven Guaranteed. But until then we are to learn to know the Lord Jesus.

It is prerequisite that you read the New Testament. This is necessary so that once you start purposely walking in the Way of Jesus you will be known by the Father as to your state of mind and when the evidence of the substance you are scrutinizing is nigh apparent to thee, then The Father is said to give us a revolutionary revelation through a ’Remembrance’ of the Truth you are about to discover and it will be a truth Jesus spoke.

We begin walking in the Way of Jesus when we start walking in Repentance. This isn’t your main-stream turn-away from sin 180°, that’s old testament repentance, New Testament Repentance teaches us to: reconsider your sins from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion and then, choose to submit to the divine Way. The divine Way of Love that does no harm to its neighbor. Of a remembered Truth that we acknowledge as from and in Jesus. And anyone can do it. Just by a choice. As we choose to abide in the Way of Love learned in the Spirit yet backed by scripture, we learn discernment and in time we learn confidence of belief. A faithfulness in faith sufficient unto our belief in Jesus.

To begin: when we put-off the old man we don’t do it by thinking pleasantries…We Do it by looking for the motive of why we do that which we don’t want to do. In searching for our motive we have to identify the desires we have and their yearning for the worries, riches, and / or pleasures. And we ask ourselves Are we hurting anyone even ourselves…can anyone choose to do the right thing to do…is it scriptural?

Count yourself blessed to have a desire that is easily recognizable as a sin, and your desire to overcome the sin that so easily entangles you is admirable, but lets put ourselves in walking motion and start asking those questions that lead you to finding the truth of your problems and the remedy only Jesus can deliver, the teaching of the Holy Ghost.

If you say you do not sin, you do not honor the truth. How you get rid of sin, does.

When you walk in the Way of Jesus you repent and learn to believe in Him. His Way of questioning the problem’s we face in the crucible of self deception is the only Way to find the truth and to allow The Father to give you a spiritual revelation in the remembrance of truth opens to your understanding: that you have a choice. Now start making them!

We all have a part measure and yet it will be and is ‘sufficient to your belief.’

Walking in the Way of Jesus increases the love of the Father in us incrementally as we progress along the Way, until our part measure is full and sufficient for our belief. Then the love you first knew at salvation is re-established in your life experiences. Love in Truth is proven to increase with the choosing. Verses become understood, the substance supports the evidence and proof is known sufficient unto your belief in Jesus, for it is Jesus who shows us the Love of the Father. Faith is established.

This is how we put-off the old man and put on the new man created in true Righteousness and Holiness.

Hence we learn to worship the Father by coming to be one with his Son whom we strive to know the Mind of…his thought, will, and emotion.

To walk in the Way is the only Way given to us. When you have learned the Way, walk in the Way and teach the Way then, you will have matured.

Understanding is knowledge of the Holy One.

When we repent in the church it is more of a confession of being a sinner and a desire to know Jesus as Lord God and Son of the Father. If we are seen by the Father as sincere and in relation to the date long foreseen as the time of our salvation, then we will receive the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, given to the Father by Jesus to administer as he saw fit. With it we are guaranteed life in the ever-after, and with it we are to be lead to the acknowledging of Truth found as we walk in the Way.

Yet the guidance of the Holy Spirit requires us to walk in the Way; to make our calling and election sure.

All of life is a collection of choices in how we choose to become. Love in Truth, or deceitful desires that bring harm upon the innocent.

Knowledge, being loving in truth, understanding and teaching the Way are all the earmarks of a true Christian.




‘The Soul of Christ Jesus’




My name is james, but I call myself J.J. I‘m 62 years old, and am on a mission. I’m gifted in the gift of prophecy and consider myself a prophetic teacher of the Word of God, so as to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the church-body with words easy to understand.

Yet, even though I teach a simple Way of love and truth in the Lord, most of you will reject my teachings. They are not my teachings but the Lords; I just share them with a depth of insight and understanding that you have to find for yourself in order to establish your faithful belief. I just show you HOW to find your answers in the Lord.

Most of you will reject the Word I share and never benefit, but some of you…one here, one there, another elsewhere will be able to “acknowledge”, in the spirit, the truth of what I share; yet you will still be trapped in the worlds wisdom of the Word of God. I know because I was trapped also until I found the Way.

You will say you understand me, and offer up your own understanding of your gospel beliefs as a way of showing me you understand, but when I clarify the Way of the true gospel, which clashes with your expression of truth and you will soon reject me and the word I share. (see my article ‘The Teaching of Christian Churches Today’)

I can understand how it is. Many of you have been soured by the constant call for donations. Why just today I saw an issue of a local newspaper and on the front page was a story of a Radio station that was to become the ‘Soul of San Diego’ but after two years had to close down due to lack of funds to continue.

We know why it didn’t succeed, you liked the idea of a christian radio station that would address the need for christian music and talk that didn’t cross the line of vulgarity that a lot of radio stations have crossed. But that wasn’t enough for your donations. What’s in it for you? Music, that to me is almost useless, or talks about Jesus but it’s not really enough is it?

It’s the same way at the churches…you go to one and don’t like the message so you try a different one. The Bible says that we only want to hear what our itchy ears want to hear. And after hearing some of the music that some of the other stations are playing I can understand why you like it. It’s vulgar, threatens you and excites you.

Some of the same complaints were given to ‘Rock n Roll’ in its hey days. Yet a lot of the good songs that we like, speak a good word. Jethro Tull wrote an album that tried to show ‘us’ the feelings of what he thought of the churches that believed God had to be wound up on Sundays, while the rest of the week went to hell and back by next Sunday only to wind up God again.

Devo showed us their view of life and Truth, there songs of hope, showed us that superstitions like stepping on cracks to break our mothers back were just that, superstitious malarky.

Breakfast in America by Super Tramp told us that there’s a long way home or a short way home and it is up to us to choose which way to go. But what is the short way home?

The songs don’t tell you. The artist that wrote them are seeking the truth too! Some of the songs tell us that we don’t have to live like a refugee…for every one has hurdles that can trip them up. But we can overcome them as easy as changing our view and understanding of them.

Churches are popular when they give a sermon that touches our heartstrings, but their answers are tempered by their churches doctrine. And we look for our answers elsewhere at another church, in another song, or another book, another conversation or just by reading the Bible and praying for understanding. But none of them are giving you the Way of God’s Love and Truth with the reasoning that clarifies the meaning.

None but me. And I can only do it through my gift of prophecy. But Christianity is so much more! “Do good to one another, especially to our brothers in Christ.”  Are you doing this? Yes, you are giving to the churches, you are feeding the hungry, you are giving your tithes to one homeless bum at a time. But is that enough? What are you giving yourself? You have a job, you are making out, but times are tough and you can’t give as much as you would like and even if you could it’s not enough and will need more. And you hope that others will be as giving. And then, you could use some help too!

When we look at Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan, we see the need to help. How many of you are artists and performed for charity? How many of you are actors and gave to a fund raiser? How many of you give just so you can have a tax write off? That’s ok, the needy don’t complain about that kind of giving, they only wish they had the job that makes them good money so that they could give when the time comes.

As a God fearing country we collectively give more to distressed nations than any other nation. But what are we doing to perpetuate the giving?

I’m not talking about your saving until the next big disaster that calls out for your help. I’m talking about the continuing crisis of homelessness, hunger and peace of mind.

A homeless person or a person facing eviction due to losing their job, the needs are ever there and ever needed for more money, more food, more of everything that is needed.

What are you going to do about that? Seems hopeless doesn’t it?

Its not…we look for a leader when we elect a president, that can take our problems and eradicate them. We know that increased taxes are needed, but it’s never enough, the hungry are hungry again.

But there are many who need help for a short time until they can get on their feet. Some take longer than others, some haven’t got the sense to get on their feet and stay on them. That’s why we have disability programs. But they are threatened by cuts in the countries budget or the states budget. You can’t say that you don’t want to have your taxes pay for these people because some of them are old, lame and/or crazy and God uses us to care for them.

Churches can only do so much and then they need more donations. All at a time that the call of Christianity is being overcome by self interests. No one has time for God anymore. Do you?


I am calling on all of you who read my words, who like them, who strives to find understanding…to MOVE yourself to make a difference. The churches don’t need you near as much as I do. Near as much as YOU DO!

Are you reading me here? Are you seeing the need for fast action? We don’t have much time left…do you listen to the news…do you hear the predictions for the near future, made by sensible people, how the economy is failing fast and the threat of Martial Law is feared within the next six months.

Are you joined up to a militia? Are you preparing for the tuff times ahead? I can say this, The Mormon Church members are advised to store a years supply of food for when the dookie hit’s the fan.

The time is now and you can make a difference. Depending on your contributions size and regularity to a fund I want to establish for the true Christians in our own back yard. A fund that can be used to prepare for tomorrow, and help us today.

I call on every one who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior, to join with me in this effort. Are you an actor…can you give more? Are you an author…can you give more? Are you making good money at a good job…can you give more? Are you a foundation created to do good…can you give more? Are you just a poor christian that wants to help…I love you for it.

Yes, I know every Tom Dick and Harry preaching the word are asking for your financial help and it makes you sick.

Then get sick, but GROW-UP! And know that the world requires financial support-for clothing, food and expenses, and a Teacher of the Word is meant to earn their living from the preaching of the Word.

Call it a tithing, a donation, a salary, a love gift, but don’t call it missing. You can say you don’t need me to show you the way of the Bible but “prophecy is for believers.”

I have the gift, do you? Then answer me this – why are you even reading this? You should already know of God’s doctrine called: The Way. Do you know it? You don’t. and while your small tithe is like getting blood from a turnip, it does next to nothing in the bigger picture. It supports your church is all, and that’s just one doctrine among the over 34,000 different christian doctrines being given in the christian churches of the world.

That’s chaos among the people that want to know Christ Jesus for real. If you think you can send me ten dollars and call it good then you are sadly mistaken. I’d spend it and it would be gone. With nothing to show for it. But “if” I received it regularly along with others who would contribute in size or regularity, then I’d be able to do something so that you could be proud of it and have something that can benefit yourself and the other christians in our country.

But to do that I NEED all of you to join with me make contributions and follow me in my blogs teaching. Yet what do I have? A lot of you saying, ‘I like this article.’ check! And not one of you has asked a question of faith, become a follower, or made a financial contribution to help ease my needs financial; and I can’t pass the hat or set it down in front of you while you read one of my articles.

You really are a poor excuse for a christian. Yes you are. Who are you!?! You work…I’m unemployed; you live in a house…I live on the streets; you give to the homeless…I write articles and ask for a donation.

Your thoughtful but not really very caring. Family, friends and Jesus are suppose to mean something to you. You would help a family member or a friend, and you probably give a little at church. I don’t know anyone who gives the Biblically standard of 10% in their tithes. And that’s probably more for show than sincerity.

If you do give at your church, your church should be able to do more, but does it? No, the fact is, the more you give to your church the more you cause it to grow and yet it benefits you very little.

Did they reveal the teaching of The Way? Did it give you an answer to your question of faith that gave understanding and direction?

I know the answer is no. because I know that God purposely hid the teachers of The Way until they were to be revealed in these end-times. (see Isaiah 30:20-26)Your churches are still stuck in the teaching of evangelism and Harm you when they try to tell you what you need to do to walk as a true christian. I KNOW THIS!!!!

Prove me wrong! I wish you could but you don’t know of The Way do you? No harm done “IF” you can admit it and MOVE yourself to learn it. But are you? You can read of it in my articles; not all of them, some of my articles are on other topics, but most are on The Way.

But do you like them? Then do more than just checking the Like-Box, join with me and follow my teachings in the Word, and help me to make a difference by sharing with me the financial burden of establishing a fund that I would like to be able to use for all of our benefits, especially of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

You can do so through my pay-pal account under my e-mail url  You can also e-mail me any questions you have or share them with the readers here in the comment section so that they can see the answers that are given in The Way. Or you can just say hi.

It’s up to you, but you knew that! It’s always been up to you….


In Him,


“The Way, the Truth, and the life”




[Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version “NIV” copyright ã 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible society. Used by permission of International Bible Society. All rights reserved worldwide.    NIV and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States patent and trademark office by International Bible Society.]


When I ask a preacher or pastor, “What is the Way?” and clarifying that it is the Doctrine of God; I get answers of – Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; we need to follow his commandments, repent and be baptized.

All true but all wrong! They are wrong because they omit the instructions of How we fulfill them.

Repentance is to change ones mind, but to what do we change it to? Baptism is still widely believed to be of water, though it is to be in spirit. And even if many believe the baptism of spirit comes later, the fact is, spiritual baptism is spontaneous with being saved and not with water baptisms.

Finally, yes Jesus is the way the truth and the life, but how do we come to God through Jesus?

You say we accept him as our Lord and savior, but how do we do that? What’s that you say- we follow his commandments… Which are? What?

And here it is that the many, many different “Christian” doctrine teaching churches proliferate.

Why is it that most every pastor doesn’t know of the instruction found in God’s Doctrine called the Way? Have you ever heard tell of it? I haven’t and yet there are several verses that refer to it.

Let’s look in the book of Acts. First off, acts 16:17 we read of the girl that is demon possessed and able to “predict” events, she shouts: “These men are servants of the most high God, who are telling you the way to be saved.”niv

Granted the emphasis on the way is not capitalized and it can easily be thought of as the way is what they teach. Not in itself a title word with a capital W.  yet think, if I was to say I can teach y6ou the way of the alphabet, you would know I had to teach you 26 letters A thru Z; and when I was done you would know the alphabet, and so would everyone else.

Yet for the sake of argument, I will allow this mention of the way to be a referral to the teachings of what the apostles taught, and not be thought of as a title of a set of instructions. I will do the same for the way (not capitalized) of the next verse found in 18:25-26 where a Jew named Apollos “taught about Jesus accurately with a thorough knowledge of the scriptures.”niv but only knew the baptism of John, which was of water, not the baptism of Jesus which is by spirit.

But in verse 19:9 we read that Paul taught about the kingdom of God and about the baptism of Jesus, but was rejected. Where, “those who refused to believe, publicly maligned the Way.” (capital W.) No longer a representation of a scriptural knowledge about Jesus, but clearly a title of the knowledge it takes to believe in Jesus.

Look to verse 20:21 and see that Paul’s teaching was: “to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.”niv

Where the Way, (capital W), shows how to “turn to god in repentance and How to “have faith in our Lord Jesus.”

Then verse 22:4 shows Paul referring to Gods teaching as “this Way”, (capital W.) and in 24:14 Paul says to Governor Felix, “…I admit that I worship the God of our fathers as a follower of the Way, (capital W.), which they call a sect.”niv

Interestingly he clarifies that he, “strive(s) always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.”niv  another indicator of the Way of God’s Doctrine…first: turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus…second: to strive to keep a clear conscience. To which governor Felix who was well acquainted with the Way, closed the preceedings. Verse 24:22

In conclusion, every preacher should have an understanding in the Way. This understanding should reveal God our heavenly Father through repentance and establish our faith in Jesus and allow us to a know a clear conscience. So you see, all those responses given by the pastors…Jesus is the way the truth and the life; or repent and be baptized ; or follow the commandments,  are all lacking the instruction and understanding of how to accomplish them and know God, have faith in Jesus and have a clear conscience; all in a teaching that every church is to follow.

Not a clear conscience based on a stubborn belief in Jesus atonement but a clear conscience based on living in the Way. A knowledgeable and assured faith that believes rightly.

A Way supported by verse and spiritual growth. Understand…Faithfulness to believe in Jesus is a fruit of the spirit and not an inclination of our will when we first accepted Jesus as taught to us. Many Christians are led to think that all they need to do is believe by faith before they ever substantiate their faith or prove the evidence thereof.

You, if I have my way, you will learn to support your faith with the substance and evidence of the Love of God that comes through the Truth in Jesus. (see Heb. 11:1 and Gal. 5:6)

In Him,


“How now Brown cow?”




When I look around me I see much. When I listen to the news detailed according to various big time critics, or newscasters, I stand amazed.

I can understand why they are popular. Mostly because they fill you in on current events and grand stand the values that ‘they’ those whom are in the news, have violated.

But pointing out the short comings of a person or persons, doesn’t give any value towards spiritual growth. For if all I do is say you sinned, no matter that I show you how and where, and hold up the values that you can see the way you ought to be expressing, and don’t tell you how to get there from where you are at, then all I’ve done is complain…though in this example it wouldn’t be called complaining but rather news casting.

You see, every false religion does the same thing…in false Christianity we say turn away from sin and love one another; but this love is human love when it should be God’s Agape love that we love one another with. Such is the reason Jesus added a new commandment saying: “love each other as I have loved you.”

So, not knowing the Way of God’s love we fake it with our human love of eros, epithermia, storgee, or philio; and end up believing by blind faith that we are good Christians when we couldn’t be further from the truth.

How do we love with God’s Agape love? The bible says we are corrupted by our deceitful desires. Why deceitful? Because you have a reason or motive for committing any sin.

Jesus says we are choked and do not mature in the spirit of our minds because of our desires to satisfy either a riches, worries and/or pleasure. So when you simply resist sinning you are not even looking at the reason/motive behind your sin; and so you never deal with the cause of it.

Yes you can resist sin but it does nothing to eliminate it. Only by looking at the reasons for it can you allow the Holy Spirit to show you a loving and truthful alternative Way to submit to. Once you submit to and abide in the acknowledged Way of love in truth, you will begin to transform your mind into the mind of Christ. And the scriptures will begin to make sense.

With this in mind do you now see to understand such verses as: Matthew 7:all.

When you cast the plank out of your own eye first then truly you will know how to cast the speck out of your brothers eye…experience has taught you to know the many faces of desire and your innermost being has valued the answers you chose to become one with.

Now when you reach out to someone in peril to help them overcome the tormentor of decision, you can teach them to question their reasons for desire, then they can choose to move in change. Or not…after all, God doesn’t make us choose whom we will serve, he only delivers on his promises, and lets us be responsible or irresponsible.

Or how about Ephesians 4:17-24, Romans 12:1-3? There are many more verses that will become clear along the Way. But first you have to begin repenting in the continuing effort to become the person you have it in you to be. But beware….

Today we have over 34,000 different doctrines of the Bible being taught when there is only one true doctrine given. Only the Elite in Christ Jesus will be able to know the one true doctrine of the Way but it doesn’t come about by studying the Bible or by birthright or by blind faith…no the only Way you can know it is first by repenting of your sins; then you will begin to see to understand the scriptures as they are given to be understood.

The bible says that in the last days our Lord Jesus will call out to his chosen to come out from the churches. Out of the church and into his bosom…a wife prepared for the Groom. The Bride is also called out because the time is close that the churches will sin to keep their doctrine beliefs.

While the anti-christ has fooled all but the Elite, it has been done by his words of rebuke and of blind faith; he tells you to believe in your love…he won’t tell you that he is mis-leading you and he won’t teach you to know the truth for there is no truth in him.

I smile…I smile because of the core values that America has learned to value and yet abuse over and over; as the newscasters have so aptly pointed out; But have not shown the Way of, for you to learn. But then, they are not there to teach us, only to report the news that allows them to show us their core values are the same as ours.

To learn the Way of Love and Truth we were meant to assemble and hear the prophets speak, two or more and weigh carefully what is said; all so that we can Love God with all our heart body and soul, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves and as Jesus loved.

Do you know how now…cast the plank out first brown cow and you will.J


In Him,


“The Teaching Prophet”




[Scripture taken from the Holy Bibl, New International Version “NIV” copyright ã 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of International Bible Society. All rights reserved. NIV and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States patent and trademark office by International Bible Society.]


Paul said, “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God. Indeed, no one understands him; he utters mysteries with his spirit. But everyone who prophesies speak to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church. I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy. He who prophesies is greater than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets so that the church may be edified,” I Cor. 141-5niv

I find it interesting that so many quote- “Christians”-unquote; read I Cor. 13:9-10 “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.”niv and say, that which is perfect to come is The Holy Bible and with it we do not need anyone to prophesy to us any more; we can now read it for ourselves. Hence prophets no longer exist.

After hearing this I ask them to read I Cor. 14:1-5 (and beyond), and say, Then why would Paul earnestly desire that we desire the spiritual gift of prophecy? And being that Paul is a minister to the gentiles and writes his letters to ALL Christians everywhere, and works to preserve his letters for coming generations; why would he NOT tell us, “…oh, by the way, once the Bible is written down, we will no longer need any prophets to teach us to know the comfort, strength and encouragement that comes from knowing the way of Love, and you can forget this part.”???

Okay, then, you teach me to know the way of love so that I can know it’s comfort, strength and encouragement…only, you can’t!

I’ve listened to you, I’ve read your publications and frankly…you are lost!

Yes, lost. I say this because I was once just like you, I believed by faith that Jesus is Lord and redeems the saved, born-again soul that believes by faith that Jesus is Lord and redeems the saved, born-again soul that believes….

Enough already! When I did get saved and become born-again, I was also given the gift of prophecy about six months later; and after another thirty some odd years later, was my gifted fruit of prophecy able to see clearly so as to reach out and share the Way of God’s Love and Truth with you, and tell you: “You are lost.”, even as I once was and didn’t know it.

Why does Paul say in verse 14:22 “tongues, then, are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers; prophecy, however, is for believers, not for unbelievers.”niv

Why does the church refuse to hear them? And claim they no longer exist; claim we only need the bible to teach us, and yet so misunderstand the Bible that The World Christian Encyclopedia says that there are over 34,000 different Christian churches teaching different doctrines?

One Bible, one doctrine, not hundreds nor thousands…ONE! (Eph. 4:1-6)

Okay. You have to see the problem here. Many churches actually do see the problem and preach a doctrine so uniquely them, that they actually claim to be the only true Bible teaching church.

Wow! Are you feeling me? Some ask, How’s a person to know what or who to believe? Some say no one can know, so do what you think the bible wants you to do as you read it for yourself, and let God guide you and correct you.

Because of this way of thinking, most all of you will reject any teaching given by anyone who thinks they are a prophetic teacher of God’s Doctrine and his Way of Love; and you will go to the church that says what you most want to hear them say.

It’s a pickle! Ain’t it? (smile) Not my pickle though! I’ve seen the Way of God’s Love and Truth, in His doctrine The Way; and I have no problem with having a strong, healthy and knowledgeable faith in Jesus The Christ!

Like me, you will be able to see through the B.S. and the con. So much so that when the bible talks about, …if it were possible, even the elect would be blinded to believe the lie of the antichrist…you too would know it’s not possible!

Satan will blind practically the whole world and have them expel the true Christians from their midst so that they can be killed.(See John 16:1-4)

I’m not worried, yet. The world is changing but it is not too late yet. And until it is, I’ll not worry, but take prepared steps.

Will you join me in my Bible studies where I will show you the error of the world’s teaching of the Bible and you will learn of the True teachings. If you don’t know the Way of God’s Love and Truth, then you need to; it’s not a sham of loving as the good book declared all good Christians will do; that’s by the letter. A true Christian is responsible for their actions and makes sure his actions are in accordance to scripture. It’s about discovery, choices, change and awareness.

I know your feeling, your predicament. Been there and done that. I now know I wasn’t really a christian then. Not only was the expression of faith, taught to me, in error, but so was the belief in the preachers assurances that if I was sincere in my sinner’s prayer then I was a child of God. No way Jose! Listen, if you didn’t experience The Love of God in your confession of sin and Repentance, then you can bet you are not yet saved. Sorry to say that, but let the pain of truth allow you to truly seek out the truth and any sorrow you feel now will be removed once you are born-again and gain the understanding of the doctrine of God and walk in the joy of his Love and Truth.

I’ll show you How to know this Way of Love that Paul is talking about and you will come to know it for yourself firsthand.


Till next time.

In Him,