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The prophet J.J. speaks

The prophet J.J. speaks.

The prophet J.J. speaks

“The prophet J.J. speaks”





The melancholy of dreams, they contain strong feelings. It is a precarious balance we carry our emotions and a firm grip of reality is needed. When you are victimized and loose your way, you need to find a sure foundation to stand strong in. to do that you must


Come around here and sit next to me and listen. Later you can ask questions…If all that you see scares you, it is only death you fear. Cutting yourself to affirm your life is not necessary because your breath continues, and sexual asphyxiation enlightens sensuality to your own satisfaction, but not to Understanding and you really need to SNAP TO!

Listen to me, as if to a voice behind you saying:  Isaiah 30:21 “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Life and death are part of our personal world and what’s the use of living when there is so much pain and death in the world. Yet taking ones life does not let us escape our cynical view, or our scared view, or our sensual view. In a blink you will stand before one of two choices that you made in your life before you died!

Choice One:

If you were known by Jesus at your good confession, then, you will be given to experience the Love of the Father in the full strength that your measure of faith given to you at birth allows,  and it is this Agape Love of the Father that you will lose touch with because you will eventually sin and the Father will have to turn His back on you. But Jesus makes it known again to us when we mature to knowing the ‘Way’ of Jesus. Our measure protects us from knowing the Fullness of the Father, lest it kill you. You will be raised to eternal life. And your after-life will be a wonder unimaginable. The pain you now know is gone. Your Understanding will become complete in Jesus and you will see the error of your way, was in NOT giving yourself over to walking in the Way of Jesus, but going your own way. Saved, but immature till made complete. And when you meet Jesus in all of his Glory, knowing your own sin will make you bend your knees before him.

Yet the promise of eternal life is yours. Guaranteed. Jesus said not one that the Father has given him will be lost.

Choice two:

But in choice two you are raised at the white throne judgment of the damned.

If you never heard of Jesus Christ our Lord, then you will stand or fall according to your ways and God’s Mercy.

If your walk in your way reflects a loving life and noble heart, then you will find our Lord Jesus a God of mercy and your hearts yearning towards him will likely be enough to be given salvation.

But if you have heard the gospel of Jesus and yet never wanted to know him and you rejected him. Then your life has ended after the sins you’ve committed have been measured and you have suffered their measure in the eternal fires of hell.

All has ended, or In Jesus all has begun in Eternity.

Hello, I’m J.J. ,

Whether you are a Christian or not, this word is given to you.

If you learn and walk in the Way of Jesus with a sincere heart, when our Heavenly Father tries your reins and grants you the born-again Holy Spirit, you will still need to continue walking in the “Way” of Jesus. Why? Because you have a New Spirit and that spirit brings us to God in Jesus. In Jesus means: you have found/been given, in your walk in the Way of Jesus, a spiritual “Remembrance” of a Biblical Truth that Jesus taught. In it will be the Understanding that choosing to submit to and abide in the Truth revealed is the Way of Jesus, and the Love that comes from knowing the Truth in Jesus is of the Father. This iota of knowledge has more pieces of understanding, more pieces of Love that the Truth represents; until the fullness of our given measure is full and the Day Star has risen in our heart.

The knowledge of God’s Righteousness is a mystery in Christ Jesus that we understand when the total measure of knowledge gained in our Spiritual “Remembrances” given to us by the Father when we are at a point in our walk in the Way of Jesus that He determines you are ready to ‘see’ the Truth to be acknowledged.  We have revealed to us the “Hidden”  to acknowledge the Truth thereof and as we repeat the steps dictated along the Way of Jesus to choose again and again to submit to the Way of Love revealed and Truth understood, thus I grow in my Lord to know he is in me even as I am in him by the Father in him, and the Father is in me, through Jesus.

If Jesus is your Lord and savior, then you will be with him at the resurrection of the Saints. We just have to suffer satans terrors, until Jesus returns.

If you are not saved, given the born-again Holy Spirit of Jesus, then you too will be resurrected, to the white throne judgment, where you will die in your sins. Where you refused to follow after him or believe he has risen from the grave after three days.

Were you an unbeliever because you rejected him? Or did you reject the idea of having to believe in him by faith. The same faith that believes without seeing? Having no reason to stand on. By definition a Fanatic.

I don’t judge you. The Word you heard will be the Judge. If you chose to ignore the Word of God in Jesus, then I’m sorry for you. It’s too late to believe in Jesus at the white throne Judgment.

But today is the year two thousand-fifteen and you live life the ‘way’ you choose. There’s still time to find the Truth in Jesus.

Okay, let me ask you this? When you heard the gospel of Jesus, before realizing that you have to make a confession of belief, did your heart want to  believe?

Did you want Jesus to be real?

If you are saying yes, you wanted to believe … that a loving God is better than satan; that there is too much harm being done in the world … things need to change … but you can’t accept believing without a reason … by definition a Fanatic.

If that’s you, let me ask you one more question; Would you give an ear to the reason for believing in Jesus?


Then in my capacity as a prophet I can show you the reason that allows the knower to acknowledge the Truth unto their personal salvation, and to continue in and grow to your fullness of measure.

But first let me address the bothers in Christ. They too need to hear this word.

To all who claim to be Christian, be aware of the times and learn meekness to open your mind to understanding.

All Christians are given the Holy Spirit of Jesus so that by the Holy Spirit we are guaranteed our salvation, yet also in the Holy Spirit we are to be led to the acknowledging of the Truth in Jesus in a Continuous Growth until the Understanding of our full measure of faith is known and the Day Star has risen in our heart.

But the churches in the world have not known that they were to teach you in the Way of Jesus. And indeed they do not know it yet. It is an End-Time knowledge. (see: Isaiah  30:20-21kjv) But let them acknowledge my words are true and take step to walk in the Way of Jesus, the Way he taught us. After all prophets are for believers! (I Cor 14:22) and if you go it alone, you get about 42 years to learn it. It would be a lot faster if you had a teacher. A prophet whose work in the Lord is to comfort, strengthen and encourage the church.

To the lost it is the way to be found, to the saved it is the Way of Jesus that we walk in to gain understanding and revelation that we choose to be one with by submitting to the Way of Love and Truth, until we are filled with the measure of Knowledge of God’s Righteousness and know God’s Love as our own.

Prophesy is being lived even as we speak; and the question is raised: will President Obama be allowed to aid in the removal of Isis.

I think he will, as long as he doesn’t commit to ground forces. But what do I know? My gift is in the teaching the Truth in Jesus. To comfort, strengthen and encourage the church in Christ Jesus; so that you can understand How to know the “Hidden” in the mystery of Christ.

The simple picture of the world is this: there are unbelievers born into sin and never grow up into finding God in Jesus. They and all who live to lie and kill are one group.

The second group is some of those born in sin, who hate the sin filled life and want Salvation from it, and Jesus represents and inhabits the good life that they want and they come to him in a good confession and become Christians in name and in Spirit. But did they Continue in their movement of Repentance even as we are taught to do, so as to grow to Maturity in the Mind of the Lord?

We Christians, have known the love of God at salvation, but have forgotten all but the memory, and hold to that memory for believing in Christ Jesus, for at salvation: “the spirit beareth witness to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”

But to witness the crimes of people who do bad things is not understood. Why do these people kill innocent people?

If you have to ask, you haven’t been walking in the “Way” of Jesus.

Did you think that your actions committed after your salvation were done in the Joy of walking in Jesus; or a loose end that hasn’t been controlled in your life?

Now I know you have heard and were taught by others to Rebuke the evil spirit when tempted to commit sin – even though Jesus died for you and all your sin. But this is what Jesus taught us:

“yet in truth you were taught, if so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus: that ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; [and that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in Righteousness and True Holiness.]” Eph. 4:21-24 kjv.

I want you to look at the underlined part…that represents being born-again. And the bracketed part that’s continuing in your walk to be enabled to grow mature. To make the man more like the spirit.

That my Christian brothers and sisters is our obligation, and the desire of our New Spirit, but the flesh wars against the spirit. It wants the things of the flesh: the worries, riches and or pleasures of this world, and satan is doing all he can to entice those desires of the flesh. But we are to put on the new man ‘which after God is created in Righteousness and True Holiness.’ The Holy Spirit of Jesus is without measure and Jesus walked in His Way in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and it is this same Holy Spirit That we receive when we are born-again, but the measure we have is less than fully realized, yet in the Understanding of Him who has already defeated the hold of sin upon man when He was given as the sacrificial Lamb for the Atonement of all of a persons sin, when he accepts Christ Jesus as Lord. Then He’d taken the keys to death away from satan and has risen from the grave after the third day, to be the first fruits of all Christians, in which we are one and already victorious, in Spirit; But over our own sin weaknesses held in our mind of habitual ways, that we have to let go and grow-up, our battle is just beginning. For the Mind of Christ, the battle determines our  reward. A mature understanding awaits our earnest endeavor at walking in the Way of Jesus.

We are taught to put-off the old man. YOU Are the old man who is corrupt because of being filled with deceitful desires that serve to satisfy your need for worries, riches and/or pleasures. We are all taught to PUT HIM OFF !

Now that doesn’t mean to rebuke him, the him is the us who being old men and women, commit to sin that causes harm to another, for our own need to satisfy our own worry, our own greed, and/or our own pleasure.

Rather than rebuke the ugliness of sin, or turn your back to it, and thereby fail to own the responsibility of your actions, we are to seek out the reason for the sinful actions we take to satisfy our own deceitful desires.

Why would you choose to do something that hurts someone? The reasons were personal to you and the sin you do results in harm to another. We want to stop , but don’t know how; We want Answers, not the continual slavery to our weakness to sin. We need the Truth to set us free! In the Mind. In spirit the saved are born-again in the Spirit of their mind; yet the habitual life view will reassert itself in your thinking. “as you think, you are.”

Will power is greatly over-rated, the psychologist are only the blind leading the blind, because when we want to do good, sins temptation is quick on the scene and we are enticed to sin, and sin when fulfilled brings death.  Will power be damned, it is only good for a moment and then the moment is gone and the satisfaction desired to satisfy our desire for a worries, riches and/or pleasure is upon us…ask yourself why do I want to do this sin even knowing its at the expense of hurting an innocent? And everyone is innocent till proven guilty.

When you walk in the Way of Jesus, looking hard and deep at your own sins, the sins of others become harder to ignore and we can find ourselves getting angry. That’s not allowed! “Man’s anger defeats God’s Righteous purpose.” USE THAT ANGER! Ask your-self ‘why am I angry? What are they doing that is making you mad? You can’t hold their sin against them, or God won’t forgive you your own sin.

Isis is the extreme level on the scale of being tempted into seeking satisfaction that hurts others, we included. We are on the same scale only lower down from the extreme of Isis, unless you are like a Ted Bundy, then you would be right up there with them; if you are another mother Teresa then you would be low down on the scale. Yet –

Wherever you think you are on that scale, if you are a born-again Christian the scale, and everything it stands for, is wiped out, obliterated, as your sins have been forgiven in Jesus. That was your Spiritual birth; and your birthright says that it is time to grow into the Mind of Christ. Learning discernment and Knowing right from wrong and doing the right in Truth. But you have to walk in the “Way” of Jesus that walks in repentance to the acknowledging the Truth in and of Jesus with revelation to know the Love of the Father, to submit to, abide in and become transformed to be one with.

Thus we are: In the Truth. This achievement of each individual that moves to repent and become likened to the image of Christ Jesus does so when their walk in the Way has brought them to consider a deeper understanding of themselves and when it is such an understanding that reveals the Mind of Jesus in understanding by the revelation of the Spirit given ‘Remembrance’ of the Word of Truth as taught by Jesus, is now seen. Seen to be acknowledged and seen to submit to, abide in, and become transformed by, to be one with Jesus; then we have provided ourselves the proof that we become like whom we choose to follow. And Jesus makes it happen Spiritually for all who choose him. And Satan? We will walk on his ashes.

Knowing the Way of Love and Truth is an increasing awareness of both, until your given ‘measure’ is full and your Day Star has risen in your heart.

Understanding is found. To both, the Christian and the person who needs reason to believe in Jesus, the reasoning is sound; when an unbeliever acknowledges the simple truth that all of life’s actions are a choice we make and how we are influenced to choose, is always between good and evil. Then you may wrap your mind around this: the only good we can find is of God the Father; not withstanding when we see the Son We see the Father.

In order to walk in the Way of Jesus we need to first read the Bible’s New Testament so to hear the Word of Truth completely.

Jesus represents and inhabits the fullness of the Holy Spirit of Truth; in Jesus we know the Agape Love of both God the Father and God the Son. For the Father is in Jesus even as Jesus is in the Father, they are one even as we are in the Father and the Father is in us through Jesus, and we are one. Yet we only understand the measure we have been given. But it is enough to keep the faith in Jesus.

So, when we walk in the Way of Jesus, we are also walking the Way of repentance, the Way of Love, and the Way of ourselves whom choose to grow and walk in the light and Love of the Father and Jesus. You can’t fake it as the knowledge of God’s righteousness is found. God won’t be mocked

Yes, in the churches you were taught to turn away from your sin as an act of repentance. But that’s not what Jesus taught. He taught us to change our behavior in relation to our sin. He said through his apostles, it was a deceitful desire that fuels our act of sinning to satisfy our attachment to the worries, riches and/or pleasures of this world. And we need to put-it-off !!

Not by will power, for at the first temptation we will fall; it is in our nature. But our nature changes after spiritual birth. Yet The flesh is still weak and at war with the Spirit of Jesus, it will sin. But now we can find the reason for our sin and find a loving and truthful alternative to choose to submit to instead. And thereby change our habitual mind to be one with the Mind of Christ Jesus. Made possible by Jesus at His resurrection.

We were made in God’s image and when we begin the ‘Way’ of Jesus by walking in repentance as Jesus taught, we put off the old man by looking for the reason to why we do the wrong we do. When we look for the truth to why we sin individually, and cause harm to another and see our true reason makes us make a bad choice, we are then given, in accordance to the Way of Repentance, a loving and truthful alternative that we can choose to do instead, and The Father who knows our deepest heart’s desire sees when the time is ripe to reveal a spiritually given “remembrance” of the Word of Truth that Jesus spoke that shows the Mind of Jesus supports the Way of Love found in the alternative. Let us so choose to submit to this revealed Way of Love supported by the verse revealed in our spiritual ‘remembrance’ and let us not forget this revealed truth in Jesus. Yes, you can forget it; I remember my first truth given in ‘remembrance’ but after the first week of living I found myself asking myself ‘did I really find anything? And verse in ‘remembrance’ was remembered and I said heck yeah I really learned something; and I buckled down to pursue more understanding in the Word of God. Procrastination at this stage is critical. Confirm the truth you were given to understand in the love of God the Father and seek to find more understanding into your continuing question of: why do I do the wrong that I do? With movement along the Way of Love and Truth your steps are made walking in the Way of Jesus.

If you try to stand only on the Love of God given to you at your spiritual baptism, you will fail; you will still be saved, but your life will be void of knowing God’s Agape Love. But if you stand strong in the Love and the Truth that supports the Love, then you will grow stronger and cannot lose this love as it is tied to knowing the Truth in the Words of Jesus in the verse Revealed by our Father when we were ready to make the connection of Truth to the Love of God.

By reason of your persistent quest to know why you do the wrong you do, you will gain the fruits of the spirit; accomplishments in the Spirit given in reward of your efforts and sincerity. Jesus is Risen and He is Lord and he has given over the Holy Spirit to the Father to give to us that walk in the “Way” of Jesus. When you have personally experienced the tenant of Truth, that all must be able to choose to find and submit to, and do; as you know they can… they too will learn to know the Agape Love of the Father that does no harm to its neighbor, and the ‘remembered‘ Truth that applies to everyone equally!

Walk in the “Way” of Jesus and at the end of all the chaos of trial and tribulations of these end-times, we who have died in Christ will live in Christ at the resurrection of the Saints, a nation of prophets.

We learn to know the heart felt joy we feel as our witness to the Love of the Father found/received through the Truth in/of Jesus that we now can know by spiritual ‘remembrance’. This defines our faith, we still don’t see Jesus, but when we read “Faith is the substance, of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.” Heb. 11:1kjv  We know that substance to be a full measure of understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness as portrayed in the mystery of Jesus. Which is that, we acknowledged, and submitted to in the Love, and in the Truth revealed.

The measure of faith given to all men at birth has such a fountain of knowledge both found in the Holy Bible, especially of  the New Testament. But not only knowledge is there to be found; a New You is put-on; after you have put-off  the ’bad guy’ and put-on the new Good guy, (or gal), and transformed yourself to being one with the Love and Truth you have chosen to follow after.

Walk in the Way of Jesus and at the end of all of the chaos of trial and tribulations, we who have died in Christ – seen now to be known in a heartfelt Love in the Agape, that gives me joy in the knowing of the Father’s Love, through the sharing of the Holy Spirit given to all that are given to know Jesus, and knowing the Truth that set’s us free! Jesus Is our Lord God and Savior. And we have the Mind of this same Christ Jesus. (But only in direct proportion to the measure we were given at birth.) Only at the return of Jesus and our resurrection to life will we be given to know the fullness of Christ Jesus.

It is a step by step path we undertake when we walk in the Way of Jesus; to the saved its knowing the Love of God again, as we fill up to our measure. Repent unto the acknowledging the Truth in/of Jesus and the Father will try your reins and decide your time to be is Now. Then when you find that the joy of knowing God’s Love at salvation has gone and your sins are back, Continue to repent as Jesus taught and you will put-off the old man, and put-on the new Mind of Christ Jesus. And get that love back permanently! And when your submission to God’s Way Through Jesus is full to the KNOWING The teaching of the ‘Way‘, then, your slavery from sins hold on you is broken.

Now when you read this verse, you know what it means:

“According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise master-builder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth there upon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” I Cor. 3:10-11kjv

Let’s cap it off with Hebrew 6:1 “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God”

“Repent and be baptized.” Jesus taught. It’s your choice! Don’t be afraid of Jesus, his burden is light and easy to carry.

Walking in the Way of Jesus defines walking in repentance that ends in increased fruits of the spirit found in maturity. The reasoning is sound!

    “Come now let us reason together. Though your sin be as scarlet it shall be as white as wool.” in Jesus.

Only in Jesus can we do this and escape all of the hate and lies in the world caused by those who don’t know His Way. And don’t walk in it.


“O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee; but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have declared unto them thy name and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.” John 17:25-26kjv

That is the love we find in the Truth of the Word God in/of Jesus.

Isaiah was told by scoffers: “Leave the Way! Get off the Path! Let us hear no more about The Holy One of Israel!”

Please, Don’t miss out on my friend and Lord, Jesus, the Christ.

In Him,


Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods.  If you like Joel Olsteen then you need to read this.

Damaged Goods

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

‘Damaged Goods’







Don’t think you will ever make the grade? Are you believing all of the lies told to you? Our God is a God of love and mercy, and he never condemns you.


We go through tuff times, get hurt, but God will bring you through them to make you stronger. God can take any ingredient you give him and make you better. Shake off the negative life and God will restore you.


Folks…these words and others are given by Pastor Joel Olsteen on his telecast; he follows up with his book offers and testimonies from others that say they learned to center on the positives not the negatives and find joy in giving your all to every job.


You can see I saw the program.


Joel Olsteen is a smart and talented speaker; Evangelist, but not of the average kind who preach hell and damnation or get salvation. No, he likes to make you feel good, thinking all you got to do is shake it off and God will restore you.


Okay, how many of you are parents? When your child comes home from school crying, do you tell him to shake it off or do you get to the root of the crying? What happened?

Do you try to console the child, yet it breaks your heart that the pain remains.


You know the reason now, your child is hurt because he was called names by other school boys. He’s challenged not a retard.


Then one of the school boys comes to your house and knocks on your door and asks if your son can come out and play.


They go out to the back of the house and play, he brought his army men toys and your son played with his Tonka dump truck. They did not know you were watching from the back bedroom window and are crying for happiness as you see your son laugh and play with the stranger boy. He has such pretty red hair and makes your son laugh and forget the pain.


When he starts to leave you rush out and hug the boy and say, ‘God bless you for making my son laugh.’


The red-headed boy is gone now, but at every chance you remind your son about the boy with the red hair, and how he was such a good friend to remember when the bad times come and after much pain is endured adulthood will come and memories are many, and you understand a friend is a friend before you ever meet them, and always your boy smiles.


Today is fifty years later and your son grew up to be strong and a good friend to have, who makes you proud. But what of the red-headed boy?


What would you say to him to comfort him after his life became traumatic when, at the age of fifteen he was victimized to be awoken after a surgical sleep was induced to repair a compound fracture and wake up to being molested by a nurses helper. To become a troubled child of innocence lost with five state hospitals and eight prison commitments yet to come.


What would you say, shake it off remember the good times? A loving parent wouldn’t say it, and I didn’t. Today I’m here to tell you when those preachers, pastors, and evangelists speak it’s like they are trying to tell you to be what God makes you to be, but they neglect to tell you how it is done and how will we know it?


Did he shake it off when he cried in school? The red-headed boy grew up believing in the biblical Jesus. Life for him was a wonder of beauty and love; satan tried again and again to corrupt him with the lure of sexuality, but he was pure of heart and innocent of deceitful desires.


The red-headed boy still believed in Jesus when he turned sixteen and when he turned seventeen. But  you see he was now burdened, when he went into the first state hospital at seventeen he still thought the world was a beautiful place and God’s wonders were grand to behold.


When he turned 18 he went to prison for the first time. And after prison he went to four more state hospitals and seven more prisons. He was called insane, chronic schizophrenia undifferentiated, borderline exhibitionist, borderline institutionalized, and paranoid schizophrenic with depression and suicidal tendencies.


In prison he was labeled a child molester for his crime of exposure. Yet he went to church and heard every caliber of sermon you can hear. Baptized as a catholic as a child, baptized in water as a teen, and in his last state hospital stay, baptized in the spirit.


That was in 1979, a new man with a new spirit; and six months later I  was given the gift of prophesy in 1980. And from the time of being burdened by a molesting nurses helper, to the time I  was to find my freedom in Jesus, it took 37 years.


I’m now 52 years of age and once again innocent of sins burden.


Did the mother’s prayer help him? Perhaps. Did the teachings he heard and read and studied from all of the  Joel Olsteen’s of the world help? Some, not so much by what they taught but because he learned more of the written word, needed when he started to walk in the Way of repentance, needed so that the Father could give him the revelations of ‘spiritual remembrances’ of that Word, when his repentance brought him to the mind of our Lord Jesus in truth and in love.


The red-headed boy spent years growing up in the church and home, and did nothing to deserve being molested and living in hell for the next 37 years. Yet God is good and he found his answers to his faith and found his freedom from being the worst of sinners.


He did not find his answers in the sermons, they were unable to silence the monkey on his back. He heard it all, spiced with anecdotes and stories to help us feel the joy that is to come when the scriptures come true for us; but the truth was not found and the joy lasted but a moment and his trials and tribulations raged on.


For every scripture that tells us that God has only good for us is backed by one scripture, God helps those who help themselves! These so-called preachers teach that God will change you, but fail to explain how it is accomplished, and surly fail to show you what you must do to make it happen.


All things work out for the good in those that love God…but we won’t stand for it if our own children are hurt, so why do we stand for it when we hurt ourselves and some preacher says ‘get over it’, shake it off?


Lets hear the truth of it !!! You should be tired of the pep talks by now. “If you hold to my teaching you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus taught us to repent.


The truth is written but understood only when you are given to see the written truth  in relation to the revelation of the Spirit of truth that God the Father gives us when we are walking in repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth in/of Jesus.


And then having so seen the MIND of Christ in truth and agape love that reflects His thought, will, and emotion…you acknowledge it and MOVE to abide in it until it becomes you in transformation and “increases” as you mature to know the Way of Jesus and walk in the fruits of the spirit that have been reveled and continuously chosen to submit to until the day-star rises in our heart.


Once found in it’s entirety of our part measure one can see the emptiness of the sermons of the blind teachers. They teach the bible , that is good. They have services and altar calls, and that is good. They give to the needy, and that is good too; but they all fall short in their teaching: do you hear any of them teaching the Way of Jesus?


I’m not talking about the so-called claim: “We teach only from the king James Bible.” these are the words of God himself when he lived as a human to fulfill his grand purpose, to be our God consenting to die for us so that we may come to live in his love and truth; and know his resurrection as the first fruits.


God is our judge through the word that was spoken. If we receive the Holy Spirit then we are a new creature pure of spirit and given to find the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth and agape love.


You may have been given a gift in the spirit then, or later, also depending on the Father’s will. Each gift is for the common good, especially to the sons and daughters spiritually born-again.


But each gift is part of the whole, to be able to speak in tongues, yet not able to interpret by gift, we are told to hold our tongues, and desire the better gift of prophesy, that we might comfort, strengthen and encourage the church.


We are told we are to be a nation of prophets! Hence we are all meant to know the ‘hidden’ in Christ Jesus so as to walk in his Way. The same Way that Paul says he worships The Father according to. Do you worship God according to the Way?


But the Way is straight and narrow and only a few find it. But what you don’t seem to want to come to understanding in is: if you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it. When ye turn to the right hand and when ye turn to the left…THEN you need to listen to the teaching and MOVE in it, WALK in it!


First you learn this is an end-time teaching. A period of approximately 42 years long, and teaches you to deal with the adversities of life that engage you, so that you learn the revelations of spiritual ‘remembrances’ that reveal the love and truth of God, that you move to submit to and increasingly grow in ever more as you submit, abide and become transformed to be one with God through Jesus in the truths you have been given revelation to.


Your choice to choose to change or continue on in sin is your personal calling. When you choose love and truth the written word becomes the Authoritative Word!


You have to make a stand for truth and agape love. You have to quit thinking it’s in the feel good sermons. It’s not. It’s in your walk. It’s time to learn to make your calling and election sure, and start walking in the Way of Jesus.


In Him,


The 700 Club

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

The 700 Club.




I love watching the show, The 700 Club; hearing the many testimonies of sinners being saved and knowing the Love of God The Father, in a personal feeling that makes time take a time out, and other people are seen as family, and Love radiates in your heart for everything you see; and should you be seen by others, they may see you radiate and comment on your rosy red glow.


But you! Yes you who experienced this baptism of the Holy Spirit…I am really glad you became my brother or sister in Christ Jesus but you are kind of new on the scene and are in need of direction by a competent Spiritual Christian Advisor. The Bible recommends a spirit filled prophet.


3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. 4 He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.  1 Cor. 14:3-4



Why, you ask? Because the Holy Spirit has a two-fold service: one, to guarantee our salvation; two, to lead us to the acknowledging the Truth in and of Jesus Our Lord. And this is a secret “hidden” wisdom found in the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness as lived in Jesus.


There will be many who vie for your patronage and try to tell you what you need to believe. I too will try to tell you what you need to understand in the teaching of the Way of Jesus, for that is what it will all boil down to: your understanding of  the teaching of Jesus.


Life eventually becomes a walk in or not, of The Way of Jesus. And it bugs me that there are so many testimonies and NOT One solid teaching of  the ‘Way’ of Jesus…what it is…how is it walked…what must we do to found walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus!


How important is this? Paul, the apostle to the gentile, teaches us that He confesses to worshipping God the Father of the Israelites according to the ’Way’, which the Jews call heresy. Jesus, himself, told his ‘disciples’ that he goes his way to the Father and where he goes they may follow. And when questioned about what the way was Jesus answered them saying that when the Holy Spirit comes he will make known the revelations of the Truth in and of Jesus through ‘Spiritual remembrances’; these for those of you who don’t know it, that these ‘spiritual remembrances’ are  encountered in our walk in the way of repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth and find our salvation in this admission and acceptance of Truth. These walks in the Way of repentance as taught by Paul are fully delivered by Jesus. And make our faith a tangible expression of knowledge and Love, agape.


Tangible faith, with spiritual remembrances of the written truth in/of Jesus growing in time up to 42 years, to an aware person of faith and truth in you through the spiritual walk in the way of God’s Love and truthful actions ever reaching for more Truth, more Love

To submit to, abide in and become transformed as one who is seen to be walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus.


But this is knowledge you have to find for yourself with the Holy Spirits helpful revelations. All so you can fulfill your purpose in life which is to know God. And you are at the front of a long chain of dominoes that fall down after we accumulate them through life’s experiences that reflect a repentant walk learning your measures worth and giving God praise that your walk in His Love experiences the fruit of the Spirit called: Joy.


You know that Joy and love when you get saved, and it will last as long as you allow it to  live in you. But time becomes days, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years and years become who we are seen to be walking in, in the ‘Way’ of Jesus or Not..


Or Not…

Do I dare go there?


Let’s look at myself. The me that was not found walking in the Way of Jesus. (this is not a precise definition because while I crashed and burned in life – it took me 37 years of walking in the world of sin before I was able to harness the ability to walk in the Way of Jesus and find my salvation and find my lost innocence.) But what I want to stress is that if I had not struggled to overcome my sin so diligently, and had I been someone who LIKES to sin, then that person might look like this: Being in five State Hospitals, eight State prison incarcerations and headed to nowhere. Without wanting to find freedom from slavery to sin these stays at the hospitals and prisons would just be the building blocks for more and worse for all sin pinnacles and we emerge as the Ted Bundy’s of the world…’why he seemed like such a nice guy who would have thought he was a serial killer?’ all sin that is not actively fought in the wills is doomed to get worse and worse until death can result. And get this willpower wont save you! Only Jesus can.


But of all the wrong found in sin, we can also find loving and truthful alternatives to do instead. The old me is dead to sin and not worth talking about, but the new me that has died to the old man and put on the new man found in Christ Jesus, the me found walking in the Way of Jesus…I have the assurance of the Spirit as I know the Love of God the Father in my heart and through the acknowledged Truth found in Jesus, whose thought, will and emotion becomes mine through transformation and learning through revelation given in ‘spiritual remembrances’ while I walked in the Way of Repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth.


My freedom from sin took me 37 years to find, and that I believe is out of an approximate 42 year period we are given to learn in. The choice to sin or not does not even apply, and becomes a moot question because when you walk in the Way of Jesus it is a progressive walk that eventually fills your measured part up and the Day Star rises in your heart, and walking in the Way of Jesus is understood and desired.


I will not break the common bond of any agape love I share with you all in Jesus family. Walking in the Way of Jesus is given to unite us in this world and time. We are meant to do good to others, especially to the brethren. If it is in your hearts to do, and within your ability.


The good I do in my capacity is share the message of prophesy, and tell others about The Way of Jesus. There is no church in the world sharing this knowledge of God’s Righteousness; there is no Evangelist sharing this knowledge, tho’ one I know of talks about it, but doesn’t share it. There is a bona-fide True teaching of The Way of Jesus, but outside of my sharing of it I don’t know anyone else sharing it.


To both the brethren and the pagan who wants to know The Father’s Love and Saving Grace…to the saved: walking in the Way of Jesus matures you and reveals the ‘Hidden’ to you and your life becomes known and aware, more loving and truthful and ALL of the fruits of the Spirit! To pagans: walking in the Way of Jesus becomes a walk in repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth in/of Jesus. If you so acknowledge and accept this truth in your life you will grow to know all that a mature Christian can know. For both the Brethren and the pagan it is always your choice to make. Once made you need to begin walking in the Way of Jesus because it was that way that offered you salvation and maturity.


And every Church, evangelist wants to capture your attention, your ear, your heart, your money…though a true tithing to a true church or evangelist is to your benefit; that it helps the other is good too. But you are new as a convert or you are an old convert still wanting to know the love of God through Jesus – but tired of trying the church route, you couldn’t find your confident faith there, learning to walk in the way of Jesus is what you should be learning.


It’s clear that a life changing event happened to you when you received the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and have been given to know you are given a new spirit and a new heart, but the love you first knew of our Father’s Love is filled with knowledge from spiritual revelations given through ‘remembrances’ in the truth in/of the Mind of Jesus and written in the Bible. And you have to walk in the Way of Jesus to obtain it in this life time and then only in the amount of the measure we are given. Other than that you will need to wait till Jesus returns. And what we now know in part will then be known in full.


To be one with Jesus and the Father, knowing the Father through his very Spirit of Truth. We can know it in part, now, but in full then, but that’s at the end of the trials and tribulations.


Yet we are given the very Spirit of Truth that is Our Lord God Jesus, that we may know the Mind of Jesus: His thought, will and emotion, in “increasing measure” to give us the assurance of certainty and sureness that our calling and election is to be one with Jesus, in these times that soon come upon us.


That prophesied day will come soon and many shall die before Christ Jesus Returns to restore the faithful to their sainted status; please don’t waste your time chasing church doctrines that capture your imagination and needs, but do nothing to throw any light on the reason you do the wrong you do even after being saved. You are needed to walk in the Way of repentance that Jesus taught; and pray that it be unto the acknowledging the Truth in/of Jesus! For in your search for Truth for the motive of your desires that bring harm to others, you will find and receive the “spiritual remembrances” that allow you to understand the word of  Truth it shares with you even as Jesus would consider it from his own perspective of thought, will, and emotion. A revelation when we walk in his Way.


In “increasing measure” until the measure you were given is full of the “part” it is given, still yet to be given to be fully known even as I am.


Whether alive or resurrected a time of peace of true peace, and of what we cherish in Love and Truth will be established; But make no mistake it can take up to 42 years to establish your faithful understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness that makes for the Day Star to rise in your heart. Perhaps quicker if you delve into the teaching of the ‘Way’ of Jesus and reason together just how it is that, tho’ your sins be as scarlet they shall be made white as snow.


The reason for our motives, by which we live by, has two sides: loving and truthful on the one side, and the hodge-podge of worries, riches and/or pleasures found in sin and deception, neither seeking the truth and only taking satisfactions of the flesh, on the other side.  Does the action of giving into sin pain you?  Cause you to feel regret?  Make you feel guilty and shameful?  Does it control you?  Or urge you on? It’s not your fault…our flesh, before being born again, had no reason to resist the temptations of the flesh other than as they resulted in the treatment of our flesh and our conscience of feelings that we want and those that we don’t want. But of A Spiritual Awakening we didn’t have a clue. And if Jesus had not come to show us and teach us how to walk in HIS Way that leads us to the Truth in Him, where we get to share in His Holy Spirit and know the Joy of walking in God’s love…we would all be doomed to die a final death at the hands of God The Father.


Satan and all the disobedient angels will die a final death. As will all the unbelievers that do wickedness. There is time, that whoever walks in repentance to the acknowledging the Truth in/of Jesus, can find salvation and freedom from their slavery to sin.


Let the unbeliever or the pagan walk the path of the righteous One and receive your revelations without wincing, but be true to the love and truth you have discerned in the Mind of Christ Jesus and abide until you are transformed, and are found to be walking in the Way of Jesus.

Repent from unloving actions that harms another or our-self, actions that hide the motive/reason for our sinfulness from our own eyes, that seek to satisfy the worries, riches and/or pleasures of the sinning world; to find out why we do what we know is wrong, and seek out the Way of agape love that does no harm to its neighbor, and of Truth revealed in spiritual ‘remembrances’ of the written words of Jesus, that applies to every one equally, and choosing to walk in this Way continuously as you know the Joy of the spiritual gift, becomes your understanding and path of choice.


Or would you choose to continue in sin?


Results of ‘increasing measure’ apply to both: those who choose to sin and those who choose to follow after Jesus. One to his death, but the others, those who choose Jesus will live again and know an unimaginable life in heaven.


So you see, some of us have been forgiven for much sin and change our lives, which are to be a tribute to Jesus as we are of One Spirit, of One Mind, the Mind of Jesus. If you haven’t put-on the mind of Christ, YOU Need To!!!


I’ve heard your testimonies and I rejoice in your salvation.. I like watching the 700 Club’s testimonies, and the good they do. But even they need to know the teaching of the Way of Jesus in their life. There are some who call themselves Christian that need to understand how to prove their faith and know the confidence of a loving heart in the name of Jesus.


In Him,


The Way to Happy life

The Way to Happy life.

Jehovah’s witnesses have it all wrong read this and see why.

The Way to Happy life

Your prophetic connection

The Way to a Happy Life







I’m a happy person; as any nature lover will confess, when you love what’s before your eyes, it’s easy to be a free spirit.


But then we reach puberty and grow up. After we grow up we tend to lose touch with happiness and have to work for a living.


You can try to find happiness, and some people try to teach you how. One such group is The Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their Church recently wrote a ‘Title’ issue of Awake Nov. 2014 entitled: Keys to a happy life.


I don’t believe you will find happiness through their teaching; they quote and often mis-quote the bible for reference, but fall short in putting on the garment of Righteousness only available through the Holy Spirit of Truth in/of God Almighty as Shared by Jesus, whom, ‘created from the substance of eternity’ became man to die for us, and to live for us and in us, as our brother, Lord God and savior, and friend.


Jesus commanded the seas, the animals, and the demon spirits, and he proved his God-Head by rising from the grave after three days and three nights. Resolutely taking the keys of death away from satan, as only a Holy and Righteous One can do.


His teaching in the Bible teaches us that He is the Way, the Truth and the life! And if you want true happiness it is only found in Jesus. It’s His Holy Spirit we receive.


The Bible was written so we could know the words of God. But if all of the works of God were written, the whole world couldn’t contain the books. The mysteries of the universe to the microscopic; God’s creation is being revealed in vivid detail, but it is not the person of God. All these exist in God through his will and command of “I AM”.


In the beginning was the Word and that word was with God and that word was God. That word was the word of truth that became I AM, and that I AM became Jesus as a man to give his life as a sacrifice for the remission of our sins, for all who believe in his life death and resurrection from the grave, and for all who accept him as their Lord and God, will receive his very Holy Spirit he was given in life and inception and through our new Spirit in Jesus we are able to know the revelation of the “rememberances” given by the Spirit to help us see the very Mind of Christ Jesus found in his written word and we experience his thought, will and emotion in our understanding of the revelation of this ‘remembrance’.


His Word even if regarded as the words of a prophet and not of God, not equal to God the Father as the Jehovah‘s Witnesses teach…is in reality equal. But if you don’t believe Jesus is God in the flesh, then, how can you share in his spirit when you want to be born-again.


The Jehovah’s Witnesses like to quote the Bible but fail to realize that the person in the verse, while being a figurehead of our imagined self, should we like to think it speaks of us :


“Happy is the man who keeps on enduring trial, because on becoming approved he will receive the crown of Life.” James 1:12


As if it is you are the man or woman who is enduring trial so that on becoming approved you will receive the crown of life. Yet you fail to realize that this person who is happy is a Christian and he must stand approved in Christ Jesus.


And YES That can be YOU…but if you haven’t walked in the Way of Jesus and proven that God is True and that Jesus is Lord and prophet, the first fruits of a nation of prophets, and walked in the Way of God’s Love and Truth where we find our happiness in life, then you have turned a deaf ear to his word and believed the lie of a false teaching church.


The Jehovah’s Witness Church is one of many who stands in danger of rejecting God’s word, because they are told to read only their own version bible The New World translation where the Word of God is given a Little “g”. Even tho’ it is a capital “G” in the King James Bible translation.


1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God“. kjv (they say: a god, instead of God.


They say the little “g” is the correct translation of that verse but I disagree. I don’t have to look it up to prove it because they would just say they don’t trust the authority I used, and would have to have their own church authorities examine it.


Okay, then I would show them their very own published authority The Greek Interlinear translation that translates English verse with the Greek words underneath the English words. Turn to revelations and read down a little and look for your English word Jehovah and its Greek equivalent; then turn to the book of John and read the verse that uses the small “g” for “a god’ rather than a capital “G” for God, and see that it uses the same Greek word as used to call God Jehovah in revelations, but in John a little “g”.


Even when I show them their error and this in their own church written authorities, they still refuse to acknowledge the truth in/of Jesus that he is one with God the Father whom they call Jehovah, yet Jesus Name shall be made higher than every name in Heaven and earth, so says psalms. Because Jesus, The Word of Truth made flesh, was in the beginning before and after he said “I AM”.



And because they refuse to admit in the Godhood of Jesus they don’t give the Holy Spirit the heart of sincerity. If you are not saved prior to entering into the Jehovah’s Witnesses then, chances are poor for finding salvation in the Truth. And because you do not repent unto the acknowledging of the Truth and you are told to believe only Jehovah can save you not Jesus…well you will at least have this: with God all things are possible.


If you do make the good confession and happen to be in the wrong church, I know you won’t be taught the truth of the gospel and will not find the revelation of Spirit to know the Mind of Christ Jesus. His thought will and emotion expressed in his written word.

Where you get to make a choice, to acknowledge the Truth in and of Jesus and the way of God’s Agape love is yours to put on until your abidance in the Truth produces the transformation of becoming one with the Truth in/of Jesus through his Spirit shared in us when we are born-again, making the knowing of Gods love and light as our own. And as you continue to walk in the ‘Way’ of Jesus knowing the ‘Way’ of Repentance that produces the fruit of the Spirit in increasing measure until your measure is full and the Day Star rises in you.


There is only one church in Christ Jesus. Not in Allah or Jehovah.(Jehovah is the fullness of Agape Love and Truthful Light that the Spirit of Truth is.) Yet Jehovah did not cease to be Jehovah when he said “I AM” and became the only begotten Son of God, begotten, to come out of and yet take with you, the same substance of eternity as a separate entity of Godhood, Yet in Jesus we have the Father in us even as we are in the Father. Both are One. Its not about Jehovah as the Jews call God, or about Allah as the Muslims call Him. But in the substance of eternity that The One God is: the Spirit of Truth that became Himself within Himself when he said “I AM” And we are honored and Highly Blessed to be One with God The Father, Through our being born-again in the Holy Spirit of Jesus.


It is a shame everyone can’t see that God gave his only begotten Son, the I AM that I AM, who created the universe and the heavens, where he prepares a place for each Christian found approved in his Truth. To know it Fully without measure even as I AM fully known. And at his coming back to take over, we who are born-again and share in his Holy Spirit will rise to be with him and life will be full of Love and Truth, the past will be forgotten, and all things will change; in the blink of the eye all Christians will be transformed and become perfect and immortal Sons of God knowing the Fullness of the Holy Spirit that we have only known in the part when given to us when we gave the ‘Good’ confession and found later, in understanding and transformation that only true walking in the ‘Way‘ of Repentance can reveal to us as we walk in the ‘Way’ of Jesus and become one with in this life, but then, we shall know in full even as I AM.

After that, I won’t even guess, but I bet it will be heavenly.  pun intended.

Hope to see you there.


In Him,



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