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Who are You?

‘Who are you?’




Did you grow up loving life or dreading it? Do you move aside for others walking towards you? Are you shy, bashful, plain or good-looking?

Do you open doors for others, do you smile a lot or consider yourself a people person?

What happens in life and how we react to it, accommodate it, or adapt to it will factor in to whatever Attitude we ‘put-on’ in the world. It will be a large part of who we choose to be.

In some degree, based on our attitude, some of us (from All of us) will be loving and the others will be hateful. And all of us will become a slave to sin.

Now sin can alter a life because it isn’t known why we sin except on the deeper levels of self-examination. Past the lies of deceit we make up based on our attitude and sin slavery; past the desires for the worlds worries, riches, and/or pleasures; past the confusion of all the Whys and why nots; The Truth in Love is found even as it is given in revelation.

This is important because every person who does not know the born-again spirit of Our Lord Jesus, is already dead in their sins; yet the self-examination required in Repentance will lead the Lost Souls to be saved; and the Saved, to grow more mature in the Mind of Christ.

“first cast the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” KJV Matt.7:5 a Truth of teaching to those who walk in the ways of the world, and a proof of verse, (among many…) once you have finished your walk in your measure of faith.

A true healer of the mind is one who has first had a ‘problem’ with their thinking and suffered the hardships such ignorance provokes and learned to overcome the ‘problematic mind-set’ in themselves first and now can help you, because they now see clearly how to clear out the problems and share in the rewards of awareness and understanding in what life is all about. And who we are individually. A psychiatrist might think that what I just said is attainable without all the jive for religiosity, but without Jesus you don’t find love and truth nor peace and hope; for all of the world shall pass away unchanged without the life giving spirit of Truth in/of Christ Jesus.

When you find “it” in your “Ahh Ha!” moment of your revelation to Truth, (which applies to everyone equally,) and in The Love, (that does no harm to its neighbor.) then you will be given a Spiritual “Remembrance” by God the Father of the Word of Christ Jesus that you have read in your Bible reading/studies and you either Choose to Acknowledge the Truth in/of Jesus and Accept or Reject him as Lord. And as you can see after having that spiritual moment of understanding in the revealed truth as coming from the spoken Word of Truth spoken by Jesus in the Bible, found in Repentance, from your own personal sin… only a miss-guided soul could reject Jesus.

And let me add I advise you to read the New Testament Bible either King James Version or the N.I.V.

As you continue walking in the Way of Repenting from the sin that you want to stop but can’t; you will always have to choose to submit to the newly revealed Truth and the Love Way you ‘see’ in the Truth, in answer to the question of: ‘why do I do the sin I don’t want to do? Or why am I angry? The knowledge of Faith is Vast but we are given only a small measure to come into understanding of.

It is said that when the apostles were imprisoned for their faith, that when the prison guards would look in on them while they slept, they would be seen floating above the floor.

It is the accumulation of the feeling of love, (Agape) found in the revealed Truth and the acknowledging of Truth that proves our faith. And just how many Truths you will see to understand is measured in increments. Of an increasing amount until your part measure is full and ‘is sufficient unto thee.’ for your established belief in our Lord Jesus.

A walk in the Way of Repentance, (Metanoeo) described as: the reconsidering of our sin from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion and then choosing to submit to the divine Way./ and by choosing to submit to doing the Way of Love in Truth that we find revelation of in ‘remembrances’ given by God, the Father by divine appointment…IS How we walk in the Way of Jesus… For as we increase in the increments of faith we grow to establish the Fruits of the Spirit. And in those Truths we are given to understand the author of is Jesus and when we submit to being one with the Spirit in Truth we are given to know the Love,(Agape) of the Father. And, The Mind of Christ! Knowing how he feels about ‘it’ in thought, will, and emotion.

This is how we worship the Father, by becoming one with his only begotten Son. This is the understanding of the tree branch engrafted into another tree. We are the branches of a lost tree when we are born-again we are engrafted into the tree of life we have in Jesus. And the branch that bares fruit is pruned, but every branch that does not bear fruit withers and dies and falls off the Tree of life..

Walking in the Way of Jesus is how we manifest the Mind of Christ Jesus and learn the mature growth of the fruits of the spirit. Becoming One of Mind and Spirit in accordance to our individual measures, to be given in full without measure, when Jesus returns.

Yet it is each person’s choice, which direction they will walk…in ignorance born of worldly desires and an unclean spirit, or born-again with a Holy Spirit that teaches us in the awareness of self in respect to the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth in/of Jesus Christ, My Lord

Becoming One of Mind and Spirit, in accordance to our individual measures, to be given in full without measure, when Jesus returns to lay claim to his kingdom. It is promised and our proven hope: a world of love and truth in each and every soul.

And he will return soon!! Blessed will be the man or woman found walking in the Way when Jesus returns for they will abundantly ministered an entrance into the everlasting kingdom. But he or she who rejects Jesus as Lord after having tasted his goodness, will not see life and only a swift death remains in Hell’s Eternal fire, and then no more.


But for all of those saved, all of what God is, is known and we are One…God the Father in Jesus, Jesus in us, and also God the Father in us through Jesus and we and Jesus in God the Father and we are One. True sons and daughters of God the Father in Jesus.

All of you who choose to find love and truth and turn away from the ways of the world and all of its abuse, will soon open your hearts to know the Father’s love and your faith will be proven, Jesus Lives! Jesus is Lord; or how am I able to know the love of God in Truth unless it is Jesus who shows it to me! Though we don’t ‘see’ Jesus.

Revelations are coming true under our very eyes and the war with Isis and the pestilences and toxic waste is all part of these end-times.

There is no other Way to God except through Jesus; yet a lot of ways to go to hell. Let’s stay out of hell all together, then and now. Now that you have learned to see the right of things, all those you meet and are abused by, can be forgiven because they have yet to come to know the love in Truth in/of Jesus as you have come to know.

God be with you in his Love, and Jesus will be with you in Righteousness of Spirit and Mind in Truth.

May God watch over you in these end-times. Be brave; Be strong; Be blessed.



An open letter to all Adventist’s


“An Open letter to Adventist and other Truth seekers”





 I am certain that Jesus did not teach us to “seek my, (His) face through the signs of the times.
Those only to show his faithful that all is proceeding as planned and to prepare yourselves; and don’t lose faith before establishing it.
But he did tell us to seek him out none the less! Yet the number of teachers that know to teach us the Way to How to seek his face are few. I can count them on one hand.

We can consider that the verse that says: “seek my face and turn from your evil ways.” Are saying that seeking and turning are interlocked and when you are doing one you are also doing the other. How simple is that?
How does God want us to seek his face? And How do we turn from our evil ways? We read the Book of Isaiah. A book of prophecy for the End-Times; chapter 31 verses 20-26:

Says in part … ‘though I give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction your teachers will no longer be kept in a corner. You shall see your teachers and hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it; whether you turn to the right hand or turn to the left hand.’
Yes, the teachers of the Way are to be revealed in these end times; thus by the revelation of prophecy we know that we are to look for and expect the teachers of the Way and that we should learn it.
Why? Because it is how God kills two birds with one stone…so to speak. We know that we need to seek God’s face and turn from our evil ways. Well God makes the two objectives into one, for if we turn to walk in the Way of Jesus that the teachers teach and not walk in the evil ways of the world by choice, of submitting to the Revealed Way of Love found in the Way of Truth found in and of Jesus through the Way of Repentance, which is our continuous movement of Repentance to the sins we don’t want to do.
The Way, it’s the same doctrine Jesus taught his disciples to walk in the Way as it was how he goes to the Father.
And it’s the Same Way that the Apostle Paul confessed to when he said he worships God according to the Way.
But what is this doctrine that the churches aren’t teaching?
The church that teaches on the signs of the times has seen the writing on the tower of Babel…you can tear it down but we can rebuild it and build it higher!… Now you would do well to recognize the teacher of the Way and adapt your way accordingly.
In the teaching of the Way of Jesus God makes Repentance as a foundation built of and in Jesus. And we build on this foundation with our acknowledged Way of Truth in Love we ‘find’, ‘see’, ‘understand’ and add to our Being as we submit to what we ‘find’, ‘see’, ‘understand’ and acknowledge as the Truth in Love, in and of Jesus Christ our Lord. God. And Abide therein until we are ‘transformed’ into the Mind of Christ both in Spirit as we are born again and of the Mind of Christ as we Repented of, turned from our evil ways to find, see, and understand to acknowledge and submit to as our new Way until in transformation we become one with The Mind of Christ. To become fully known when we are entered into his kingdom.
The church that teaches to believe by faith is guilty for teaching the lie of blind faith. And all the lazy Christians eat it up because it’s so easy to say, I believe by faith.
“Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” We read, but this doesn’t mean: I believe in Jesus even though I can’t see him. That’s just an admission that Jesus isn’t noticed in your life. That’s why we are given: ‘in every season be ready to give reason for your belief in Jesus.’
‘Come now let us reason together, though your sins be as Scarlett they shall be as white as snow.’
When we see the reason of it, when two minds meet to become one, when we see eye to eye, then we are to acknowledge the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth of Jesus.
It happens at salvation, it happens every step in the Way.
We are taught in the churches to repent and believe the good news, and we are led to believe the good news is found in God’s purpose through Jesus. And by Way of Jesus we find eternal life. All we need to do is confess our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour; be born again. And in the spirit put to death the misdeeds of the body.

Yet because God is One, all of this is knowledge of the Way is in/of Jesus, for it is by walking in the Way of continued repentance to find the truth in love to submit to, abide in, and become transformed by to become One with in the Mind of Christ Jesus. Thus coming to know him face to face in increasing measure until the time of his coming when we will know him in full even as I AM.
That’s what walking in the Way does and continues to do until your part measure is full and sufficient unto thee for your faith to be founded. For Luke 10:22 clearly tells us it is Jesus who reveals to us the Father and John 17:25-26 clearly tells us that not only does Jesus reveal the Love of God to us but he also resides in us.
This is a powerful Truth because when you walk in the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love in Truth; it is the knowledge of that Truth that will bring you back into the Love that the Truth shows you to submit to until transformation is successful and you can progress to the next level of increase, until your part measure is full and you are confident of being given to know the fullness without measure of the Mind of Christ Jesus in Truth.
“He who hears my words and does them, shall know the Truth and the truth shall set him free.” Fully free at Salvation, increasingly free as you grow in the knowledge of Love as reflected in the fruits of the Spirit. And known in its fullness as the Way.
The mind of Christ is founded on Love that does no harm to its neighbor, and in Truth that applies to everybody equally. It will be the Word in/of Jesus, spoken by Jesus
When we repent from sin by reconsidering it from the understanding that all sin is a lie that we choose to commit to satisfy our need to satisfy our worries, riches, and/or pleasures; we can look for the Way to overcome our sin by looking for an answer that satisfies but does no harm to its neighbor, and applies to everyone equally. Then submit to doing it until it becomes you in Love and Truth.
As you search your innermost being for the truth of why you sin and finding the loving and truthful alternative to submit to until it becomes you; you might find yourself getting mad at someone…this is your anger at your own felt short-comings being made visible in the actions of the person you are mad at. Start walking in the Way of Repentance again; why are you reacting the way you are? All to see the truth of self-awareness to acknowledge the truth in Jesus.
Thus you will develop the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, self-control, long-suffering, patience, faithfulness, temperance, and meekness.

Do not grow weary in finding the Good and submitting to the Good for only God is Good and we have God in us through Jesus.
Walking in the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love that is found in the Truth buried by the ways of the world that you are repenting from one sin at a time, so that you can be found putting off the old man and be seen putting on the new man created in true holiness and righteousness. One with Jesus.
And by coming to know the Mind of Christ we also get to know the increase of God’s Love associated with the truth we increase in.
Love in joy, love in patience, love in faithfulness, love in peace, love in gentleness, love in forgiveness, and love in meekness.
When the knowledge gained finding the thought, will, and emotion of love that does no harm as a personal movement of walking along the Way is known in its fullness and sharable with others, then you will know the Way of Jesus.
But be warned God is not mocked! Every person will sow what they reap. And every house will be tested, for you cannot build any other house than the one already built-in Christ Jesus. Let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. For every man shall bear his own burden. Yet as we have therefore opportunity, let us do Good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.
“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and upon the Israel of God”. Gal. 6:16kjv
Millions of people have heard the gospel of Jesus and have accepted him as their God, their Lord, based on the power of his testimony and life’s actions in our behalf. You know you have accepted him when you know you were saved when you bore witness to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
However only God the Father judges who is sincere and able to finish the race, not us. So basically the heart of sincerity is known before the Mind is acknowledged.
We have all repented to some degree, just not in the understanding of purpose and intent. Never the less the Way has been revealed for a purpose to separate the wheat from the chaff. Walk in the Way starting today. I’ll be seeing you in heaven.



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Calling al Christians

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

Calling all Christians




Hello, are you a born-again Christian? Then this letter is to you.

What church in the world you belong to and attend, doesn’t matter. The only church that matters is the church-body. That’s all of us believers with the Born-Again Spirit.

In fact Jesus calls his chosen to: ‘come out of the churches of men and not be partakers of her plagues.’ Rev.18:4

But most of you will neglect leaving your church and will not consider any teaching contrary to what your church teaches. Which is a shame, because you will be the ones that suffer the same fate as your church.

Those of you that are born-again will suffer loss, though you will be saved as one who escapes thru the fire. Why will you suffer loss? Because the church doctrine you believe in so much isn’t teaching you the Way of Jesus.

And because you have not learned how to worship God according to the Way, the house of your faith is unable to protect you from loss due to your sin.

You see you haven’t learned to walk in Jesus the Way he taught and be free from the sin that enslaves you. And you never mature in Jesus according to your measure of faith. That is, while you still walk in this world. You will always be a child whom only knows the Holy Spirit through salvation and not in a life of transformation and awareness.

If you knew the Way of Jesus you wouldn’t be a member of the church-building. Because the church building, regardless of it’s denomination or non-denomination, is not teaching the Way of Jesus.

Yes, they do quote from the Bible, they read the Testaments, both Old and New. They explain about Jesus and tell the reason why he had to be crucified; truthfully.

Evangelism is the bare basics about the Good News in Jesus. And for the most part their doctrine is reasoned from the scriptures, and there conclusion is the Altar Call!

Where any person new to hear of Jesus, were to want to know him as their Lord God the Word in/of Jesus Christ, Son of God the Father the spirit in/of the Word; they can come to God in the sinners prayer. Where they can confess their sin before God, believes Jesus is the Son of God by faith, and accepts Jesus as their Lord God by that same faith, and “IF” he or she was seen by The Father to have been sincere in his or her confession they are given the Born-Again Holy Spirit from God by permission from The Son, to become sons and daughters of God.

Over time you learn more verses and are able to quote them, but your faith is still explained as believing without seeing. This life is your conformity, but what real reason do you have for believing in Jesus?

Miracles don’t count because Jesus did a million of them and they didn’t believe in him.

No, the love you felt when you were born-again is your best and only reason for believing, but that love hasn’t been felt for a long time, has it??

Yet that same love you felt then is found again when you walk in the Way of Jesus as taught in the Bible. Only, it’s not ended in ‘faith tho’ you do not see.’ It’s ended in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness being found true and loving.

Let me be clear…the truth in/of Jesus is alive in the spirit of the truth in/of the Father. Find the truth to fill up your measured amount of faithfulness given to you when you experienced your salvation, when you felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in God’s Love; but now you can understand that God’s Love is what makes the ‘substance’ of your faith in hope, and the same Love is what makes for the ‘evidence’ in your faith of things unseen. Who is unseen? Jesus! How do you know he’s real if you can’t see him?

Listen to what he said:

John 17:25-26 Tells us that Jesus reveals God Love to us.

Luke 10:22 Tells us that Jesus reveals the Father to us.

For each Truth you find in Jesus, you grow in the Love of the Father. As you discover the answers to your initial quest of repenting of your slavery to sin, you recognize your desire being for either a riches, worries and or pleasure. And when you try to stop by will-power you find that this verse holds true for you: “for the good you want to do you cannot do, but the bad you don’t want to do you do. What a wretched man I am, who will rescue me from this body of death?”

Yes, Jesus did save us from this body of sin with his gift of Eternal life. But that’s the End Result, while you are living in the world with only a measure of faith, and not the full measure you get in the kingdom at Christ’s return, yet because only the truth can set you free, you can only know as much truth as your measure of faith allows, then for the truth you don’t know you will still sin. Even after being born-again! But not the big sin you couldn’t stop, that sin is done with and put behind you; now your sins will be the little ones that you do but when you see them you can stop them, it’s only when you give in to being like everyone else and expect to be treated with respect when Love is your desire to emulate. Continue to mature in the spirit and find the fruits of the spirit and put on the Mind of Christ. Then you will experience the Joy of God’s Love that PROVES your Faith.

Again…The more truth you find and understand to acknowledge in Jesus: the more Mind of Jesus you put on and the more Agape love you experience. And when you have learned the Way, you will now be able to teach it with God themselves giving the Graduation Diploma.

All that in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, found in God’s Love. ‘By their fruit you shall recognize them.’ Not the fine clothes and Rolex watches they like to wear, but by the fruits of the spirit in evidence and understanding the Way that you walked in to gain them.

When you repent of your sin, you are not just trying to stop it and turn away from it, but rather you are searching for the motive for your sin. Singular! The one sin you can’t stop. And under that motive is a loving and truthful alternative you can see to submit to doing.

Do it and abide in it until it transforms you and sets you free. Just understand the freedom from your slavery to sin, comes after you grow in some of your transformations.

Free from the sin you didn’t want to do. It may take some time, as long as 42 years, or as long as it takes to prove to yourself that the loving and truthful answer is real and achievable and your fruits have matured.

That my friends is how Jesus taught us to walk in the Way of Repentance from your sin until you find the Truth in Love in the alternative to your sin; then choose to submit to the Way of Love in Truth, abide in it, become transformed to become One with the Love and Truth expressed In the Mind of Christ; thus making it possible to fulfill The New Commandment given by Jesus to: “Love (agape) one another as I have Loved (agape) you.”

This is in essence, The Mind of Christ. And this knowledge is found in a true believer, which is every Born-Again Believer. You just don’t know it yet. Yet some of you have done this very thing but unaware that you were on the Path of the Way. Awareness can be through training of discernment or by spiritually given “Remembrances” of the Word God as spoken by Jesus in the New Testament. And uniquely according to your walk in the Way as I have revealed understanding to, your teacher becomes enabled to teach you. Your teacher, the Holy Spirit, with The Father giving “Remembrances” of Truths to be revealed to you when your Walk in the Way has reached the time that Acknowledging the Revelation through “Remembrance” of Truth is best supported.

Working up to the Understanding in increasing measure until your part measure is attained and the Way is Walked in daily with the Day Star risen in your heart. And that, my Friends is How we worship the Father.

Yes, the Truth of the Way has matured you to looking for Loving, (for love does no harm to its neighbor) and Truthful responses in the Alternatives of our sinful desires that All can Choose to do. And by so choosing we submit to express the Way of Love in Truth and if we continue walking in Righteousness, meaning when we walk in the Way of Love and Truth, We are doing the Right thing. Walking in The Way.

“A Nation of prophets, One in Understanding in the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness and who have the Mind of Christ. We can know it now ‘in part’ but then, when Jesus returns, we shall know it in full even as “I AM.” A True Son or Daughter in The Spirit of Truth in/of Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

You won’t lose out on living in eternity as a True Son or Daughter if you die never having known your fullness of the ‘part measure’; But it is during your walk in the Way that you attain your maturity and the Crowns of Glory.

Do you see now? The churches are not teaching you the Way of Jesus They are close but really don’t teach it. They are just giving us the Bible. Yet it is specific in your revelations in the Word of Truth. Crowns are achievements earned from the growth of maturity in the Mind of Christ. DON’T LOSE OUT ON YOUR CROWNS!!!




This Country

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

‘This Country…’




This country was founded by our forefathers who fled to this land to escape persecution brought upon them by those who rejected Jesus Christ as Lord God, in a nation overseas.

From foundation to growth, we as a people of Christ, built cities and moved west. And it was our strong Christian principles that brought this nation together. Built upon the shoulders of strong men and women who moved west to live the American dream…freedom to live on the land and build a home to see the rising or setting of the sun, raise a family and praise God in Jesus for his many blessings.

Others who came to our country were free to be free, for in Christ Jesus we are One. It was our collective hope Christ Jesus would become their Lord too. And we let them become Citizens if they swore to fight for the Flag and Nation of the United States of America, and abide by our ways.

And our ways were easy, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Jesus Christ is Lord God; and we love you in the name of Jesus.

Thus we are…were…Are a caring Nation!

But it only took a little time for satan to work his evil and bring yet another empire to its knees. With the ol’ one-two punch he made new laws to satisfy the snivelers that didn’t believe in Jesus or were so sinful that they couldn’t hold their heads up in a “Christian” population. After that more laws were made that took Jesus out of our schools, out of our minds and eventually out of our hearts.

“The love of many will grow cold.” Jesus Christ.

He’s done it before. The devil that is, Empire after Empire from the Roman Empire down to the Babylonian Empire. Only in the American Empire there will be no new empire after it falls. This time the chosen in Christ Jesus will enter into God’s Kingdom when Jesus returns…at the end of this last Empire.

This is the last Empire, and Jesus WILL Return!!! And I pray to God that you are able to survive these times a comin’ and see our Lord Jesus face to face! You will be blessed beyond imagination; and those of you my brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus that are resurrected to a new life, a new body, spiritually pure, immortal; the past forgotten except as you acknowledged the Truth and put on the Mind of Christ in this life. (According to your measure.)

Our nation is under coup by the forces of satan and persecution comes closer. We need to Repent as a Nation!! None of the presidential prospects have what it takes to lead us in this pressing matter. None have the knowledge of How to walk in the Way of Repentance that Jesus taught. Or do you think it’s natural that there are over 2000 different Christian doctrines being taught.

We are called to have One Mind, The Mind of Christ Jesus; not 2000 guesses at what Jesus wants from us in repentance.

Obviously a lot of Christians got confused about the Way of a Christian. Living in Agape Love, established in The Truth of their Faith that Jesus is Lord. But on a whole different level, personal becomes under the control of the professional. The government formed to serve us became a beast of self-aggrandizement. A tool of satan. How it happened was the gradual erosion of our Christian ideals, with no competent Christian leader to keep government for the people, by the people.

We are called to be: ‘ a Nation of prophets’ but our vision was never given the clear path of understanding to follow, from the lack of the teachers that weren’t there, to set you straight on the firm foundation of Jesus. Proven by one’s walk in the Way with firm understanding of the Way.

You don’t know the Way of Jesus. No fault…just fact!!! God kept the teachers of the Way hidden until these end-times! One now stands revealed by his teaching of the Way. But does it do any good?

Christians are supposed to be Meek…open minded, not to become less of a Christian but MORE!!! Truth and discernment are important for witnesses to grow in maturity. The church-body has become expert at bible studies that only teach the blind stepping out in faith. Not the Way at all!

Rather than a government for the people by the people we now have gov. both local and federal that abuses their position to take advantage of us and legally steal from us. They no longer protect us they just drive around looking to abuse us more. That they get attacked by terrorist or people fed up with being picked on just serves them reasons for confiscating our guns that we use to protect ourselves or loved ones. They enforce illegal laws without regard to their corruption. It’s the job they tell themselves but it’s really the lack of Jesus known in the Love of The Father. And they become only concerned with their own families who depend on them to screw the decency of equality under God of those who suffer from the unjust laws.

We are living in a time when Good is called evil and evil is called good. And a lot of people are falling for the bogus temptation of instant heaven with twenty virgins for everyone who dies for the cause. It’s all connected to satan who pulls all of the money strings and the Nations tremble.

But God calls the shots! Satan can’t touch a Christian without Gods [permission] and only as much as God allows. He is evil, this Lucifer devil, the evil he has brought into the world to enslave us and kill us, is countered by Gods many miracles and the Holy Spirit given by God to help us find God in Jesus. And such we have many experiences where God himself steps in to guide us and protect us until we can protect ourselves.

All we are asked to do is prepare ourselves for the Lord. This is accomplished by walking in the Way of Jesus.

It’s easy to do, and we all do it in a haphazard way that takes us longer to grow up in than we would if we were to walk in the Way that Jesus taught. Many deceive themselves telling themselves, (and any who will listen), that anyone can just choose to do the right thing. But they hate to hear, ‘But you can’t do the right thing if your spirit is without the Righteousness of Jesus. You can yearn for love in your life, but if Jesus didn’t die for you, your mom, your family and friends and everyone else who believes in him; then your life has no value. It will die, be resurrected at the White Throne Judgment to be judged and sentenced to permanent death after the period of payment is given for your punishment for your sins in the lake of fire. And you are no more. Just ashes under the feet.

Make no mistake the only life after Jesus returns is one where the sinners are gone. We are all sinners, some more than others and some less than others but we are all sinners. But in living for Jesus being better than living for the devil, We Christians have Jesus pay the price for our sins…All of them, past present and forever more while we live only in part according to the measure of our faith. And because Jesus proved His Word is Truth, by rising from the grave to live as our Lord God the First-fruits of the Holy Spirit. And all that have received this very Spirit from the Father are God’s chosen.

After what they did to Jesus and sin to this day, their stay in the lake of fire will be a Just punishment for denying Jesus and refusing his gift of eternal life; even after you knew him and continued to live in sin by choice; knowing the harm and pain you did unto others, wantonly…your death will not be easy.

God the Father, spirit of/in the Word, spoke: I AM. And The Word in/of the Father, in spirit became separate yet One. “I AM” was the definitive mechanism spoken into being. A Son of God who was the Father inside and out, and inside again! What a joy to the Father to have his every thought conveyed to “I AM” and “I AM” would speak it into being. And they would rejoice together in the makings of the universe, the earth, and more importantly the people of the earth. For before The Father made his exact image and being into “I AM” the lives of the people were already seen and worked out for the best for those who love God. And if you love God the Father then you ought to love him in his Son “I AM”.

This same Son of God knew what would happen in the Garden of Eden and the fate of Adam and Eve and the fallen from grace of the devil who perpetrated the whole fall

Yet he and the Father are one and knowing the gross evil that would compass the people before his chosen would come to him for the glorious eternal life he has given to all who have the Holy Spirit of Jesus; the same “I AM” made to be born of a virgin woman so that not even the birth sin of the fallen will stain him. Jesus Christ lived as God among men and we knew him not, and did with him what we will.

But before we crucified Jesus before he finished his mission to die sinless and resurrect to life again and take his life back from the shades of Hell where he wrestled the keys of life and death away from the

Devil; Before all that!!! God the Father already worked out the best for all that love him and his Son Jesus. I AM.

And when the Christians and the Chosen are in heaven at last, then we will know all that the Lord rejoiced at with the Father in the making.

But that’s all after this final war with the devil is over and this present and last Empire has crumbled.

With roots all the way back to Abraham having sired two children; but only one was a child of promise. Isaac son of Abraham in union to his wife Sarah. As promised by God “I AM”. From whom came next in lineage in the eventual birth into Jesus.

Of the child born of the servant of Sarah, whom Sarah gave over for relations in the dark when Abraham was intoxicated with too much wine. This, thought Sarah, would remove her shame for not having a child and not having faith to believe God’s promise to Abraham. This child was given to become a mighty nation to protect the chosen in a time when the chosen are being persecuted by their own governments. But like satan to actively work to remove Jesus from our Empire of the chosen a nation of prophets, he would also actively mislead the Nation of the child of the servant woman to persecute this nation as the tyrant they hate but they have been blinded from seeing that the Beast of all governments are taken from the chosen to be used against the chosen and that they are brothers by a different mother and Jesus is known to be a son to Abraham’s lineage, through Mary the virgin mother of Jesus “I AM”. You can receive life in Jesus too! Don’t let those who rejected you by telling you they have no part in you, lead you to hate what they so zealously hold dear in Abraham, his relationship to God, and how Abraham cares for both of his children. But the child of promise is the lineage of Jesus the Son of the God He loves and serves. But if you embrace the Christian as your brother in Christ Jesus you will have found your salvation and purpose backed mission in life.

The oppressors to God’s chosen come in many voices from many Nations. Some under spiritual control by an evil spirit high in the devil’s regard to carry out his tasks to the death. Some nations have been Neutral in the past, but this time there is no neutral zone. This is the end of the world as we know it. After this total world affair hits the fan there will only be one outcome. All sinners gone and everything under God’s command.

Make no mistake, this war between light and darkness, truth and lies must be done and when it is final its outcome is already known.

I just hope you all pic the side of Jesus.


Stay Strong!





More …Faster…




It’s happening now on the internet, life accelerated by contextual knowledge. Whether it be in the context of a video, or the context of a book, all under constant access by the smart phone user.

Where Facebook, Yahoo, Pandora, Spotify, and an unlimited number of browser options as they can think of available for access.

Yet now young boys and girls are caught naked online. In a post to a friend, to whomever, and now the law is in a quandary; persecute as adults children 13 to 15 years old using the internet to ‘expose’ themselves; and making the children register as sex offenders for life!! Or rethink how to act as police or prosecutors.

Here’s the irony…take a boy or girl who is 13 to 15 years old when they get molested and become slaves to sins of exposure or prostitution. And since this traumatic based confusion can take years to resolve in state hospitals or prison, these so called ‘victimless’ crimes can still be happening when the child is an adult they end up having to register for life anyway.

Only when an adult person does a post out of their confusion caused by their being abused when they were young, they are prosecuted and sent to prison and have to register for life.

There’s even those self-righteous meddlers who ‘pose’ as youngster to trap the confused adults.

Listen I was molested at 15 and became a slave to exhibitionism for the next 37 years!!! And it was only after finding the Way in/of Jesus that I was set free from my slavery.

These children of the internet are able to see pornography on the net and become confused about life. And tho’ they are children now, give them time to get older and in 30 years they could still be trapped in their sin, and they could still want to post on the internet to those that are the same age as they were when they were trapped. They will still need the help you are willing to give them if they were children but won’t give them as an adult.

The sex sinning adult can go to prison and try to find Jesus in salvation, but what of the child? What will happen to him or her??

They will be given psycho-babble by a psychiatrist that has no end or cure as they do not believe in God or Jesus.

So, no God means no Jesus, and no Jesus means no cures just exercises to practice when the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head. Relieve the stress, breath in, breath out, let the problem just fade away.

All cool until the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head and all the self-control of will power goes out the window and sin prevails in the sin filled environment that no psych can ever get you in control of without God in the solution.

The most any psych can achieve in you is a controlled response acted on in will power. You will still burn in the need and you will suffer in ways that replace the problem with another problem. You say not, but without Jesus you cannot find love, (agape) or Truth in/of Jesus; and your unborn-again spirit still does wrong because it knows not how to remove the desire, and only controls it with will power that will always fail you when the desire intensifies and overwhelms your control.

Then, my children, those of you seeing a psych., be careful you don’t make the psych. Angry with you because then they will not care to read beyond the courts classification of you and will not see any extenuating circumstances that may apply to you. They don’t care it’s an, us versus them, mentality, and to them you are what they say you are a sex offender that is a danger to society. To be locked up hopefully killed by the other self-righteous inmates who think every sex offender is a child molester and better off dead.

Also keep in mind, the courts are big on plea bargaining your case. They know that your crime was a ‘victimless’ crime but they want to lock you away for good. So, they look at your crime it’s a misdemeanor with a prior thus making it a felony and they can give you a prison term. But that’s not good enough for them, they want to keep you in lock down. So they plea bargain and say you are going to prison for 16 months, two years or three years UNLESS you take the bargain plea bargain of ‘harming a minor’. Then they will release you. You may not have harmed anyone but now it’s on your record.

A sex offender that is considered ‘harmful to minors’ is just what they need to send you to see three psych’s before you get released on your next term. And if they rule 2 to 1 against you they can refuse to release you until a board of psychs release you at your next review. A review that is meant to lock up the dangerous from hurting minors, even tho’ that’s not what you did or have done. But you plea bargained it and now have to see the review board every time.

Now the police are seeing children who are trapped in slavery to sexual sins and need help, when they need to see so does the adult offender who was molested and warped by the molestation. Child or adult it doesn’t matter they both need help. They both need to find Jesus.

For the cure, and for the cause of God in Jesus; in his love, (agape) and in his truth that goes all the way to heaven.

But understand this: all sin is ugly; but the ugliest of all is the self-imposed ignorance of God in Jesus, just because our government has sided with the devil.

We must all choose whom we will serve: sin and the devil, Or Love and truth in our Lord Jesus.

Walk in the Way, as Jesus taught and find peace of mind, peace of heart and understand who you are in the world. A son of God. Having God in you through Jesus, and being in God with Jesus.

Call me anytime.




The Teaching of Jesus



The Teaching of Jesus




I dare say that if Jesus was to come today and teach us the Way, every church would reject him. Why?

Because all he did was teach the Way and all the churches thought he was picking at words and telling people it’s not about practicing the presence of God, but finding the truth in love as the Alternative to your motive for sin and submitting to it and Abiding in it until it becomes you in transformation, making and establishing the Mind of Christ within you.

Same thing as practicing the presence of God? NO! How do you practice that? What do you do?

Pray, resist sin, pray for strength, read the Bible, meditate on the Word??? Friends, that is NOT the Way Jesus taught.

Lets pray, lets read the Bible, lets resist sin. But resisting sin is will power and doesn’t work. Yet we can try, then while trying to resist, let’s ask ourselves: what is the motive for my sinful desires? That question has an answer that has a loving and truthful alternative action we can acknowledge in Jesus, and know it’s the right thing to do and everyone can do it if they choose to submit to doing it.

The alternative to our sin is only seen after we ‘repent’ of our sin and see our true motive for our sin. Having seen the truth of your sins motive and having the revelation of the Truthful and Loving alternative given for to submit to doing, we so choose to submit to doing it. And when we have abided unto transformation we have put on the Mind of Christ.

It’s not a practice of acting like Jesus, but the actual changing of our ways to be One with Jesus in our Minds. And our actions in Christ will follow. When the Truth becomes our knowledge and our understanding is in the Mind of Christ, we are One.

There are also times when we find ourselves getting mad at others because we are trying so hard to find the love and truth that our sin covers up, so that we can become like Jesus inside and outwardly by our actions that move to submit to and abide in the Way of Love and truth. And I am inpatient with others who ‘seem’ as if they are all talk and not enough actionable change to kick the old man out the door.

But the truth is, the word of God in the Bible is full of ‘hidden’ meaning not easily seen even by the most ardent of church goers. Thus, How much more hidden is it to them that don’t even know the Holy Spirit of Salvation, let alone not coming into Understanding of the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness as we find it in Jesus?

How can you get mad at those who are blind to the teaching of the Way, when the Bible gives us approximately 42 years to find it? For myself it took me 37 years to find the answers that I needed so that I could be freed from my own slavery to sin in the past 37 years.

It is the understanding of the Way of Jesus that we are given such a long time to find it and know the Mind of Christ. Needed for recognizing our family of Christians. But when you achieve mature understanding in the Way, you will also see the need for sharing it.

In these end-times the Love of many will grow cold, but God’s love doesn’t. a Christian possessed of the knowledge found in God’s love related to the truth found in repentance and submitted to until it transforms them into being one in the Mind of Christ and who continues in the Way, their love is like a well spring overflowing within of God’s Love.

Where the love of God is known through the truth in/of Jesus, there is where Hope is strongest; for Hope comes from knowing the eternal love of God the Father that will never fail us.

This is all proven in the details of verse and spiritual ‘remembrances’ as you walk in the Way of Jesus, as he taught and represented in life, death and resurrection. In learning we achieve the fruits of the Spirit to use as our building blocks of the house we build on the foundation of Jesus. Joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, self-control, faithfulness, and Love,(Agape). And in this Love we are given and able to share towards others we are able to fulfill the new Commandment Jesus gave us: to: “Love,(agape) one another as I have loved,(agape) you!”

The disciples were told to continue in the Way and the Holy Spirit will be given to them after he returns to the Father. We have lost this teaching and have now received it for these times, if you claim to be a Christian then you are to know that you are to walk in the Way also. If you don’t then you might as well where a blind-fold. Because of the three servants given a measure of ‘Talents’ to go and find their equal measure of faithfulness, we would be the one that was called an unfaithful servant.





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