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It’s happening now on the internet, life accelerated by contextual knowledge. Whether it be in the context of a video, or the context of a book, all under constant access by the smart phone user.

Where Facebook, Yahoo, Pandora, Spotify, and an unlimited number of browser options as they can think of available for access.

Yet now young boys and girls are caught naked online. In a post to a friend, to whomever, and now the law is in a quandary; persecute as adults children 13 to 15 years old using the internet to ‘expose’ themselves; and making the children register as sex offenders for life!! Or rethink how to act as police or prosecutors.

Here’s the irony…take a boy or girl who is 13 to 15 years old when they get molested and become slaves to sins of exposure or prostitution. And since this traumatic based confusion can take years to resolve in state hospitals or prison, these so called ‘victimless’ crimes can still be happening when the child is an adult they end up having to register for life anyway.

Only when an adult person does a post out of their confusion caused by their being abused when they were young, they are prosecuted and sent to prison and have to register for life.

There’s even those self-righteous meddlers who ‘pose’ as youngster to trap the confused adults.

Listen I was molested at 15 and became a slave to exhibitionism for the next 37 years!!! And it was only after finding the Way in/of Jesus that I was set free from my slavery.

These children of the internet are able to see pornography on the net and become confused about life. And tho’ they are children now, give them time to get older and in 30 years they could still be trapped in their sin, and they could still want to post on the internet to those that are the same age as they were when they were trapped. They will still need the help you are willing to give them if they were children but won’t give them as an adult.

The sex sinning adult can go to prison and try to find Jesus in salvation, but what of the child? What will happen to him or her??

They will be given psycho-babble by a psychiatrist that has no end or cure as they do not believe in God or Jesus.

So, no God means no Jesus, and no Jesus means no cures just exercises to practice when the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head. Relieve the stress, breath in, breath out, let the problem just fade away.

All cool until the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head and all the self-control of will power goes out the window and sin prevails in the sin filled environment that no psych can ever get you in control of without God in the solution.

The most any psych can achieve in you is a controlled response acted on in will power. You will still burn in the need and you will suffer in ways that replace the problem with another problem. You say not, but without Jesus you cannot find love, (agape) or Truth in/of Jesus; and your unborn-again spirit still does wrong because it knows not how to remove the desire, and only controls it with will power that will always fail you when the desire intensifies and overwhelms your control.

Then, my children, those of you seeing a psych., be careful you don’t make the psych. Angry with you because then they will not care to read beyond the courts classification of you and will not see any extenuating circumstances that may apply to you. They don’t care it’s an, us versus them, mentality, and to them you are what they say you are a sex offender that is a danger to society. To be locked up hopefully killed by the other self-righteous inmates who think every sex offender is a child molester and better off dead.

Also keep in mind, the courts are big on plea bargaining your case. They know that your crime was a ‘victimless’ crime but they want to lock you away for good. So, they look at your crime it’s a misdemeanor with a prior thus making it a felony and they can give you a prison term. But that’s not good enough for them, they want to keep you in lock down. So they plea bargain and say you are going to prison for 16 months, two years or three years UNLESS you take the bargain plea bargain of ‘harming a minor’. Then they will release you. You may not have harmed anyone but now it’s on your record.

A sex offender that is considered ‘harmful to minors’ is just what they need to send you to see three psych’s before you get released on your next term. And if they rule 2 to 1 against you they can refuse to release you until a board of psychs release you at your next review. A review that is meant to lock up the dangerous from hurting minors, even tho’ that’s not what you did or have done. But you plea bargained it and now have to see the review board every time.

Now the police are seeing children who are trapped in slavery to sexual sins and need help, when they need to see so does the adult offender who was molested and warped by the molestation. Child or adult it doesn’t matter they both need help. They both need to find Jesus.

For the cure, and for the cause of God in Jesus; in his love, (agape) and in his truth that goes all the way to heaven.

But understand this: all sin is ugly; but the ugliest of all is the self-imposed ignorance of God in Jesus, just because our government has sided with the devil.

We must all choose whom we will serve: sin and the devil, Or Love and truth in our Lord Jesus.

Walk in the Way, as Jesus taught and find peace of mind, peace of heart and understand who you are in the world. A son of God. Having God in you through Jesus, and being in God with Jesus.

Call me anytime.




The Teaching of Jesus



The Teaching of Jesus




I dare say that if Jesus was to come today and teach us the Way, every church would reject him. Why?

Because all he did was teach the Way and all the churches thought he was picking at words and telling people it’s not about practicing the presence of God, but finding the truth in love as the Alternative to your motive for sin and submitting to it and Abiding in it until it becomes you in transformation, making and establishing the Mind of Christ within you.

Same thing as practicing the presence of God? NO! How do you practice that? What do you do?

Pray, resist sin, pray for strength, read the Bible, meditate on the Word??? Friends, that is NOT the Way Jesus taught.

Lets pray, lets read the Bible, lets resist sin. But resisting sin is will power and doesn’t work. Yet we can try, then while trying to resist, let’s ask ourselves: what is the motive for my sinful desires? That question has an answer that has a loving and truthful alternative action we can acknowledge in Jesus, and know it’s the right thing to do and everyone can do it if they choose to submit to doing it.

The alternative to our sin is only seen after we ‘repent’ of our sin and see our true motive for our sin. Having seen the truth of your sins motive and having the revelation of the Truthful and Loving alternative given for to submit to doing, we so choose to submit to doing it. And when we have abided unto transformation we have put on the Mind of Christ.

It’s not a practice of acting like Jesus, but the actual changing of our ways to be One with Jesus in our Minds. And our actions in Christ will follow. When the Truth becomes our knowledge and our understanding is in the Mind of Christ, we are One.

There are also times when we find ourselves getting mad at others because we are trying so hard to find the love and truth that our sin covers up, so that we can become like Jesus inside and outwardly by our actions that move to submit to and abide in the Way of Love and truth. And I am inpatient with others who ‘seem’ as if they are all talk and not enough actionable change to kick the old man out the door.

But the truth is, the word of God in the Bible is full of ‘hidden’ meaning not easily seen even by the most ardent of church goers. Thus, How much more hidden is it to them that don’t even know the Holy Spirit of Salvation, let alone not coming into Understanding of the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness as we find it in Jesus?

How can you get mad at those who are blind to the teaching of the Way, when the Bible gives us approximately 42 years to find it? For myself it took me 37 years to find the answers that I needed so that I could be freed from my own slavery to sin in the past 37 years.

It is the understanding of the Way of Jesus that we are given such a long time to find it and know the Mind of Christ. Needed for recognizing our family of Christians. But when you achieve mature understanding in the Way, you will also see the need for sharing it.

In these end-times the Love of many will grow cold, but God’s love doesn’t. a Christian possessed of the knowledge found in God’s love related to the truth found in repentance and submitted to until it transforms them into being one in the Mind of Christ and who continues in the Way, their love is like a well spring overflowing within of God’s Love.

Where the love of God is known through the truth in/of Jesus, there is where Hope is strongest; for Hope comes from knowing the eternal love of God the Father that will never fail us.

This is all proven in the details of verse and spiritual ‘remembrances’ as you walk in the Way of Jesus, as he taught and represented in life, death and resurrection. In learning we achieve the fruits of the Spirit to use as our building blocks of the house we build on the foundation of Jesus. Joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, self-control, faithfulness, and Love,(Agape). And in this Love we are given and able to share towards others we are able to fulfill the new Commandment Jesus gave us: to: “Love,(agape) one another as I have loved,(agape) you!”

The disciples were told to continue in the Way and the Holy Spirit will be given to them after he returns to the Father. We have lost this teaching and have now received it for these times, if you claim to be a Christian then you are to know that you are to walk in the Way also. If you don’t then you might as well where a blind-fold. Because of the three servants given a measure of ‘Talents’ to go and find their equal measure of faithfulness, we would be the one that was called an unfaithful servant.




In Abundance

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

‘In Abundance’



Richard Wilkerson Jr.

I saw you on the 700 Club, I heard your words. Now please hear mine.

We are not ‘Tested’ in faith as “God tempts no man…” your tested faith is the rest: “…But each man is tempted when by his own evil desire he gives birth to sin and sin when full-grown leads to death.”

You want to live and teach of His Abundance, yet fail to know him as the author of the doctrine teaching called “The Way.”

Blessed is he who reads these words and finds his life within them.

“Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

That is, we walk in the Way to find the Truth and gain the Life!!! All in Jesus.

The Way. Jesus taught it to his disciples, how to walk in the Way. He walked in it himself! And when he knew his life’s journey was near an end and he was to return to the Father at the culmination of walking in the Way, he told his disciples to keep to his teaching and the Holy Spirit would be given and explain all things and make the Father known to them.

Isaiah 30:20-26 makes it clear that teachers of the Way will be revealed in the end times, telling us, “This is the Way walk ye in it; whether you turn to the left hand or the right hand.” This teaching of the Way was considered a cult teaching in the time of Paul, special apostle to the gentiles, appointed and taught personally by Jesus; and he confessed before the Governor of Rome, that he too was a follower of the Way and worshiped the Father according to the Way.

The Way is a teaching that if we walk in the Way we will find/be given the knowledge of God’s Righteousness. And this knowledge is transferable if you have the ears to hear.

You said a man’s trials may bend him but they don’t have to break him, but as much as filling your life with abundance can forestall many ‘breaking’ moments, it doesn’t teach us how to harness the understanding of our strength we are to have in our Faith’s faithfulness. A fruit of the spirit.

It is not found in the way of abundance, we need to mature into the Mind of Christ.

Yes we need to build on Jesus he is our foundation, but the way we build is important! The way of abundance was not taught, the Way of Love,(Agape), was taught; And to find the Love of God we are to walk in the Way of Repentance, as taught! Both Ways combined bring us into the Way of Jesus; his truth and the life of love in the Father that Jesus reveals through his truth!

His Way is ‘My Way.’ This is NOT love or repentance as most think, nor as most teach! This is God’s Agape Love…can’t fake it…and Repentance as “Metanoeo” NOT ‘Metanoia’ as popularly taught to be the turning away from sin 180° and turn to God in his written Word. That’s strictly Old Testament.

Your focus on the things of God that doesn’t leave room for the things of the devil is just a glorified turning away from sin 180°.

Being tested by a sin related event but only bending not breaking is in need of finding it’s motive if of yourself or another it doesn’t matter, to understand another person you must first understand yourself in Jesus. How you got there, how you matured in Christ to learn the Way for yourself first!

“Repent and believe.”

Repent: to reconsider our sin from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion then, when you have received the revelation of remembrances given in the spirit, and now have knowledge of the Truth, you can acknowledge it in a confession: seeing your sin as God sees them, and you can now choose to submit to the Way of Truth in/of Jesus and put on the Love, (agape): that does no harm to its neighbor.

Thus to the sinner they have hopefully repented to the acknowledging of the truth in Jesus and are given the Holy Spirit First, for their Salvation, and Second, as their revealer of the increase in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness. Known as the “Mind of Christ.”

Jesus is our foundation yet he is also the building blocks!!! Which is why Repentance is also called part of our foundation. “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,…” Heb. 6:1

And of faith toward God… hence a walk in our journey toward God who says if we come to him he will come to us.

You have it in you to see the abundance of God’s blessing, whether you are saved, (born of the Holy Spirit), or not I cannot say, but as one given the gift of prophecy and coming to discern the truth in/of the Way in/of Jesus, I have learned that the truths are hidden to us, but we can find them and receive revelation in ‘remembrances’ of them as we progress in our walk in/of the Way. It is for all who claim to be Christian, to do!

And when you finally find and acknowledge the doctrine of the Way and walk in repentance unto the truth in love, and continue walking in the Way until the measure of your “part” is full, of the Understanding of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in/of the Truth in/of Jesus, you will have an equal measure of the heart-felt Love, (agape), from the Father. To be given in full measure in God’s kingdom when Jesus returns. But for now your ‘part’ measure is sufficient for your belief.

It is then the Day Star will rise in your heart and your slavery to sin has ended.

The walking in the Way is a teaching, a truth and the life of God’s love entered into our heart in the agape, making our faith in Jesus sure and confident, and making it possible now to fulfill the New Commandment given to us by Jesus telling us to, “Love,(agape) each other as I have Loved you,(agape.)”

The Good news of the New Testament has long been taught in the church as the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, and his teaching of repentance unto salvation; but his real good news is how to walk in the Way! “Repent and be saved.” “Repent and believe.”

Yet the “Hidden” in Christ Jesus is revealed in the fruits gained walking in the Way, and the Love,(Agape) of the Father is tied to the truth you find, acknowledge, submit to, abide in, and be transformed to be one with The Father in Jesus. With the revelation of the fullness of the Spirit made whole when he returns.

But for now an increase of your ‘part measure’ has its equal measure of understanding and what we know as the Way; and it’s revelation of Truth seen in relation to things sinful, seen as sins loving and truthful alternative that we can Choose to submit to doing is what we do to come to God the Father.

These words of understanding are not found in evangelizing a life of abundance. Nor in replacing sinful ways with what we think are Godly ways yet not in a way given in discerned understanding, making known Gods agape love.

If you like you can visit my blog site at and read more of my blogs.

I want you to know that I’m not passing judgment on you and am only trying to make your faith complete. We are given approximately 42 years to mature to full cognizance of our part measure and know the doctrine the Way. All so we can all be of One Mind: The Mind of Christ.

“For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

An abundant life is not how we worship the Father, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the True doctrine of the Way for yourself. For the Way is meant for ALL… To the unbeliever he may be blessed to repent to the acknowledging the truth in/of Jesus and receive his salvation; And to the believer who walks in the Way makes for an increasing measure of understanding that reveals the entirety of your faithfulness in your measure. We don’t see Jesus but in his truth we know the Love, (agape) of the Father which stands revealed in our new heart. The exact same love, (agape) you felt when you first believed, is now known again.

And because verse tells us that Jesus reveals to us the Love, (agape) of God the Father we can now stand firm in our faith in Jesus whom we don’t see, standing strong in/on the substance and evidence of my faithfulness: the Love I know in the Truth in/of Jesus.

Even if you agree with what I say, the omission of the Word’s The Way, in any of your words on the show, let me know that you haven’t finished your walk in faith, and that you need to hear it so that you can learn it and share it. Then I will know you as one in the Mind of Christ, and a brother in Christ, and you will be blessed to be free from your slavery to sin.



Faith II

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

Faith II



Each person has been given a ‘measure’ of Faith.

Yet a fruit of the spirit of truth is ‘faithfulness’.

When Jesus said, ‘ye of little Faith’ He was referring to the amount of faithfulness in your faith.

If the faithfulness is little, then your Faith is said to be little.

He was not referring to the size of your ‘measure,’ but of the ‘substance’ and ‘evidence’ of the faithfulness in your Faith, which is lacking in the understanding of the ‘Hidden’ in Christ Jesus, and allowing ‘fear of the world’ to dominate you.

Notice though, Jesus always asks: why did you fear? Or, Why did you disbelieve? Or, Why did you doubt?

Faithfulness in Christ Jesus is a growing up to maturity in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness.

Righteousness rather than the wrongness in/of the world.

Paul teaches us in/of Jesus saying, “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Do they not come from the desires that rage inside of you? You do not have them because you do not ask God. And when you do ask you ask amiss wanting only to satisfy your desires for pleasure.”

And like a weed, this compulsive ‘deceitful desire’ for sin that satisfies one, two, or all three of the temptations, and blocks your ability to find the truth in understanding and acknowledging Jesus as Lord; and you do not grow into maturity.

Now I’m not talking about your salvation in Jesus; that is between you and God.

But whether you are saved or not, you were and are taught: ‘with regard to your former way of life, to put-off the Old man, (you before,) corrupted by its deceitful desires; and put on the New man, (you after,) created in true holiness and righteousness.’

But the New man you are putting on is the Mind of Christ, but it becomes your mind too! Notice Paul said:

“But the natural man, (he who is not saved nor aware of the spiritual experience of being born-again,) receiveth not the things of the spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know, because they are spiritual discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the Mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the Mind of Christ!” (Emphasis mine.)

For the man not yet saved, if you are found walking in the Way when you acknowledge the truth you have found, to be the truth in/of Jesus of the New Testament, then you are to know its blessing as both – to your salvation, and to your increase of the knowledge of both – the Love and Truth of God; In accordance to the amount given in your measure. Not yet full of both – your equal measure of knowledge in your part measure, and of knowing the fullness of Christ Jesus at his return, to his Full Faith without measure!

We will truly be One when Jesus returns, but we are to walk in his ‘Way’ NOW!!! So that we can know the fullness of our part measure NOW!!! And make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things you will never fall; (into hell) for so an entrance shall be administered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We were not taught to practice the presence of Jesus, we were taught to be the image of Jesus knowing his Mind as our own mind of thought, will, and emotion’s.

It’s full of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, and understands the things of the spirit and knows that which is hidden in Christ.

Practicing the presence of Jesus, doesn’t only Not make any practical sense, it doesn’t use the Words of God, nor does it have any knowledge to be found in the Way of Love.

When you walk in the Way, all that happens to you is clearly written in the Word; and when you witness the ‘increase of love’ (as written) found by the ‘repenting of sin’(as taught) unto ‘the acknowledging of the truth in/of Jesus’ (as needed)and ‘submit’(as taught) to walking in the love in/of truth as the ‘Way’ teaches, you see the truth of the Word and you experience the love of God in/of the Word; and you become confident and assured of your faithful belief in Jesus; author of the Word in the Way.

But if you can’t remember the Word as it is taught in the Bible, then how can you discern the Way of Jesus? As he is the Image of the written Word. And if you stumbled onto the path that leads to Righteousness and looked for the Love in truth as the alternative to your sins motive, How can God the Father give you a spiritual ‘remembrance’ of the Word if you don’t know it?

So much for a Para-phrased Bible, and so much for you who try to be spiritual without Jesus or his Word. If it is your wish to be cut off from the source of spirit and life, where you wither and die, then you may so choose, but beware the suffering of the consequences, for God won’t be mocked by anyone, and the consequences are final.

All Christians are taught to walk in the “Way” here. Let him who hears, hear! Such is what your faith in Jesus should be built on; Where Paul likens the building of our faith to that of building a house in heaven. You can build it using sticks or stones, gold or silver for it will have to pass a test of fire. If it survives the fire you will receive your reward; if it burns up you will suffer loss but you will still enter heaven but as one who has escaped the flames. You don’t need to feel the flames if you remove the temptations that cause them.

Had Thomas known the substance and evidence of faith, he would have been blessed for believing without needing to see to believe. For we see with more than just our eyes. We have the eyes of the Mind and a heart that knows and sees the love of God.

But understand, he wasn’t being scolded, Thomas hadn’t had time to learn the wisdom of a New spirit, he didn’t have it yet. After he got it, then he would be able to correlate the truths Jesus taught and establish his faithfulness in the true holiness and righteousness in/of the personal Mind of Christ Jesus. Thus knowing the love in/of God in direct proportion to the truth uncovered and acknowledged, this he’d submit to doing and abiding in until it transforms him to be One with.

We have time, a little less than 42 years, but I can teach you the Way and take less time than the 42 years it would take without a teacher. It’s only for your good to be comforted, strengthened and encouraged in these end-times unfolding, where the love of many will grow cold. Walking in the Way is the only remedy!



Isaiah 31:20-26

A prophet of the Hidden in Christ Jesus

Isaiah 31:20-26

by: worksbyjj


When we read this verse we read an End-Time prophecy, telling us that the teachers of the Way are to be revealed, after being kept hidden by the Father. They reveal the lost teaching of Jesus given to the early church, in the first century but lost in the second century.

This same teaching has Paul telling Governor Felix of Rome, that he worships God the Father ‘according’ to the Way.

And Jesus tells his disciples to continue in the Way so that after he is gone the Father will be able to give them ‘Remembrances’ of his Word that he taught, and they would be able to find their Way to the place where he goes to be with the Father.

Since the teaching of the Way is the teaching of Jesus and utilized by God as a conduit to ‘Revelation’ of Truth, shouldn’t We Christians be trying to find the teachers of the Way, so that we can learn to start walking in the Way so that we can One, properly worship God the Father; And Two, so that we can find our Way to be where Jesus is in heaven?

Let us grow up into Jesus even as we have his spirit! And YOU, who think that you are living in the example of Jesus and don’t want to hear a discouraging word, NEED to WAKE UP!!

Jesus told the Jews that the Laws served one purpose: to convict the world of sin, for without the Law there was no sin, but when the law came sin sprang to life. And No One is free to say,  ‘I have no sin.’ All have sinned, All but Jesus.  He was even free from the birth sin.

Thanks to Adam and Eve we are born in sin. And a sinless life is still a life in sin.

No one can keep the entire law based on ignorance of the Mind of Christ…they did not know him, nor have the Born-Again Spirit to comprehend the things of God.

Trying to live by example may teach us humility but not the knowledge of Love. That’s found in the Righteousness of Jesus and his meaning to the ‘Word’, understood in the ‘revelation’ given to us in spiritual ‘Remembrances’ of the Truth of the Word we have read or been taught,  as we ‘walk’ in the Way that Jesus taught.

As it is, the teachers of the Way have been kept hidden by God until these End-Times; and everyone who calls themselves a Christian is commanded to walk in the Way. For it is the only way to fulfill the new commandment given by Jesus, telling us to: ‘love one another as he has loved us!’

But you see the catch is: this love is in the Agape!!! It only comes from God. You can’t fake it or imitate it because its reason is true and stands revealed in the Way.

Bummer Man

‘Bummer Man’

I get the call out of the blue… “I’m leaving and going back home where its cooler. I’m breaking out in a heat rash…”

I can’t talk her out of it, I care for her but I can’t change her mind. If I tried she would just panic and run faster. This is what? The seventh time she has run back home. It doesn’t matter that she’ll be practically broke, sleeping on the streets, nothing to eat; by now she already has her ticket.

It hurts but I always let her have her way just like I always have my way. Will she be safe? I worry for her. I tell her I’ll say a prayer for her. She’s grateful.

I tell her to keep the phone, and call me to let me know you are alright.

She calls me from the station, she’s happy she got a disabled persons discount. She now has fifteen dollars to last her till the first of next month.

It makes me sadder.

We have always just been friends, mutually beneficial for each other. I cook, she washes the dishes, I dry. She does the laundry I take care of the motor-home we live in. she has food, shelter and comfort, but no air conditioner. Aww man, bummer.

I hope she’ll be okay; she knows she’s always welcome. Friends till the end.

Now I have to survive without her help. She is on SSI, I get food stamps. Together we made it work. Now she’ll wait to get paid and then rent a hotel for a week and then spend the rest of the month on the streets asking for food or a blanket.

She’s crazy, I know. But we made a partnership of friendship when I first met and offered to help.  Together we have enough to last the month; apart we will both suffer.

I’m past the ‘close to tears’ stage. I worry for her safety and hope I will win the PCH sweepstakes, then, I can afford air conditioning.

There is also more time to myself and my Lord Jesus.

I’ve been meditating, (thinking) (Deeply), on my position of understanding a scripture of verse. Eph. 4:15

“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

Of course I couldn’t just leave it at verse 15, let’s also read verse 14, and maybe throw in verse 16. I’ve long used verses 4:17-24 to show how it is applied to your walk in the Way.

Long I’ve wondered, ‘where to now Lord?’ but here’s what I would like to do, but your will be done. Yet now I know to continue in the Way and speak the truth in love while I grow mature in Christ Jesus.

Still I’d like to be able to do my ‘worksbyjj’ on-line and I think that my dreams I’d like to do are strong, could they be part of my ‘works’ done in Christ? Hmmm.

The Lord Jesus said that his Way is not so grievous. It’s not hard to walk in the Way of Jesus, it just takes a constant commitment; but with the benefits of attaining the fruits of the spirit and becoming confident in my assured faith, it’s worth it. Just keep in mind it is a cumulative effect!

That doesn’t mean I can walk on water or heal the sick; I can’t, my spirit side says I can but I win. But the Bible says to desire spiritual gifts to edify the church-body; so I ask for spiritual gifts, but ask if I can have one that doesn’t wreck havoc on my life as the gift of prophesy has done. To understand and find that which is hidden put me through hell on earth from the time I was 15 till I was 52 and was found to be on the Path of the Way.

I pray and ask for the gift of miraculous healing. I’m not like some who pray for a healing; I’ve heard the Lord speak to me before, so I’d expect to know if or when I can heal because I’d have to say the words he would give me to say in order to have what I ask for; and I’m not hearing anything. Hmmm.

My girl-friend called. She’s on the train and wants to tell me about it, but I interrupt. Assured she will call me when she gets home, we say our good-byes.

The thought has passed my mind that if I could heal as Jesus did, would the person being healed, Want to be healed???

Look around you, there are millions of people on disability and receive a monthly check. It’s an SSI check, a disability check thru social security, a welfare check or just food stamps. (tho’ you don’t need to be disabled to get food stamps. Just indigent – no job, no income.)

And if you asked a disabled person – Would you like to be healed even knowing you will lose your check…the check he pays his rent with, buys his food with, or his clothes…what would he do without it?

‘Anything that I’d be able to do and make a living in.’ But for most the skills are old and forgotten. I think most living check to check and am DEPENDING on it, would suffer if healed.

Take myself for example, I’ve been locked up in five state hospitals, and eight prison commitments from the age of 15 to 52 and am now 61. I have limited skills and too old for most places. My past was needed to find the knowledge in the gift of prophecy, but the world without Christ just sees an ex-con.

Then I remember the verse in Eph. And I’ll be content teaching the Way of truth in love and grow mature along the Way. It is not such a grievous thing.

The way of things

“Way of Things”



Hello everyone. May the Lord Jesus be with you each and every one. For he that is in us is stronger than ‘he’ that is in the world. His Love (agape) is in me even as my Love is his love.

If you think about it, it’s only obvious that He that is in Me is Jesus, Right? And ‘he’ that is in the world is satan the devil, Right?

But check this out- the He that is in me is the Holy Spirit of Truth that Jesus was born with. Born of a woman thus making the spirit of Truth the Holy Spirit of Truth in Jesus.

And when Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by many, he ascended to the heavenly realm and intercedes for us on our behalf, with the Father, for our sins, by claiming we are cleansed, without blemish, by his redeeming blood, spilt in sacrifice to pay the penalty of death for our sins; Past, present and future.

We should be blessed to know our salvation is of receiving the very Holy Spirit of Jesus, where before, I was of a damned spirit. I walked in my feet…but I had a damned spirit and I moved within the spirit I was born in.

The earthly spirit, or of the earth, is a spirit of life. But being of the earth has no life outside of a span of time. When life as we know it ends, we are dead and gone, only to await the final death to pay for the sins we committed in life.

But if I’m saved, my heart of stone was made into a heart of love with a New Spirit, a Holy Spirit of Truth in/of the Lord Jesus.

Halleluiah! I will see Eternity now!!!

But right now I’m very much surrounded by the world. I’m not in heaven yet. And if I die I will have no thought, but time will pass without notice and when Jesus returns I will be risen up to live with him in heaven, as if it was just a blink of the eye.

But right now, I’m in the Holy Spirit and I’m still the one pushing this pen. I still move my feet to go where I want. I’m in control, but now with a new spirit within me I desire more of the things of the spirit.

When I didn’t have it I was of the world and had no after-life other than to pay for my sins in hells fire, and then I’d be snuffed out of existence leaving only my ashes to be walked on. This applies to suicide too.

The things I learned in the worldly spirit were how to satisfy the desires for the worries, riches, and/or pleasures of the world. Yet the things I am able to learn in the spirit of truth in the allotted time of about 42 years, are the ways of Love, found with revelation when walking in the Way of Repentance from the desires that seek satisfaction from the worries, riches, and/or pleasures of the world.

We didn’t have that access when walking in the spirit of life we were born in that is of the earth. But we knew it was available because of the message of evangelism taught us the gospel of Jesus. When we were born again with a New Spirit we were given about 42 years to learn to know God and the Fruits of the spirit known in God’s Love.

helloooOO!!! That’s all well and good, but that’s still me pushing this pen!!! That’s still me choosing to move my feet where I want them to go. I have yet to live the 42 years and haven’t learned the knowledge of God’s Righteousness YET! I have yet to learn how to walk in His Way!!!

But when I learned the Ways of the spirit during the next 37 years, as exampled by the fruits of the spirit, I matured to knowing the Way of Jesus. And things changed. Knowing the Way sees those who don’t know the Way.

Jesus said, ‘I don’t judge you, the Word itself will judge you.’

If you know the Way, it’s still you pushing the pen or moving your feet, but now you do so with more joy because when you walk in the Way of Jesus and abide unto transformation, Jesus makes his home within you. And your joy will be complete.

Yeah you can get a big head because you know that which is ‘hidden’ and everyone else is either lost or stuck on first base still believing by the blind faith the churches teach in willful ignorance.

But now when you read he that is in me is stronger than he that is in the world, you see that He is Me! Moving my shoes but as One with/in Jesus.

Most Christians never achieve this Oneness in the Mind of Christ. Most don’t even know it exist except in verse: “we have the Mind of Christ.” The word for Mind translates into: having the thought, will and emotion of Christ Jesus.

We find it as we walk in the Way of repentance, we see the Truth in Jesus and so acknowledge it, we choose to do it – to Submit to it, we learn to abide in it and it brings about our transformation to walk as One in Christ Jesus, to be stronger than I was when still walking in the ways of the world.

In time, the choices to submit to add up and you begin to feel the effect of love from walking in the Truth. And when you reach maturity in walking in the Love of/in truth; you see the Way and know that this is what Jesus taught but has been lost in the second century only to be revealed in the end-times again. (God the Father did this so that the number of those saved can be a full measure.) So that None of the chosen will be lost.

And when you have put-on the new man created in righteousness and true holiness and see how to walk in the Way, then you too will see that we stand as strangers among those of the world yet we are separate from it.

Some of you already see how being a Christian means not doing some dumb thing that hurts others, but you will do dumb things until you reach maturity and the Day Star rises in your heart to shine from within. And that can take up to 42 years. It took me 37 years.

When Jesus comes for us, let’s be found walking in his Way.

‘My friends, I call you friends for you now know my purpose and share in it.’ (Short version rendering of remembered verse.)

To all who walk in the Mind of Jesus, the Love of the Father and the joy of living faithfully in Spirit and in Truth: Good Day.



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