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“The Mis-guided Love of Amos Rundle”

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by: worksbyjj


“You should have seen it . . .

Jason knocked Amos down and when Amos started running Jason pulled his gun and started shooting at him. Missed every time but boy did that Amos run like his feet was on fire.”

“No, no, no, you got it all wrong Jessie, I know cause I was there and heard and saw everything . . . Jason and I were working on the barn when Amos drove up and called Jason out. When Jason heard Amos call him out saying, ‘Come on out Jason you double timing thief I’m going shoot you dead.’ Well, Jason stopped drilling the hole he was making with his drill and calmly walked out there to face Amos down; why he even carried his drill in his hand cause of his planning on coming back to work after talking to Amos, but ol’ Amos drew his six shooter and started waving it around and yelling at Jason saying, Jason done stole the love of the woman he was going to marry, only she wouldn’t marry Amos as long as Jason was alive cause she was in love with him; so he had it to do so as Beth would be free to marry him.

But Jason stood there just as calm as can be and when Amos done finished his tirade, Jason just took that drill and squatted down and drilled a hole in the ground. And when he was done he stood up and said to Amos, “Amos you may have a gun to shoot holes in me and you know it would take more holes than you got bullets to kill me and when you was done I’d knock you down and drill a hole just like that one in your head, then you and Elizabeth would be over and iffn I died after doing you in, Elizabeth would be alone and never marry nobody.” Then Jason dropped the drill from his hand and when Amos looked down at it Jason done swung his fist and walloped Amos good and done took his gun from him.

Amos didn’t resist much being so dizzy and all from that wallop, but he knew his gun was gone and he froze like and then started to stutter saying, “wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . .” And then he turned tail and ran like the devil was chasing him and even slipped a couple times, which might have been a good thing cuz ol’ Jason was taking aim and every time Amos slipped, a bullet would shoot into the ground next to him and he’d get up damn fast and scurry on until he got in his car and drove away spinning his wheels and flinging dust every where so that Jason couldn’t get a good clean shot and instead put a couple holes in Amos’s windshield.

But Jason was just missing on purpose cuz down deep him and Amos was friends and Amos was gone so long a time that it was only natural that Elizabeth Stanton would want to marry Jason, having grown up with them two until Amos’s folks moved down to Newton Iowa to find work and Amos only being 14 at the time.

Before that, those three were like peas in a pod but I guess ol’ Amos didn’t reckon things would be different and come back when he was 22 thinking he’d come and marry Elizabeth and Jason could be his best man but it worked out just the opposite and I’m guessing he just forgot himself and went loco when his dreams just faded away and reality was too hard to swallow.

You know, one can actually feel sorry for ol’ Amos; you can’t just dig up the roots and expect things to be the same. Like a tree dug up by the roots Amos must have felt he was dying and his memory so dear to him of his early years were to be lost.

You know how it is Jessie, a person’s gotta have roots!”

“yup, you got that right Danny boy, you gotta have roots.” Listen folks, roots or no roots, there is no excusing our actions that we take in life.

For in life there are dozens and dozens of actions we can take in acting out our way of thinking, but beneath all the actions lies the simple truth of the Bible that says beneath every sinful action we take there is a motive we are trying to satisfy; whether it be for worries, riches and/or pleasure.

And ‘if’ we want to know the love and truth of God bad enough we will search our inner-most being for whatever memory, whatever feeling, whatever love that is missing and choose to know the love that “does no harm to it’s neighbor.”

Having then chosen it we must abide in it until it becomes a part of us and thus we be transformed knowing “The Way” of Jesus’ thoughts, will, and emotion and we “see” that this is the root to all true Christians and that anyone who claims to be a Christian will either know “The Way” of being, like I just told you, or they will need to be educated in it so as they too can have the roots of true faith in Jesus and can quit living in the confusions of life, which are only confusing because they don’t “see” the roots of God’s Love is found in the alternatives of the motives/reasons we give ourselves for our committing of sin.

Love is out their to be found in Christ Jesus . . . found and chosen!

Such be why Jesus says in John 3:20-21,

“for every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light that his deeds be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” So, as Jessie would say: “you either is or ye ain’t walking in “The Way”.

In Him, J.J.


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by: worksbyjj


It seems as if everyone today is saying they get no respect! Yet its been my observation that most who complain about getting no respect are the ones who give no respect.

Let me ask you a question, “IF” you were to see someone who claims to be a Christian, and who says they believe the Bible and believe in God, though they do not understand the teaching of the gospel and yet are burned out on all of the greedy churches so much that they actually don’t want to hear from anyone what they think the bible means; is it disrespectful to try and show them the Truth of the Way?

In other words, am I disrespecting them for trying to give them understanding in the Word that they need in order to alleviate their antagonism formed by making the conclusion that anyone who preaches the gospel and asks for donations is to be despised as being too greedy. Complicated by their lack of understanding, this can be a heavy weight to carry.

For this form of antagonism comes with a deep rooted bitterness and anger. Emotions that wreak havoc on all areas in your life; both spiritual and physical. But the Lord whom she says she believes in wants us to have an abundant life full of blessings. Blessings found along the Way.

Exposing to me that she has misplaced her faith, and goes from torment to torment. Is it wrong for one who knows to want to share the Way with someone who says they believe… and may be ready to believe?

Personally I think not. But it’s been my experience from several encounters of this same nature, to hear them say because I continue to try to show them the Way of the gospel, that I am disrespecting them.

I dare say that if Jesus himself was to come down and try to teach them, that they would say he was disrespecting them too.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says something like, ‘How beautiful are the feet of him who bears good news.’

But if you believe you already believe and consider anyone who tries to show the Truth of  the gospel, which by the way, is contradictory to their accepted belief, is being disrespectful; then how will you ever learn the Way of the Gospel?

I Corinthians 14:22 says: “Tongues, then, are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers; prophecy, however, is for believers, not for unbelievers.” niv So with the gift of prophecy, like Paul, I too “… would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousand words in a tongue.” niv


Rev. 19:10 “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy” niv

But, again, how can they hear the Way if they have already rejected me, or anyone, who comes to them with the Truth of the gospel?

They can’t … can they?

For all the false prophets, teachers, preachers out there in the world, who have no understanding in the “Hidden Wisdom” of God in/and of Jesus……it would be good to avoid them. It’s recorded in The World Christian Encyclopedia that there are over 30,000 different doctrine teaching (supposedly Christian) churches.

But when your bitterness over the false prophets carries over to even resist hearing a true prophet, then your wall will never be breached from without.

Ahhh, But from within, the wall can be breached! “IF” your bitterness has not totally corrupted your ability to reason?

Has it? Will I be able to ask and reveal answers to scriptures lead to you in a reasonable frame of mind…without the pre-judgment of how you feel about the false prophets?

If I can still touch that part of your mind, then, like Isaiah 1:18 shows, with reason, God was able to show Isaiah the way of the Truth in/of  God, and more importantly, he was able to believe in the Son of God then, and incarnate in the future.

And should you choose to continue walking in the Way, you will begin to grow in your understanding. And after its “increasing measure” has come to discern the Way of/in Jesus, you will never again be bothered by the fear of your lack of understanding in yourself and in the other false preaching, teaching, and prophets. You will become an aware, True, preaching, teaching prophet. And in God’s will with your own you will embrace the Way of God’s Love and Truth. All antagonism shrugged off as a dusty cover.

But can I breach your wall with my appeal to your reason?

I Corinthians 14:21 says: “In the law it is written: through men of strange tongues and through the lips of foreigners I will speak to this people, but even then they will not listen to me,” says the Lord. niv

Is it possible to have this reasoning of Words that will only speak of what the Bible says with reasoning that reaches understanding? It must be possible for us or Paul would have never preambled this verse…

With…“Brothers, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults!” (Emphasis mine.) I Corinthians 14:20

If I am being disrespectful for talking to you to try and show you your wall of resistance fueled by your conviction that no one can know the Truth so why bother and quit talking to me about something you have stated you don’t want to talk about; Then, you stand self-condemned behind a wall of your own making…forever bitter and hateful.

You can use your power of reasoning to hear and judge the merits of reasoning For or Against. And I know that the nods for, will prevail over every item reasoned, and at the end of it all you will still stand wherever you choose.

Enlightened or stuck in the rut of your emotions deep with bitterness and resentful of any meaningful conversations in the teaching of the Way of the gospel by anyone so disrespectful to even try; then, go your way and wait on God to prepare your way. I only hope you soon realize that at the end of misery is only more of the same until you cry out for God with a contrite spirit, and begin walking in the Way of True Faith. For “Faith expresses itself through love!” niv Galatians 5:6

In Him,


Accepting, Willing, and Obedient

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The other day, Sunday, I visited a church in San Diego up on 47th st. and as I listened to the pastor talk, He said a few things that caught my attention; “to be a Christian you needed to first be accepting of the Gospel of Jesus. Then you need to be willing to know Jesus as your Lord. And lastly you need to be Obedient to the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. Jesus came to show us the Way and we need to start showing the love of God to others.”

Hmmm, interesting; As I listened I never heard the pastor talk about The ‘Way’ of Jesus as to what it was. I also never heard it said what part of the Word do we begin being obedient to; Nor did he express how we share Gods Love with others. Hoping to hear him teach on these, I sat through the talk he was having with several of his congregation who stayed after the service, to have a casual spiritual talk with the pastor. Questions were asked and answers were given, but sadly no mention on the casual comments made by the pastor.

That irked me because I have been given the gift of Prophesy so as to be able to comfort strengthen and encourage the believers in Christ Jesus with a Word of Understanding. And having come into the fruitful knowledge of the Spirit of God, I have learned that The ‘Way of Jesus, the Love of God and the Word of Our Obedience is all connected and have a definite answer; And if a pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist OR BELIEVER doesn’t know what it is, then, they are sadly not walking in the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit is intended. And sadly many are not even saved.

When you learn to walk in the Lord Jesus You will learn His ‘Way’ that we are called to walk-in. You will know the “AGAPE-LOVE that you can share with others. But only in accordance to the measure of Faith given to you. And The Word of God that you are Obedient to, are the ones that the Holy Spirit gives you “Remembrance” to, As you Walked in the ‘Way’ of ‘Repentance’[New Testament Way, not Old Testament way.] and Saw with ‘enlightenment’ the Word of ‘Remembrance’ and Acknowledged its Truth as your accepted Truth and you become Obedient to this Word of Truth [In increasing measure until you have fulfilled your personal measure of faith given to each person alive.]. That you strive to be obedient to the entire Word of God isn’t expected and it’s not even possible. If anyone says it is they are just lying. But when you come into the mature Knowledge of God’s Righteousness you will GUARANTEED know your Lord Jesus in the Agape Love of God and your Faith will stand true. Praise God!!! And you will be able to turn from the sins you repent of.

So sure it irked me that this pastor dropped the ball. Happily when the church began to close the morning service I was singled out as a new visitor and greeted. I was also asked if I had any comments. Well YES! (I smile) “The pastor mentioned a few things, such as we need to be obedient, and follow the ‘Way’ of Jesus and show the love of God to others and I would ask what do we be obedient to, What is the Way, and how do we show the love of God to others?” The answers he gave? Jesus is the Way. Obedience to the Word of God. And show your love through your compassion and concern, show the gifts of the spirit, i.e. be gentle, kind, patient and so on.

Not being the time to enter into a long discourse of the dialog given above, I waited outside for a chance to speak to the pastor alone. It didn’t work out… he thought that it was a matter of nuts and bolts you don’t talk to them as mature Christians because they need to be saved then they can study the Word and learn how to be obedient to it.

Listen folks: I grew up hearing this kind of drivel from pastor’s sermons, and I took it all in, just like you. Some was good, some was nonsense because it didn’t make any sense; and I would accept the norm, but couldn’t believe them until proven different. That’s what happened…I was given the gift of Prophesy and 37 years later the Light went on and I was set free from the sin I didn’t want to do. I was lucky; the Bible gives us about a 40 year period to learn it. I learned the ‘Way’ of Jesus and How to walk it in perpetual repentance and in increasing Agape Love. And I’M here to tell you It’s a Great feeling that stands strong in faith because the Bible teaches the Truth and IT”S Provable! Knowledge is “Transferable”!!!

The Holy Spirit is given to the True Repentant, even years before you find you have witnessed maturity in your faith; for Jesus stands revealed in our Mind and the Love of God is my Hearts witness to the revealed Truth that was found in repentance and revealed in a new spirit of understanding, Or for those not yet born again in the Holy Spirit, and desiring to turn from the sinfulness of your soul and wounded in Mind to turn from the cheek of God and hide in shame; There is no sin seen by you that is seen by God except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

If that was you then, listen in…Any person who ‘Chooses’ to Walk the Way of Love found in Walking the Way of Repentance with the assist of Holy Spirit given ‘Remembrances’ of the Written Word of God, that are personally experienced, Acknowledged, Submitted to, and ‘Abided’ in until the Joy and Transformation of our individual Mind’s becoming One with the Mind of Christ Jesus allows us to live free from the soul that was mine at birth and now in control of The Holy Spirit given New Soul in Christ Jesus enjoying my walk thru life in the Love of God. It happens and it is a given: “Repent and be baptized in the Holy Spirit.” And when you are sincere in your choice to be true and loving, God our Father WILL know it and grant you the Holy Spirit; or if you are already born of the Spirit then your personal growth in the knowledge of Gods Righteousness will grow and the love of God that is given to all at the point of Salvation is revealed again, in measure.

In time soon to pass whether I live or die in my flesh I will either be an eternal Soul of a transformed flesh in the blink of an eye, or resurrected a perfect spirit with whatever form it is in its natural state of Glory in The Father through The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

And in this life…I live to share the Love of our common Father and the Truth of Jesus in words you can understand. May the Lord be with you; Oh! By the way if you go to this church stand warned there are bedbugs in the seats.

In Him,



Your prophetic connection

by:  worksbyjj






Experience…with it we can run an empire, or a business. Without it, we work a mediocre job or be a great baby sitter; or ask for alms.

With experience comes a length of time to learn it.

We can look back and see all of the lessons learned, the mistakes we made, some of which we laugh at, being so blind I didn’t even see it right under my nose.

But now that experience has as many stories as there are people to live them. Yet there are constants and we say them like: in every bushel of apples there are good apples as well as bad apples. Toss out the bad apples and find a good one.

When you think about it, life’s experiences are best seen when you see it from the perspective of expert. After years of growing up into your expertise.

When you have reached an Understanding in your life; what the experiences would lead to see, where you stand, then and now in relation to knowing your purpose and why you are who you are, and your position in life because of it, as it influences your reason of choice, to declare your stand: a good apple/bad apple.

I hope you picked the good apple as your chosen way to be. Yet at the basest truth of all Truth: Only God is good.

This land was a land of milk and honey and delivered unto us by heavens decree in the name of Jesus whom was in the heart of every pilgrim fleeing England’s hand of persecution for our belief in Jesus. Let the French burn their bibles, we Christians will settle America in the new land.

This country has shared the spirit of America, land of the free home of the brave under one God in Jesus name; many years now.

We were proud to be Christians, strongest in feeling as defined by our new start away from war and persecution for our belief in Jesus. We fought for our freedom and won it. Our heart, our land one nation under God!

Your desire to be a good apple is a reflection of the freedoms we knew in our faith. And this country grew up into this love for Jesus, and every person was free to worship as you feel as long as it doesn’t intrude or bring harm to the lifeblood of this country, or take away from the freedoms we have in Jesus!

But be as it is today, the truth is if you want to know the freedom we have in Jesus, all you have to do is walk in the Way of Love as you walk in the Way of a repentant life that chooses to walk in Jesus. That and read the New Testament Bible. Either the KJV or the NIV.

When we walk in the Way of Jesus, life’s experiences are weighed to be of Love that does no harm to its neighbor, and of a Truth that anyone can choose to do. And it involves a choice for us to make to either submit to the Way of Love in Truth or, to choose to continue to satisfy your need for fulfillment of worldly desires, which only serve to satisfy your need for riches, worries, and/or pleasures.

Your choice defines you.

As you walk in the Way you will increase in your measure of Understanding the Knowledge of God’s Love. But like all experts you won’t know it until you have fulfilled the requirement of the ‘time’ needed in becoming an expert.

After all, it takes time to experience growth in the fruits of the spirit. These reflect your character’s correctness, all are of a Good Spirit; chosen by you and given in an increasing measure until your part measure is full and your faith is sufficient unto your belief in Jesus as Lord.

Don’t worry if you don’t always appear to be godly or loving, our occasional lapses are just reminders to us to enjoy our freedom, but work on it. So it doesn’t happen again. But just so you know it, you can’t fake it because after growing in increasing measure until your faithfulness is full in your faith, you will become one who has learned the Way and can now share its teaching. And one that does know it can easily determine if you know it or are faking it.

You are the expert remember! It’s exactly like Jesus says: ‘cast the plank out of your own eye first, then you will see clearly to cast the speck out of your brother’s eye.’ About 42 years are given for your period of growth, to develop your understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness to your measured faith. To know in full when Jesus returns. But that’s if you have to find it without any help. If you have your understanding made real by reason in sharing, then, you can learn it faster. And walking in the Way has its rewards. You get to walk in and know God’s Love, and you now are free from searching for answers to life as you have found them in Jesus. The Truth beneath your motive for sin that you find and put on in truth and love.

Meaning you are going to be confident in your belief by faith.

You have become an expert of the Way.

This is possible in a major way! Why? Because this country is owned by God and inhabited by his sons and daughters whom are, ‘of a nation of prophets.’

So you see, the strife, the turmoil in the riots is all rooted to the belief that all people deserve a better way of living. The way of early America where life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, one nation, a nation of prophets, under God, in Jesus name, was founded.

But evil crept in and persecution once again makes its trespass on our lives. Takes away our land, takes away the name of Jesus, takes away prayer in school, and takes away The Way even as the evil of psychiatry makes it the way of psychosis to be avoided.

Our country is waking up in this countries election, trying to make Christian change happen. Movies saying ‘God’s not dead’ are all the rage, only, they are just channels that express True Christian misconceptions. They do not know the Way of Jesus nor teach it. They only take the outpouring of the spirit and capture it in the same old teachings that are not true teachings of the Way of Jesus. Having only blind faith.

Only that’s not what we want to get spirited about. We need to wake up to choosing life in the Way of Love in Truth. WAKE UP!!! Christianity is not about teaching the blind to lead the blind!!! Now is the time to choose to know the God of all Good things through his Son Jesus. Only Jesus can show you the Father. And you get to know him personally, by his Love Jesus reveals.

Through salvation, our re-birth of our life spirit, to become one with the spirit of our Lord God Jesus Christ, we become a son of God. This act of salvation is given by God the Father. He is the one who decides who gets the Holy Spirit of his only begotten Son, Jesus. But that’s okay, Jesus gave the Father permission to do just that!

Now the Father knows your heart better than you do and when he tries the reins he knows the outcome. When you walk in the Way of Repentance in the hope of finding and acknowledging the truth in/of Jesus, the Father will know when you are true and give you the salvation of your soul and a new heart to hold the new spirit and feel the Love of the Father when you are saved.

This initial beginning into spiritual awareness comes on you sudden and intense and often has a vision taking away any thought of anything of your own. As you regain your senses of situation awareness, the feeling of God’s love will leave you. And leave you wanting it back!

You know you experienced something, salvation, but you may not know it. It’s important to realize that this is normal and only requires that you begin walking in the Way full- time to get back in touch with the Love you felt at the beginning. For that is how you mature in your measure of faithfulness and know that same love as the ‘substance and evidence’ of the love Jesus shows to you in every step of the Way. In increasing measure until your part measure is full and sufficient unto your belief in Jesus. Ergo God is in us thru Jesus, who reveals him to us by his love.

Since walking in the Way of Repentance brings us to the acknowledgment of Truth wherein the Way of the love of God is known and found, we learn to see the totality of the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love to submit to, abide in, and become transformed to be one with and in Jesus, thus knowing the Way in/of Jesus. All thanks to Jesus who makes it all possible. By his death on the cross to cover our sins and remove them by his resurrection from the grave three days later; who then ascended up to the Father to speak for us and allow the Father to draw us to him to be one with him in Jesus.

Make no mistake…all is progressing as prophesied and soon your opportunity to walk in the Way to find Jesus, will have no effect because soon he will withdraw his spirit from the world and let the devil kill every living person. Only because that what the devil wants to do God will shorten these end times so that not all will be killed.

I pray and hope you will be found in Jesus.

For in Jesus we walk in the Way he lived and taught, so we can be one with him.

Self-righteousness seeks personal gain at the expense of others, however true righteousness found in the Way of repentance is how we find the truth to our sin and it is our responsibility to see our actions with their underlying desires, and then turn to choose to act in the Way of love that does no harm to its neighbor! A choice between the ‘old self’ and the ‘new self’ is seen and chosen to be one with and in.

It’s not about saying you have to change, it’s about becoming less of who we don’t want to be and loving all in who we really are. That is, if you so choose to grow to know the God of love in truth. You can also choose to enjoy the fruits of the world and support the god of this world who only wants you to sin and be his slave for now, only to kill you in the end. Only his end will come as Jesus is the True God.

I choose Jesus. I’ve known the life of sin. I’ve experienced sin living in me. But God the Father never left me alone. Have you ever heard of ‘Déjà vu’? The belief that you have experienced a particular moment in life again?

Well you have, but only a snippet, to see what the Father saw since before life began. As you experience life, he shows you that you are on course and he is watching over you.

The final outcome is 100% of the chosen will be saved from a sinful world, to know life as a son or daughter of God the Father. But not all of the people of this world will enter into heaven to be with the Father and with Jesus, and many will die and suffer hells death.

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

And yet we can choose to effect the outcome: life with Jesus as Lord or death with the devil who becomes ashes under the feet of those who live for and in Jesus.

Choose wisely grasshopper! When you have learned the Way you will have arrived.



A Collection of individual quotes of wisdom



From selected worksbyJ.J.

John 1:1-3niv says,

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…”

Remember in the beginning there was only two! The Word and the Spirit of the Word.

To know God’s Agape love requires that you find it in the Spirit of Truth that is in/of Jesus. Jesus was the spirit of Truth in God the Father when he said “I AM.” and his life, death, and resurrection makes it possible to know him and the Father in him by his Love.

The knowledge of understanding and the depth of insight found in God’s Agape Love are our witness of belief in Jesus because he taught the Way to come to him through knowing and acknowledging God’s being of love and truth.

As you walk in The Way of Repentance unto God’s Love and Truth, you begin a work of transformation. In essence you are learning to put-off the old man, corrupt according to its deceitful desires; and to putting-on the new man created to be like God in True-Righteousness and Holiness.

When you are able to acknowledge the way of love and truth and choose to submit to doing it, you will begin to grow in the fruits of the spirit. This “Transformation” is how we put-on the new man, The Mind of man/God: Jesus

You will have ample time to indulge in your worldly pursuits; what child doesn’t rebel from his Father, only Jesus; and he speaks in our behalf, always intervening for us claiming his blood has paid the price for our sin, and holding on to us so that none of the chosen will be lost; enjoy life, but when the need for love in your life draws you back into the movement of repentance, don’t let the world trouble you so that you make excuse for your attitude, don’t resist striving again, for as many times as it takes; seek out the cause, root out the motive, find the reason for why you sin and acknowledge The Way of Love as your desired goal. Put-it on! Abide in it until it transforms you and becomes you in a controllable way; then enjoy the joy of life’s True Agape Love.

All of our sins that we commit to are based on our desire to satisfy a “worries, riches and/or pleasure.” The Emotional desires!!          These in time devastate our lives and we realize we need more than just emotions; we need understanding to give us a firm foundational stance in the Lord. Many people who are given the Blessed Holy Spirit of God, and know His salvation by the new-birth, so wonderfully experienced; later worry that they have lost it because they have lost the feeling so evident of God’s forgiveness, given when they first believed. A true understanding of God’s Way of doctrine will eliminate the doubt lack of understanding generates.

The church-body in Christ is in need of understanding and depth of insight so that they can recognize each other. Many wolves in sheep’s clothing are lurking in the church-congregation. As we enter into the final steps of the end-times, knowing how to “test the spirits” will become more and more significant to our continued safety in a world gone crazy in the search for killing Christians.

You, if you claim to believe in Jesus, claim to walk in his love, you NEED to know His Mind and his Judgment!!! Without it and your claim is proven false.

Wisdom does not come from surrendering your will to God, but from finding the loving and truthful alternatives to the reasons for your sins; sins being committed, keep you from looking, finding and choosing to submit to the Agape Love revealed to you by the Holy Ghost, so that you may acknowledge it, do it and be transformed by it. Thereby acquiring the knowledge firsthand on How to: “cast the plank out of thine own eye first, and then, cast the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Not knowing the Way of God’s love we fake it with our human love of Eros, epithermia, storgee, or philio; and end up believing by blind faith that we are good Christians when we couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes you can resist sin but it does nothing to eliminate it. Only by looking at the reasons for it can you allow the Holy Spirit to show you a loving and truthful alternative Way to submit to. Once you submit to and abide in the acknowledged Way of love in truth, you will begin to transform your mind into the mind of Christ. And the scriptures will begin to make sense.

When you reach out to someone in peril to help them overcome the tormentor of decision, you can teach them to question their reasons for desire, and then they can choose to move in change. Or not…after all, God doesn’t make us choose whom we will serve, he only delivers on his promises, and lets us be responsible or irresponsible.

Agape love comes from God only as we find it and submit to it and transform our lives through it. And in that love are we able to lead or help our fellow being.

Listen!!! Growth in the spirit means coming to know the way of Love through the many acknowledgements, submissions, and transformations…NOT by the rejection of sin or of sins desire. We are ALL Sinners!

In finding the love of God through Jesus as I repent, and submitting to, putting-on, abiding in, being that which I want to be a part of, in time and continued choosing to being, I become it! Transformed by the renewing of my mind and spirit. This is the way we worship in spirit and in truth as we are given to worship God; established through our continuing efforts of repentance.

Love increases with the choosing! And is “always” the end result of adding to your faith, goodness; to goodness, knowledge; to knowledge, self-control; to self-control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness; to godliness, brotherly kindness; to brotherly kindness, Love. [II Peter chapter One]

All we have to do is have Love and Truth as our guide and as our goal!

“Love does no harm to its neighbor.” and “Truth applies to every one equally”.

What you do not want is someone who says they are a Christian and believe in Jesus by Faith. They like to use the analogy of faith being like a light switch. Avoid this type of Christian, they are ignorant of “The Way” of repentance, and are usually well versed in the religious dogma of their church.

look at real Faith…

John 17:25-26 “O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

Jesus reveals the Love of the Father to us!!! How? When we look for the True reason for why we do the sin we don’t want to do, and look intently into the perfect law of Love for an alternative, and DO IT!!! Then, we are seeing God, for God is love.

This love increases with our choosing as we continue to repent from our sinful ways; and our FAITH, which: “expresses itself through Love;” [Galatians 5:6] is FOUNDED!!!

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” [Hebrews 11:1]

The substance of our hopes in heaven where we will know God’s love fully is believed because in the small measure of faith that we have been given, (only Jesus was given the full measure of faith), we see that love increases; hence, in heaven where I will be a full measured son of God, (adopted) I will know his love fully where now I know only in part. [I Cor. 13]

And evidence of things unseen…Jesus is unseen, when we see him we see the Father! They are one! By his love. This is our faith!

It serves God’s purpose that the same way we find Jesus, is the

same way we grow in Jesus. IN A WORD: repentance.

These quotes from a collection of “worksbyJJ” articles are given to inspire and educate you to the fact that there is a world of “Hidden Wisdom” to be found in the scriptures. Yet to find it takes your commitment to finding it by putting to death the misdeeds of the flesh. It involves setting aside whatever beliefs you have so that you can acknowledge the word of wisdom revealed.  The Truth that Jesus is the Christ-messiah is the final word; if you are not a Christian and subscribe to a different belief then you will fight this conclusion and suffer for it.  As you come to discern the truth of the gospel you will be able to find even more understanding and then you will know me as your brother in Christ Jesus. In Him, J.J.

Are You a Christian?

Your prophetic connection

by: worksbyjj


For most that simply means, do you believe in Jesus; and most say yes.

But, in the Bible it says “be prepared in every season to give a reason for your hope in Jesus.” Do you have a reason?

Whether you have been born-again, or felt a calm peace come over you when you made your sinners confession…I can’t tell. But what I can tell is “IF” you share the same message of Understanding in the Lord Jesus.

In I Corinthians 1:10 says that we need be… “perfectly united in mind and thought.” and yet so many Christians follow many of the worlds churches.

The Catholic, the Baptist, the Lutheran, the Presbyterian….On and on the list goes, over 3000 different christian churches; and none of them teaching you How to be perfectly united in one mind and thought. And for your information that Mind and Thought is of the Lord Jesus’.

It’s not about thinking you believe or preaching Christ Jesus crucified and resurrected…tho’ that last part is important; it’s about learning to walk in the “Way” taught by Jesus to his apostles and from them to us. But God, in Isaiah 30: 20-26 shows us that from the time of the Apostles till the end times fast bearing down on us, the “Way” of the teachers has been kept hidden.

Do you know what the “Way” is? Paul tells us that he persecuted the followers of this Way. And yet do you know it?

I didn’t when I thought I was a christian after being assured that if I was sincere in my sinners prayer that I was now a child of God. A false teaching. And after I was born-again and received the Holy Spirit of Truth I still didn’t know what the Way was.

It took me about twenty six years of growing in the gift of prophecy before it all became clear to me and I knew what the Way was. And I know that the majority of Christians out there are ignorant of it even as I was.


I know that this is a touchy subject and many of you would just rather go on doing what ever it is you have been doing in the name of Jesus. Even if it means that you may not really be saved…yes! Even after I was assured that I was a child of God by the preacher man IF I was sincere in my sinners prayer, it was a lie and I wasn’t truly born-again until I began walking in the Way, Unbeknowingly to myself that I was doing so, that I was given the gift of the Holy Spirit of God.

And I’d wager that this is the same for most Christians. And again, most of those aren’t even aware of what they did; though most of you probably felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit sometime after you said your sinners prayer. Yet sadly most of these thought it was the churches teaching and they would never change their church now.

Yet will they leave their church even when God calls out his chosen from within the worlds churches? Will you be ready to leave your church then?

Probably not. At this time in history when God calls his chosen from out of the churches there will be tribulations a plenty and unless you have prepared a place to hide from the churches wrath and the killing of Christians and have food to carry you over to the time of Jesus’ re-appearing to install his kingdom, then you will likely die before his kingdom is come.

Over 26 times the population of America will die…2/3rds of the world population left for dead and satan in control. Where you won’t be able to buy, sale, or trade without the mark of the beast.

How will you survive this 3 ½ year period that may be shortened as much as 5 months because … “if the time wasn’t shortened no one would survive.”

I admire the planning of the Mormon church. They know to set up for these times by setting up a food supply in storage until the time comes to use it. Even though they are not the true church. And I’m not sure if they have enough set aside. Or a safe haven to hide from the persecution of Christians.

Other churches have thought to set up a haven for these times coming soon, Remember the Koresh incident in Waco? The preacher who built that compound died before needing it and this Koresh made time with the preachers widow and took over. Had he been a christian of knowledge in the ‘Way’ this incident would have never happened.

Another church…The Universal Church Triumphant, built a safe haven for their members, only The woman preacher didn’t know Christ Way either and instead of waiting on the word of the Lord, she called the tune of Armageddon falsely and lost most of her followers in ridicule.

Wouldn’t YOU like to have a place to run to, a place prepared as much as possible, for these times just ahead? I know I would.

Well it may be possible if you live in San Diego. How’s that?

I have started a co-operative health plan for San Diego and have asked for people to join it for $100. Dollars a month. With the minimum of 100 clients needed to make it operational, I hope to be able to help them pay their medical billings and make enough to begin work on the safe haven for the Christians that have joined my “Friends of Jesus Church-club.”

Hopefully to build a christian city of christian home living. Do you want to join? Either live in San Diego or make this church, The Friends of Jesus Church-Club, your designated church for donations every month.

You can do so by using this site to make your donations to. By using the donate button located here:

Please read the articles and learn to make your next move in the right direction.

In Him,


“Maum Meditation”


by: worksbyjj


 “Anyone who comes in his own name will be accepted, but anyone who comes in the name of Jesus will be persecuted.” The Holy Bible

            In this article of teaching in the word of God we confront the popular movement of “Maum Meditation.”

            I say popular, though I have never heard of it until reading one of their 18 page pamphlets, popular because it started in 1996 and as of 2010 it had over 290 meditation centers world wide and in 2002 won the Mahatma Gandhi peace prize awarded by the United Nations.

            But is it a true source of enlightenment? It’s technique is called: subtraction. It works in seven levels:

  • Subtract remembered thoughts.
  • Subtract images of self, and your human relationships.
  • Subtract your body.
  • Subtract body and universe.
  • Subtract body and universe. (must be two parts.)
  • The self disappears and I become the universe.
  • Subtract the illusionary world of pictures and myself living inside that world.

            “After completely subtracting every layer of the mind and body only the origin remains. Then we are reborn from the origin and reach human completion.”

            Like all meditation we are asked to cleanse our minds, empty them and let God speak to us. Though here it’s not God but- “the eternal never changing mind of the true world.” pg.6

             Or: “I had an amazing experience to enlighten the universe-it’s silent, empty but full of unlimited energy. That’s the place where we are from and where we are going back to.” pg.13

            Or: “I can live in heaven while I am living.”           Or: “when we empty the mind, greed and desire diminishes. It enables us to take a step back from immediate concerns and see more objectively, spiritually become more balanced, be relieved of negative emotions like anxiety and depression.” Pg.17

            And finally, one woman said: “…I realized the importance and necessity in helping others become the truth.”

             All to learn that “truth is ultimately one.” (inside back cover.)

           So what do we have? It tries to bring in some christian similarities…in Christianity we are called to put-off the old man, (subtract); and put-on the new man created in true holiness and righteousness. Only…in Maum Meditation there is no new man to put-on we are simply enlightened that we are truth.

            But how do we get to this truth that is ultimately one?? We are told to… “empty our minds and greed and desires diminish; which allows us to see our concerns more objectively.”

             See them more objectively, yes but, if we see things differently we may indeed change our ways and become more …what? Of truth?

           No. no foundation for truth has been established. Whatever we change our mind to is still a conclusion we must reach and what makes our change of truth?

 “it’s silent, empty, but full of unlimited energy.” is this the truth they are talking about? Why is this unlimited energy that is silent and empty, called truth? This truth is faceless and has no reference point. But biblical truth has the reference point of Jesus.

            Hence, in Maum meditation Jesus does not exist. In fact, saying that it is silent, empty and full of unlimited energy is just that same age old argument that we are all energy and we never die we just change form. But then they contradict themselves by then saying: “after completely subtracting every layer of the mind and body only the origin remains…then we are re-born from the origin and reach human completion.”

             You see, energy is or isn’t. there is no incomplete energy nor is there a re-birth of energy if all we are doing is subtracting away what’s not energy sapping. But this so called re-birth experience is given to give this “religion” a form recognizably christian but without actually making the connection to Jesus.

            This is the failing of all meditations…they experience contact with God the Father and see his totality as being one and that we are all family, but they fail to see that it is Jesus that reveals the Father to us. This is the crutch of our faith! We don’t see Jesus, but we see God the Father through Jesus. (see luke 10:22). Furthermore, in Christianity there most definitely is a death and we will all die forever unless we faithfully believe in Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection; and the fact that Jesus is God in the flesh. The same God that created the heavens and the earth. Curiously I wonder, if in the Maum meditation’s we were all present at the creation of all life and matter?

            Take Jesus out of the picture and all you have is meditation without any purpose or form. From hence we come and hence we return. No sin and evil, no reason or purpose, no death or resurrection to pay for our sins!!!       

            Where did that false self come from? If all we are doing is returning to where we once were, what’s to stop us from making the same mistake again.

            As you can see, in-depth questioning of this practice shows up the shortcomings and the double-talk to expose this practice as a false religion whose only purpose is to blind you to the one truth found in the Bible. My verdict: Guilty! And any followers of this false religion are simply dupes, blind to the true teaching of the Bible. And like all the other false religions out there trying to deny Jesus, I ask you this…why do you feel that you have to deny Jesus. If God is so totally one with all of us why does it, or he, or even she, care about whether we deny or believe in Jesus. Why make it sound like Christianity with being re-born…and why don’t you see that its contradictory?

             Truly the saying that the odds are 9 to 1 against changing your beliefs even if I were to show you the error of your belief as I did here; is true!

                                                                                                            In Him,



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